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Red Faction
  Previewed By: Marty Weisenburger
Is it just me, or is Volition well on it's way to becoming the next "Can't and won't make anything below superb" developer? Not only has the company introduced Freespace and Freespace 2 - two of the best space sims to come around in a while - but it's RPG effort, Summoner, looks to be as significant an addition to the roleplaying genre as Freespace was to the space shoot-em-up family. Even with this in mind, however, when I heard that the company was working on a first person shooter, I wasn't sure what to think. That was until I heard the details, - from the looks of this game, Volition may well have the next Half Life on their hands.

At e3 2000, Volition gave a title to their first person shooter, and demonstrated some very unique aspects of the game. Dubbed Red Faction, the game has a number of interesting aspects, but by far the most outstanding is Volition's new Geomod technology.

The Geomod technology allows for Geometry to be modified in game, so that, for example, when the player blasts a rocket at a wall, it'll crumble down, allowing the player to walk right through. To see how this might add to the gameplay experience, imagine chasing enemy guards through a hangar. So they run behind a steel door and lock it behind them? No problem - unload some explosives and continue on. Or how about destroying a wall in a deathmatch and meeting a bloodthirsty opponent on the other side? Volition plans to make all this - and more - possible.

The game's got some other tricks, too. You'll be able to ride a number of vehicles in the game - perhaps in a similar manner as in StarSiege Tribes - to accomplish the game's single player objectives, which range from stealth oriented scenarios to typical "run through the level and kill everything" affairs. Although you'll be able to pretty much blow everything up, the 20 levels should provide varied enough environments to ensure a good single player experience. A Soldier of Fortune style location based damage system will also be used in Red Faction.

Red Faction is, by far, one of the more exciting shooters in development. We'll be keeping a close eye on this one and bringving you new info as soon as it becomes available - until then, check out the first few screens from what could well be the future of the first person shooter.
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