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-E3 2003
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-Titanium X-Joy Converter
-Ultima IX: Ascension
-Mechwarrior 4
-Mechwarrior 3
-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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-Chrome Ships to Retailers
-Conspiracies in Stores Across North America
-Eidos Announces Development Deal With Guerrilla
-The Sims Online Releases All New Game Features
-Intel and Square Enix Work Together to Improve the Gaming Experience on PCs and Mobile Devices
-Final Fantasy XI for the PC Releases Today
-Mythic Entertainment Ships Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis
-Gathering Announces Railroad Tycoon 3 Has Shipped
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Yes, you read correctly - This edition to PC Gamers First is a letters section. That means that you, the readers, will periodically have your stupid questions answered by a more stupider (sic) editor. So send all your questions, rants, raves, annoyances, carbon copies of consumer complaints, fast food reviews, profanities, and anything else you want* to (Ed. Note: New email address for mailbag) - Because we care!

*Yeah, you can even send spam. We'll ignore you from that point on, though.

Saw your post on the forums. How `bout a box of chocolates like you used to have at VGH?

Anyway, what's the word on expansion packs for Deus Ex or Vampire?

--I'm waiting for an announcement on a Vampire expansion myself. Activision's seemed pretty quick to publish past mission packs (Come on, they let Ritual do one for SiN!), but NSI is keeping quiet. As for Deus Ex, probably not. In typical Eidos fashion, they're instead milking the thing by putting out an unnessecary "Game of the Year Edition". Bah.

As for a BoC, that's not a bad idea. Get some idiots to send me stupid E-Mails to ridicule.


--I like too many games to say for sure, but Joe insists it's Deus Ex. Now take that capslock off.

since napsters going down, what are some good alternatives, I cant find mp3s off the regular net.

iMesh. Nice program (You can resume downloads, unlike with Napster in which a disconnection means a half-song MP3 file), wide userbase, and you can share others forms of media as well. It seems to be down pretty often, though, so don't expect it to be as reliable as Napster.

Any chance of pc.vgf holding any game tournys?

--I'd actually like to do that, but unfortunately, I don't know of anyone with a fast server that can accommodate a group of people. If any readers can help, drop me a line. I'd love to kill you all in UT.

In your opinion(s), what's the best mouse for gaming?

--Gaming or otherwise, get the Intellimouse Optical. I've been using it for a while now, and it's pretty much the best mouse out there... although some Quake players prefer the Razer Boomslang (Which I don't like due to overly sensitive buttons and an uncomfortable design)

Well, f%&k (censored by editor) EA. Why keep a six year old game running and kill a sequel that'll sell even more? Dumbasses

--No idea. Frankly, I don't see the logic, but oh well.

--Marty Weisenburger

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