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-E3 2003
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-Titanium X-Joy Converter
-Ultima IX: Ascension
-Mechwarrior 4
-Mechwarrior 3
-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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-Chrome Ships to Retailers
-Conspiracies in Stores Across North America
-Eidos Announces Development Deal With Guerrilla
-The Sims Online Releases All New Game Features
-Intel and Square Enix Work Together to Improve the Gaming Experience on PCs and Mobile Devices
-Final Fantasy XI for the PC Releases Today
-Mythic Entertainment Ships Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis
-Gathering Announces Railroad Tycoon 3 Has Shipped
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Official Warlords Battlecry III Site Launched

PARKVILLE, Md. November 25, 2003) - Enlight, a leading entertainment software developer and publisher, announced today the official Warlords Battlecry III website is live and players may now access the site through

The new website features an in-depth storyline, extensive overview of the new features in this series and downloads for fans that include concept art, screenshots and wallpapers. The site will also serve as the comprehensive online information hub for the latest updates on the next installment in the Battlecry series.

Set once again in the land of Etheria, Warlords Battlecry III transports players into the ever-changing continent known as Keshan, where allies become enemies and provinces are disrupted, captured, and ruled through the ceaseless struggle for dominance and control. However, something has changed and a new race threatens all who had once ruled before them. The destiny of the players is left open-ended, as they must decide which path to choose and the method needed to hunt down and banish this creature from the realms of the land.

Warlords Battlecry III builds upon the unique features that have made this series renowned throughout the RTS genre. Further expanding on the Battlecry traditions, this next title will feature a new hero development system, 3 new spheres of magic that entails over 30 new spells, a new lair system, as well as 5 new races. Warlords Battlecry III is published by Enlight Interactive and will be available in Q2 of 2004 for PC.

About Enlight
Enlight is one of the world's leading developers and publishers of entertainment software. The company was founded in 1993, with a goal of creating games that are not only entertaining, but of equal importance, enlightening. Into 2003, Enlight is making an entry into the publishing business, establishing Enlight Interactive Inc., the US publishing arm of the Enlight group as well as consolidating strategic partnerships with distributors all over the world. For more information, visit the company's Web site at

About Infinite Interactive
Infinite Interactive was founded in January 2003 by Steve Fawkner, creator and lead designer of the critically acclaimed Warlords series of PC games. The founding members of Infinite Interactive have a total of over 40 years of game development experience between them, and are the same team that brought you the highly praised Warlords III and Warlords Battlecry I & II. The company philosophy is based on four important principles: quality game-play, exceptional technology, enhanced support, and an enjoyable work environment. For more information, visit

Reported by: Philip Roland
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