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-E3 2003
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-Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell
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-Fear Factor Video Games Take Extreme Challenges to New Levels
-Logitech Announces Duel Action Pad
-Sony Announces Charlie's Angels: Angel X
-Encore’s Safeworld Range Solves Your Internet Problems
-BradyGames Announces Enter the Matrix Strategy Guide
-Disney Interactive Announces Disney Coaster
-Warner Bros. and Ubi Soft Announce The Matrix Online
-Konami Announces Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
-Firaxis Announces Sid Meier's Civilization III: Conquests
-Firaxis Announces Sid Meier's Pirates!
-Atari and Firaxis Enter into Long-term Deal
-Eidos Announces Deus Ex: Invisible War
-U.S. Army Introduces New Roles and Missions to America’s Army
-Alienware Announces New Mobile System Design and Features at E3
-New Wireless Games at E3
-New Rainbox Six 3 Patch
-Rainbow Six 3: Athena Sword Announced
-The Sims Superstar Ships
-Rockstar Games Sets Release Dates for Midnight Club II PC and Xbox
-Conflict: Desert Storm II Announced
-Rise of Nations Trial Version Now Available
-Starsky and Hutch Announced
-Take 2 at E3
-Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ships
-Rockstar Games Announces Max Payne 2
-PC Games Show Decline in Dollar and Unit Sales
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Release List

Title: Date: Publisher:
Pro Race Driver 4/8 Codemasters
Cold Zero: The Last Stand 4/14 JoWooD
Postal 2 4/14 Whiptail Interactive
Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness 4/22 Eidos Interactive
1914: The Great War 5/2 JoWooD
Aquanox 2: Revelation 5/2 JoWooD
IndyCar Series 5/6 Codemasters
Harpoon 4 5/6 Ubi Soft
Rollercoaster Tycoon II: Wacky Worlds 5/6 Infogrames
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City 5/12 Take 2
The Sims: Superstar 5/13 EA
Enter The Matrix 5/14 Infogrames
F1 Challenge '99-'02 5/19 EA
The Hulk 5/27 Vivendi
Midnight Club II 6/2 Take 2
Halo 6/10 Microsoft
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 6/14 LucasArts
Soldner: Secret Wars 6/24 JoWooD
Spellforce: The Order of Dawn 6/24 JoWooD
Harpoon 4 6/24 Ubi Soft
Modern Air Combat 7/1
Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight 7/22 Microsoft
Madden NFL 2004 8/26 EA
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 10/28 Konami
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