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-E3 2003
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-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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The Chronicles of Ny Goes Episodic

Birmingham, AL -- March 15, 2004 -- Today ClownKeep announced that its current title, “The Chronicles of Ny”, will be produced in a series of episodic games. Each episode will entertain, thrill and leave the player excited about upcoming episodes that will continue the character they have developed. The games will be available for around $10 an episode and will present at least 10 to 15 hours of fantasy, role-playing adventure. New episodes will come out every 3-4 months and after each 3 episodes, there will be a wrap up before the next adventure and this will be the juncture for anyone new to TCON to jump in and start their own enjoyment of the continuing game. Of course, they can start with the very first episode to begin the fun of a game which will provide new areas with each storyline; new characters to interact with; new features of game play as well as an epic continuing storyline that will build to a final conclusion after many thrilling adventures have been brought to life.

The first episode in The Chronicles of Ny will be released in Q1 2005. It will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux using OpenGL and OpenAL. Visit ClownKeep's web site for updates and to download the first episode of The Chronicles of Ny when it becomes available.

About The Chronicles of Ny
The Chronicles of Ny is a multi-episodic fantasy role-playing game. It is a sprawling story that takes place in a frontier province of the Great Kingdom of Ny. The experience of the game will reveal to you a world full of tangible people, terrible villains, evil monsters, grand and petty nobles, spectacular and haunted locations, deep and storied histories, conflict, intrigue and mystery. You will become the hero or heroine who enters this world and combats the dark forces that would destroy it. You will lead those that follow you into danger and fight your way through any who would stop you from taking your place as part of the Legend of Ny.

About ClownKeep
In February of 2002 a small but dedicated group of Gamers founded a company based on the goal of creating the type of games that everyone thinks about as "wouldn't it be cool if...". Thus was born ClownKeep. This talented group of modelers, animators, artists, writers, designers, musicians and programmers have come together to create new and innovative games. The gaming industry is in the throes of change and looking to find new directions to go in. ClownKeep seeks to be a leader in this bold endeavor and is currently developing a new RPG that brings back the Role Playing but keeps it firmly rooted in a compelling, exciting storyline that will sweep up the player and put him, or her, into the story. This is just the first step for a new gaming company that intends to shape the gaming industry by giving Gamers what they have been looking for.

Reported by: Philip Roland
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