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Release List

-E3 2003
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-Titanium X-Joy Converter
-Ultima IX: Ascension
-Mechwarrior 4
-Mechwarrior 3
-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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-Chrome Ships to Retailers
-Conspiracies in Stores Across North America
-Eidos Announces Development Deal With Guerrilla
-The Sims Online Releases All New Game Features
-Intel and Square Enix Work Together to Improve the Gaming Experience on PCs and Mobile Devices
-Final Fantasy XI for the PC Releases Today
-Mythic Entertainment Ships Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis
-Gathering Announces Railroad Tycoon 3 Has Shipped
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Help Wanted


There are a number of benefits writing for will provide.  Among them are:

  • We receive many reviewable games to cover on our site.  Naturally, these are shared with our writers.  Once a game has been reviewed, your free to do with it as you wish.  Keep it, sell it on eBay, whack someone over the head with it...doesn't matter to us.

  • has a large readership.  Exposure leads to increased opportunities, as well as a good addition to your résumé.

  • Writing for provides good experience in the field of journalism.

  • You get to share your opinions about what you love - video games.  No forum can offer the ability to tell so many people how it is.

  • Bragging rights.


The requirements vary depending on the position you will be seeking, but the most obvious requirement is that you need to have good writing skills no matter which position you're interested in. Other requirements include:

  • It will be a necessity that you play video games on a regular basis and have opinions on them.

  • Having a knowledge of what's going on in the video game industry is definitely a plus, but if you're just interested in playing games and writing reviews that's fine as well. 

  • There really is no age requirement, but most likely we'll be interested in people who are at least 15, probably older, but we'll take that on a case by case basis. Unfortunately, anyone younger than that normally doesn't have the writing skills to make it on the site because they are still sharpening up their writing techniques.

  • If you're currently writing for/working on other video game sites, it will be necessary that you work solely for VGF.


VGF doesn't have too many rules, but there are a couple that are strictly enforced. 

  • Plagiarism is definitely not permitted. Anyone caught submitting work that someone else wrote will face severe consequences. Because of the legal aspects involved in plagiarized work, people who submit trial reviews to us that we know are plagiarized will not be accepted. If you decide to plagiarize something while you're on the staff and someone brings it to our attention, the most likely course of action will be elimination from the staff. This may seem harsh, but it's something we must do because we take plagiarism very seriously. If you submit something, make sure it's something you wrote yourself from scratch, and not something that you copied or paraphrased from another writer.

  • Be careful of the vulgarity. Swearing is not a problem when it's controlled, but when something is riddled with vulgarity, it tends to lose its meaning and effectiveness, no matter how eloquently written it is.


News: PCGF currently has one open news position.  The person filling this position will be expected to gather, edit, and submit news to the editor in a timely manner.  This person will be given access to several different news sources, as well as forwarded press releases to cover.  Realistically this person can expect to edit and submit news to the webmaster at least 4-5 times a week.  News copied or paraphrased from other sites will not be allowed.

This person will also be allowed to receive and review product sent to us by publishers, albeit on a limited basis similar to the Webmaster position.  This person may also review and preview other games if they wish, as long as news submission continues at a frequent pace.

Writers: PCGF currently has three open writer positions.  These positions involve writing reviews, previews, features, etc.  You will be able to write for any VGF site (PCGF, NGF, PSGF, or XGF), but your primary responsibility will be to PCGF.  You will be expected to submit a minimum of three (3) writings per month.  This really isn't a lot, and we easily have the loosest writing minimum of all major online video game sites.  Failing to meet this in one month is ok, but it will result in termination on a repeated basis.

Also, it's imperative that you own a PC that can play the latest games. Generally speaking, you would probably need to own a PC with these system specs or greater:

  • Pentium III 1.0 ghz processor

  • 256 MB RAM

  • 3D accelerated video card with 16 MB RAM

There may be certain exceptions to this rule, and if your system specs are close enough to the requirements then you may still apply. You would also need to be willing to upgrade your PC to keep up with the latest standards.


Anyone applying for the open news position will be required to write a sample news article (real or fictitious) and submit it.

If you apply for an open writer position, it will be necessary for you to submit a sample review of a PC game in our format or an editorial related to PC gaming. Any application sent without a sample review WILL BE IGNORED.  This MAY NOT be one that has been posted on other websites, because if you are accepted as a reviewer it will be used as your first submission to VGF.

Please also include a little bit of background information on yourself (name, age, systems owned, other information you feel is important).  Once ample time has been given for review of applications, the best will be notified and can begin work for VGF immediately. 

Your application can be sent here.
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