The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)

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The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)


Post by Omni_Link » Mon May 13, 2002 12:27 pm

Image *Hello people its Joker here and I just wanted to say* :

I'm taking over this topic and making it the Offical Bio topic.

There are far too many of these kinds of threads so for the most part you may simply just use this one :D

There is now a new link at the header for easy access :D

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Post by Alucard » Mon May 13, 2002 6:41 pm

Age: around 650 years old
Clothes: Family Heirlooms
Wepons: Multiple Swords, Sheilds, and Guns.
Primary Weapon: Shadow Force 6 (Shoots out Mega Turrets that have the same ability as the Shadow Force 3)
Attacks: Demonic attacks, mostly like his father's attacks
Forms: Human, Mist, Wolf, Bat
History: Son of Dracula and Lisa, the only woman who Dracula truly loved and didn't turn. He has, on several occasions, been forced to kill his own father. In 1999, before Showing up on VGF, he put his father's soul to rest, for good.
Secret Power: Soul Swap: Can change between three souls. These inclued Alucard, Samuel Aran, Wolfgang Theodore Faymos, and Golden Mistic Avenger.

Samuel Aran
Age: 20 Years old
Clothes: Power Suit Similar to his mother's.
Weapons: Random types from within Power Suit.
Primary Weapon: Plasma Beam.
Attacks: Screw Attack, Ice Beam, Power Bomb, Missles, Ice Missles, Super Missles, etc.
Special Attack: Ultima Bomb (can be used by all forms)
History: Samuel was an experiment done by the X parasites during the Fusion mission. The cloning machine that they used still had Metroid DNA and it caused him to have a blue tint to his skin. Another sideaffect of his creation was that he can catch energy and turn it into a bomb. If he collects energy from all four types of beams, the Ultima bomb is formed. He was lost in space after being jettisoned from the BSL Research Station. Some time later, he was found floting near earth's moon and was brought to VGF.
Secret Power: Soul Swap: Can change between three souls. These inclued Alucard, Samuel Aran, Wolfgang Theodore Faymos, and Golden Mistic Avenger.

Wolfgang Theodore Faymos
Age: unknown
Clothes: the first matching set he grabs
Weapons: Claws or whatever he grabs
Primary Weapons: Claws
Attacks: None (Can borrow attacks from Samuel and Alucard though)
History: Wolfgang was one of the werewolves in Castlevania. He managed to escape the grip of the castle in 1999 before it was sealed within the eclipse. Ever since, he was following Alucard and doing his bidding. Rumor has it that this is how he ended up in VGF.
Secret Power: Soul Swap: Can change between three souls. These inclued Alucard, Samuel Aran, Wolfgang Theodore Faymos, and Golden Mistic Avenger.

Amadeus E. Faymos
Age: mid 20's
Appearance: A wolf Fur that has his hair going back. Ususally wears Jeans and a t-shirt.
Weapons: One sword - The Lycan Blade
Attacks: None
Abilities: Transformation - he can become a Lycan.
Story: After his birth, in which he was born completely human (even though both of his parents were werewolves), his father was hunted down and killed. Feeling sorry for him, the hunter sold the hide to a tailor who turned it into a hooded sweater. This sweater was given to him on his eighteenth birthday and was with him ever since. Shortly after his twentith birthday, he stumbled into Drake's trianing grounds and made quick friends. After recent event's Amadeus can no longer resume his human form and is now stuck in a Furian form when he is not in his Lycan form.

Golden Mistic Avenger
Age: Unknown. Rumered to be in mid to late 30's.
Clothes: Armor made of Solid gold yet is light as a feather to him. Helmet, made out of the same materials as the armor, with a Visor that glows red in the dark, allowing night-vision capabilities, and a solid gold zigzag antenna that acts as a lightning rod.
Weapons: Twin Blades of electricity that come out of his wrists.
Abilities: Innumerous. Granted by the innumerous pins on his torso's armor.
History: Was once a member of the Mistic Avenger Clan until his Promotion over Bronze and Silver took place on his tenth birthday. After joining the insanity that is VGF, he was prosperous in the several locations he took part in, that is, until he ran into Alucard. Alucard, along with Samuel and Wolfgang, defeated him in battle and took his place at the forums. After several months, GMA was able to return from the Spirit Realm and join Alucard on Earth.
Secret Power: Soul Swap: Can change between three souls. These inclued Alucard, Samuel Aran, Wolfgang Theodore Faymos, and Golden Mistic Avenger.

Drake C. Emry
Age: Mid 20's, one year older than Amadeus
Appearance: Armor designed similar to the ones his father, GMA, wears, with two slight differences: No pins and it is made of Golementium (pure gold mixed with anamentium)Alloy. He can also appear as a golden Dragon.
Weapons: Twin Blades of electricity that come out of his wrists. These are standard among the Mistic Avenger agents.
Abilities: Transformation - At any given time, he can transform to a Golden Dragon. This grants him the ability of flight and flaming breath. Also, he can still use the electric blades in this form.
Story: After being born within the Mistic Avenger Corps., where their agents are trained, Drake was bestowed with an great gift: the power of a Dragon. GMA was alread on duty elsewhere at this time and knew little of his son's ability. Drake receved training at the corps and soon became a skilled dragon warrior. One day, during his training, Drake encountered a man, barely a year younger than himself, who was seemingly lost. This chance encounter started a friendship that lasts to the present and beyond. Upon finishing his training, Drake and Amadeus went off in search of their two fathers, who, as rumor had it, were working in a hotel for the son of Dracula...

Robert Lycos
Race: Lycan (not a werewolf, a higher form from another realm)
Age: 374 (although he appears only 20)
Appearance: Mostly human, except with inverted eyes (white pupil, blue iris, the rest black)
Weapons: a selection of swords that are designed to be weilded by both humans and Lycans alike.
Abilites: Transformation. He can change into his Lycan form at will, and if he wears certian armor, can transform to other forms (Dragon Hide Armor gives him a dragon form, etc.) Recently Lycos aquired some new abilities. These include transforming to double his size with a 1.5 increase of power and speed at normal for the smaller size. In the larger size, he can have fire eminate from his hands and allowing him to do massive damage.
Allies: Deké, A spirit that can be both separated and connected to Lycos at any given time. Deké happens to be able to transform as well, but only into his own Lycan form.
Story: Robert was a member of the Royal House of Lycans in Hatsurah, until his whole kingdom, except him, was slaughtered. He survived by wearing his father's Dragon Hide Armor and trasnforming into a dragon. Since the warriors that destroyed his kingdom were only after Lycans, he managed to slip out of the kingdom. He started his training with the sword that he found in the ruins of his kingdom. By his twentith birthday, he realized that he was the only Lycan in Hatsurah, and had the swordman skills to take his revenge on thoes that killed his kind. His searches took him out of Hatsurah, and eventually led him to the Virtual Hotel, where he met Alucard and learned serveral styles of magic and combat.

Ultima Bomb Ablilities:
Custom Sword**
Custom Shield**
Blitz Gun***
Blitz Cannon****

*Used less often
**Used more often
***Rarely used. Does most damage when blow hits.
****Almost never used. Needs three to form it by combining two Blitz Guns and a Solar Beam. Destroys anything, even a Chaos\Light Combo Sheild.

United History: After Alucard and Wolfgang found Samuel, They proceded by Annihilating the member Golden Mistic Avenger. They then took his member number and place in VGF. After his defeat, GMA was floating in limbo until he was granted another chance on Earth by aiding Alucard and his friends in what ever they need. For current occupation of the team, see the recent updates to the Virtual Hotel. Current technology aquired by Samuel from the Luminoth will soon allow Alucard, Samuel, and Wolfgang to get their bodies back.

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Post by matt82 » Mon May 13, 2002 6:49 pm

ooc: As of 10-22-02, my bio is changed, ok? Lol


Name: Matthew

Age: 14

Height 5' 6"

Weight: 140 lbs

Weapons: None

Abilities: Some magic spells

Special Info: Is actually a dragon that has been reborn as a human. Though he doesn't remember this yet, he can transform into the dragon he was. Lately he's been changing into the dragon uncontrollably, as if his body prefers to be a dragon.

Home: He has no home anymore. He is from the "real world", or Earth. Unable to find a way back, he wanders through the many lands the battlefields are in.

Other: The sword he used as his primary weapon seems to have disappeared, but he can fight well enough without it.

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Post by sja » Tue May 14, 2002 11:18 am

ok i have a few so here goes:

Name: Neo angelo
cloths: a hellforged black devils armor completly hiding her identity.
weapon: black knight sword, alastor sord, ifrit gauntlets, and the sword of sparta.
attacks: different depending on the weapon equipped.
specal: devil trigger transformation. different depending on the weapon equiped.
Personality: honor above all else

Name: Fulgor
Cloths: miltalic plating for skin, for a robot it has a ponytail for some reason.
Weapons: a pair of lazer wristblades, a wide variety of attacks hiddn and programmed underneath that armor.
Specal: transform into a meck bringing all guns to bear.
Personality: He's a Robot, he follows orders and nothing else.

name: Davada
cloths: a leather bikkini and long leather boots.
Weapon: twin bladed staff
Specal: caotic magics, blue magics, soul steal.
Personality: suductive and wild

Name: the preditor
cloths: varias alien weapons and armor.
weapons: combi-stick, wristblades, net gun, sholder cannon, holming disks, spear gun, some weird kind of explosive, weird kind of alien pistol.
Specal: cloak.
Personality: lives for the hunt and likes to collect trouphys. aka opponents heads.

Name: hexas daughter of madusa
cloths: a dress and veriarous assortment of jewlery.
Weapons: demonic stregnth
Specal: lower snake half, snaklike abalities, weird eye magic.
Pesonality: angry tourcherd soul one minute to one confident demon.

Name: Alice and her sidkick the cheshire cat
Cloths: alice wears the classical little girls cloths (only it has blood stains on the skirt) and the cheshire cat is hareless, bony, with bloody teeth.
weapons: diabolical toys

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Post by link18317 » Tue May 14, 2002 9:52 pm

i just going to post one

name: LINK
age: 23

Rydia Dragmire
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Post by Rydia Dragmire » Tue May 14, 2002 10:09 pm

OOC: I'm so sick of doing my characters' history. It's so long.... so I won't this time.

Rydia Dragmire
Age: 22
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 145
Eye color: Green
Hair color: Green
Signature Accessory: Her gold and emerald barrette
Signature Move: "Bash-you-in-the-head-with-a-hammer."
Signature Spell: Meteo
Favorite Song: Sweet- Ballroom Blitz
Favorite Movie: The Princess Bride
Favorite Show: Friends
Favorite Food: Twix Ice Cream
Favorite Game: Dungeons & Dragons (It offers room for creativity.)

Setzer Gabbiani
Age: 27
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 139
Eye color: purple
Hair color: White
Accessory: Not counting his scars? His Trench Coat
Move: "Get-drunk-and-sing-like-a-bard"
Signature Spell: Ummm.... He can bend spoons with his mind, but only if they're plastic. Oh, and you have to look away when he does it, or else it doesn't work.
Song: "They Might Be Giants- Beer Song" (j/k) Really, though, he likes "Shaggy- It Wasn't Me"
Movie: Rat Race
Show: Everybody Loves Raymond
Food: Tiramisu with caramel and whipped cream
Game: Twister (It offers an opportunity for... interesting... gameplay when you live with Ashley and Rydia. *cough* THAT'S why Setzer's so limber. We ALL love Twister.)

She's the least liked character. Who really cares?

Hey, Joker, that's a cool card KK made for you! *sniffle* I want one too! ;)

Anyway... I had no idea anyone actually liked Ashley... ^_^;; But if you guys do like her, then I suppose I shall put her bio up. Plus, I have to write Eric and Darryl's bio. *shrugs* May as well throw Ash's bio in, too. Aw, Eric and Darryl's first bio... they're growing up so fast... :rolleyes:

Princess Ashley
Age: 13 (soon to be 14! *grin*)
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 115
Eye color: DARK brown; pratically black. (All my stupid friends are like, "Hey, Ash, I never noticed that your eyes are black!" *grrr...*)
Hair color: Dark brown; curly. Looks a little reddish in direct sunlight
Signature Accessory: Her crystal pendant.
Signature Move: "Run-like-a-sissy-and-then-turn-around-and-kick-your-butt-with-a-sword"
Signature Spell: Might of the Gods (which has never yet been performed by her, but trust me, it will be soon enough... *evil snicker*)
Favorite Song: FFIX - Melodies of Life
Favorite Movie: Monty Python and the Holy Grail (Yay!!!)
Favorite Show: Spongebob Squarepants (Gotta love the Sponge!)
Favorite Food: Pumpkin Pie, but only if she makes it herself.
Favorite Game: Dance Dance Revolution!!! :D
(Umm... has anyone ever wondered how Ashley got to be a princess and Master Eric got to be a dark lord of the Lunarian people when the two of them AREN'T EVEN LUNARIANS?!?!?!? *slaps herself* Why has no one ever asked that, I wonder... it doesn't matter, I'll be addressing that anyway in my upcoming fic....)

Eric Kefka Gabbiani
Age: 9
Height: 3'8"
Weight: 79
Eye color: Red, flecked with purple
Hair color: White
Signature Accessory: His big, floppy black mage hat
Signature Move: Scepter-Smash (beats you in the head with his staff)
Signature Spell: Necromancer's Tears of Heaven (Acid rain... accompanied by a legion of demons who eat your soul... awesome spell.)
Favorite Song: FFIX - Loss of Me
Favorite Movie: Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone
Favorite Show: Super Mario Brothers' Super Show
Favorite Food: Green eggs and Ham. :D
Favorite Game: Kingdom Hearts

Darryl Maria Gabbiani
Age: 9
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 81
Eye color: Purple
Hair color: Brown
Signature Accessory: Her spear. Well, that should really be a signature weapon, but... whatever.
Signature Move: Swirling Tempest (spear gets spun over girl's head... enemy gets whacked by spear... there ya go.)
Signature Spell: Wolf Song (She acquires all the fighting abilities of a rabid wolf.)
Favorite song: No Doubt - Just a Girl.
Favorite Movie: Le Fableux Destinie de Amelie Poulain (known in the US simply as "Amelie". Go rent it. Now.)
Favorite show: Mtv JackA$$
Favorite Food: Hot chocolate
Favorite Game: Airship Racing (preferably until the other guy's airship crashes into a mountainside. Then there's no debate that you're the winner.)

OOC: "Fox Ashleigh", huh, Neo? :D

I'm bored... I figured I may as well do the profiles of my lesser-known characters. (Oh, and few yet to be introduced)

Master Eric
Age: 20
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 192
Eye color: black.
Hair color: Dark brown, mid-length. Wears it in a ponytail, with the sides of his head shaved. (Think of that little kid from "Treasure Planet".)
Weapon: His sword, Black Diamond.

Age: 25-30 (unknown)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 254
Eye color: dark brown
Hair color: dark brown, crew cut
Weapon: Great Sword

Race: Gnome
Age: Unknown
Height: 3'9"
Weight: 97
Eye color: light green
Hair color: black, wears it in a ponytail
Weapon: Throwing knives

Prince Amairgen of the Lunarians
(Alias: Bayne Darkshine Galanoddel)
Race: Elvish-Lunarian
Age: 169
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 136
Eye color: Forest Green
Hair color: black, long
Weapon: Bow and arrows

Quir Fi Vaeros Jhala Marun Ders Vinc
(Alias: Shooting Star)
Race: Dragon-blooded human
Age: 12
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 121
Eye color: Rainbow (Happy), Red (Angry), Sky Blue (Sad), Purple (Peaceful), Dark Brown/black (Tranced)
Hair color: Dark brown
Weapon: She can convert anything into a weapon by bringing it to life and forcing it to attack.
Profile: O deregh orfit char andre arada vuom keop ingatha cha Eric, orfit fi Setzer yi Ashley. Chern Quir Fi Vaeros Jhala Marun Ders Vinc unt nuth Ashley yi her yarlek'vo Eric vera othyr, urtusk Quir Fi Vaeros Jhala Marun Ders Vinc yfyr ghar tuwy ders stofaw.

Don't go telling me you can't ReAd the profile... it's just a bit of a Challenge fOr anyoNe who wants a little Insight into this new Character's purpose. have fun! ;)

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Post by Kolorado Koopa » Wed Jul 31, 2002 9:13 pm

Character: Hyrule's and Subrosia's Guardian

Master: The Black Mage

Armor/Weapons: The Legendary sword Destiny's Bane which was forged by the master smiths Adigor and Bakhim. Dark green chainmail forged by smiths in Daale. A long pale faded green robe. Green wicker leggings, and boots.

Short Bio: HaSG was orphaned early on in his life and the old powerful man known as Black Mage took the small boy under his wing and started to train him. From his early years HaSG was a master with the sword always wanting to duel. He learned a minimal amounts of magic but never completely mastered it like his mentor.

When HaSG was only 15 he ventured out into the world with only his longsword, vest and leggings. He was soon known as a great warrior, and proud worker in many lands. He chiefly spent his time in the lands of Hyrule, Subrosia, Guardia, and Dakolin. During his travels he had many adventures and quests. He is now a 27 year old and has been proclaimed a Guardian over Hyrule and Subrosia. He still battles and is a legend. His true name remains a mystery to this day.

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Post by CaptainJimRaynor » Wed Jul 31, 2002 9:40 pm

Originally posted by Jango Fett:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Rydia Dragmire:

She's the least liked character. Who really cares?
Strangely enough, she's my favorite of your three characters...</font>[/QUOTE]Ditto.


Name: Sir Richard Francis the Third (also better known as Richie the Talekeeper)

Occupation: Hero, Mercenary-4-Hire, Savior of the World, and other oddjobs.

Age: 14

Weapon: Krystal Blade, his sword wich he always keeps in his possession, for it has the essense of a friend that had been put under a curse.

Armor: His traditional chain mail, with lightweight boots.

Magic: He draws energy from the earth with his sword, and uses the elements from the earth to fight his foes. But his sword also has an extra skill: it taps power from Richie's own body, and uses the long-lost element inside of him: Tetra Energy, to use a variety of apocolyptic abilities.

Other Interesting Facts: Despite the fact that he is a bit mysterious, he is one hella a pimp. ;)

After having lived in a peaceful haven for seven years, Richie's peace was rocked after a brutal attack on his town. Both his parents slaughtered in the barbaric attack, Richie and his friend Krystal fled into a nearby forest. But two of the attackers followed them, and a curse on Krystal turned her into a sword. But before the fiends could retrieve the blade, Richie had grabbed it and, in a blind fury, slayed the two on the spot. Fleeing many days, he at last reached another town, though it was not as homey as his first residence. Constantly blinded by murder and theft, Richie learned how to watch his back and protect himself in this dangerous new world he lived in. When he was in a bar one night, Richie overheard of a way to undo Krystal's curse. "After mastering the Elements, you may have any wish." Richie, though not knowing what on earth this meant, mistakingly drew his first Element, Flame, while he was practicing his swordplay. He searched far and wide for every element, and found every one eventually: Flame, Water, Thunder, Earth, Wind, Light, and Darkness. But still he could not save Krystal! What was going on? While Richie was pondering this himself, he realized that there were two more Elements! As he was adventuring (in search of money no doubt) he stumbled back across his hometown. War-raveneged, he found his own residence, and found proof that he, himself, was the holder of one of these Elements: Tetra. But the other Element, Galaxy, was inside the very one who had destroyed his life so long ago. With he and his beloved sword, he began to search across the world for the one who held his past, and his future...


And you guys said it was a waste of time typing this bio, saving it into my documents folder, and copying and pasting it whenever one of these "character bio" topics pop up. Well, who's laughing now? [img]tongue.gif[/img]

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Post by Parrakarry » Wed Jul 31, 2002 9:59 pm

Name: Bobbo...
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Occupation: ShapeShifter
Weapons: He is equipped with a stunning variety of weapons... in his main battle form, that is. He has two Kitanas on his back, a massive sword in a sheath on his belt, two daggers in boot compartments, a dagger in a spine sheath, and two special, enchanted daggers that shoot into his hand whenever he tightly clenched his fist. He also has several surprises he doesn't want revealed. In other forms, he uses whatever he's transformed into uses.
Appearance: In his main form, he wears... pretty much a ninja attire. Tight clothes allow for better aerodynamics... and a higher velocity. Can't forget the mithril armor underneath! In other forms, he wears whatever that form was wearing.
History: Not much is known, other than the fact that he somehow got a mechanical left arm. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
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Post by Barry » Wed Jul 31, 2002 10:09 pm

Name:Mario Skywalker
Clothes:blue hat,shirt,and jeans
Weapons:Blaster, Lightsaber
Lightsaber-slice,elemental blast,lightdagger,doubleblade,spinning sword

Blaster-shoot,blasterbeam,boomerang blaster,charge energy ball

Physical Attacks-super tackle,omega kick,omega punch,energy kick

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Post by Galen » Wed Jul 31, 2002 10:48 pm

Name: Lawman Reynheart
Race: Kron'os
Birthplace: Temple of Red Peaks
Age: 42
Height: 6' 4''
Weight: 216 lbs.
Longhorn: Byumakuleym (Peak)
Mihr’ahj: Kyull'ukuliosmaoz'r (Slayer)
Baselard: Kalqu'evzagainmaoz'r (Cutter)

Weapons: Lawman's customized Longhorn, Peak, is slimmer than the basic Longhorn crossbow. It is of a dark redwood, worked with lions, and with a mythril bow and handle. They are also worked with lions. Its string is made of a strange metal, flexible enough to stretch like a bowstring, but much more durable, and uneffected if left strung in the rain. There are two quivers of bolts for Peak; the first is full of magical silver bolts, blessed by the shamans of his people so they can burn through most undead, and pierce some armors. The second is full of bolts that are of his own desgin. They are made from the Bloodsteel from his homeland of Thartkh'is, the Lion Peaks, the arrow head made of a special glass. The heads are shaped to look like lions' heads, filled with a concotion of explosive chemicals that burn thourgh most hides and armor. Peak is made to be handled with either one or two hands, though most Longhorns can only be used with two. It is incredibly light, and coated with a high-grade laquer so as not to break under travel-wear or battle-wear. It has a small canister under it to hold up to four bolts, with the capacity to reload four times with great ease. The slit of the Longhorn is quite slender snd precise, taking on exactly the shape of the bolt, which snaps in place as soon as it slides into it. This makes manual reloads much easier.

His Mihr’ahj blade, Slayer, does not look at all like the usual mirages, though it has mostly the same characteristics. The blade is made of Bloodsteel, the tip of the blade resembling an arrowhead. It is double-edged, the edges a silvery-grey in contrast to the blood-red of both sides of the blade. A long slim incision in the blade trails from the hilt to the itp of the blade. Like other Mirages, a twist of the pommel and hilt unlocks the multiple sections of the blade, releasing the inner chain, transforming Slayer into a bladed whip. Though with an exception, the arrowhead tip has a chain extension, which can send it farther than then the other sections. The guard of the sword is horned, resembling the forepaws of lions, the middleguard a roaring lion's head. The hilt is leather-strapped, the pommel, another roaring lion's head. With a command word, the blade can detach itself and the sections will scramble towards their target in a series of ever-changing attack formations. Another command word will set the blade aflame, assembled or dissembled.

Lawman's Baselard, Cutter, is a straight-bladed weapon, the form of a large fang, though it is also made of Bloodsteel. It has a light crook at the tip to tear open a wound on an opponent, or to puncture armor. Its handle is black with twisted leather wrapped around it, balanced to throw. When thrown, Cutter spins at a high velocity, emitting a high-pitched whistle, and usually returns to Lawman after being thrown.

Lawman dons a bloodsteel breastplate under his Roe fur Poncho. The breastplate is slender and thin, made so it would take the shape of Lawman's torso. He wears a pair of leather belts on his breastplate, one across his waist, the other from shoulder to waist, connecting to the first. His Cutter is sheathed on his back, handle up so he can grasp the handle from behind him more easilly. His Slayer is sheathed behind him, horizontally so he can grasp that handle with more ease also. He wears a curved brown, wide-brimmed hat, resembling that of olden day humans called 'cowboys'. He holsters his Longhorn on his back, though over his poncho, in its own case, made so it can slip out with just a pull. Both quivers of bolts are on the waist belt. Lawman wears baggy silk breeches, preferably dark reddish brown, though with straps of dark red leather below and above the knees. Lawman wears thick-soled black, silver-toed boots, the tops of them turned down, the boot tips resembling like roaring lions. Fingerless black leather gloves are on each of his hands, both with the Crimson Lion insignia on the back the hand. The insignias are on metal plates that take the space of the backs of the gloves’ hands. Small stell discs cap each of his knuckles.

As all Kron'os men are, Lawman has deep red hair, long and thick, but unlike most other Kron'os men, he ties it bag in a long pony tail. His eyes are bright green, and his skin is slightly tan from all the riding in the desert, even with his hat and poncho. Like all Kron'os, he has a lion's tail, but unlike others, he has his wrapped around his wist like abelt. On his back is the scar that an adult lion dealt him as a boy when he was out hunting; it never fully healed, leaving him with the memory of that large beast. Since then he's revered the lions as a greater species than most animals. His face seems rugged, though it has been that way since he was old enough to hunt alone.

Quiet, with an intelligence rarely shown to others, Lawman is a man of few words, who would rather find prey to hunt for bounty rather than socialize with others, even those of his own kind.

Abilities: Lawman can transform into a unique Lycanthrope form; his ability to transform into a were lion. His clothes are magical, and therefore dissapear during his transformation, except for his gloves, pants, and scarf, which gfrow to fit his size, an 8 foot tall well-built were-lion.


Name: Eludrian Feyrbane
Race: Alamus
Birthplace: Shrine of Elunitaria
Age: 16
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 147 lbs.
Osric Dua: Ryuten-Kirufurya
Moondance: Star Dust

Weapons: Eludrian’s unique Osric Dua, Ryuten-Kirufurya, is a large sword that is able to split into two more slender weapons. When as one, they are a 4 foot long, 1 foot wide, and 3 inch thick blade, 1 and a quarter wide at the hilt for three inches and shrinking to one foot wide until four inches before the tip where it rounds out to become a sharp ended blade-tip. The hilt resembles a pair of angels, a man and a woman holding each other in their arms, their wings spread out to become the hilt-guard. They are made of pure silver, the woman’s wings of ivory and the man’s of onyx. The blade has angel’s feathers etched in the center of the blade, going up all the way to the tip. The sword is the size of a greatsword, but can split into two swords; resembling two rapiers. They split right in the middle from the blade, but the two angels that make the hilt actually change shape; one who looks at the hilt when the sword splits can see the two angels leave each other’s arms, the woman holding herself in her arms, ivory wings spread to make the hilt-guard, while the man has his arms crossed, onyx wings spread as well. The male angel’s side of the sword has white angel feathers on the flat of the blade, while the female half of the sword has black. The blade is made of diamond-etched platinum, patterned as spider webs all across the edges. The sheath is large, and made also of silver; it is shaped like an angles wings folding around it. A thin Mythril chain keeps it on Eludrian, and is, of course, unbreakable.

Eludrian’s Moondance, Star Dust, is a type of nightstick, though a blade, with a handle to the side instead of on one end. The blade is made of crystal, etched with runes that shine when illuminated by starlight. The edges of the blade are of a bluish color, while the center is of a clear crystal. The end of the blade curves perfectly, to resemble a crescent moon. It is two feet in length, and half a foot in width, as well as a third of a foot in thickness. The handle is about three quarters of a foot long, made of silver. The metal is twisted to form a god grip on the handle.

Eludrian wears nothing more on his upper body other than a torn cloak, burnt and ripped at the edges, and the dirtied bandages on his torso, the cloak hiding his wings. His breeches are of a deep blue shade, with a black sash wrapped around his waist. He wears silver-shod white boots, bent down at the tops.

A usually quiet boy, he does not have a very good grasp on reality as of yet. He is timid, but seems to try his best to uphold to justice, even if it only gets him in more trouble.


Name: Rath Eodorus Loiren
Race: Aetherean
Birthplace: Elunitaria
Age: 35 500 human years
Height: 9’2”
Weight: 318 lbs.
First Magnus: Istolil (Endless Disease)
Second Magnus: Zilvafein (Forgotten Bane)
Grand Halberd: Ulviravae (Golden Executioner)

Weapons: Istolil was created by the Imaskari, a race of the Underdark, whom captured all matter of different creatures – from humans to goblins, to drow elves, to giants, -- and subjugated them to a life of endless torture. Their goal to create one of the most powerful magical weapons was realized, when they had given form to Istolil.
The hilt of Istolil is one foot in length, crafted of Adamantine, with a diamond dragon twisting around it. The pommel is a perfectly cut onyx stone, clasped into a four-fingered skeletal hand crafted from Adamantine. The cross guard depicts a demon’s spread wings rising upwards, made from Obsidian. The blade is a foot and a half in width, as well as a fifth of a foot in thickness and four and a half feet in length. It is comprised of quartz imbued with Shadow magic, forbidden even in the Underdark. Throughout the blade veins of a dark substance seem to pulsate endlessly, a mark of the magic’s power, granting the blade indestructibility. A slender slab of Mythril is embedded in the center of the blade, with the runes that grant the sword its other powers.
Istolil is a sentient weapon, capable of thought, among other things. Istolil is telepathic, communicating with its master through the power of its telekinetic powers. With its telekinetic powers comes the ability to move itself, making it quite a dangerous weapon. Istolil cannot, and will not, be touched by any other than its current owner; if any attempt to wield it, or merely touch it, their existence will be torn from reality.

Zilvafein was crafted by the Ehr’Thul, in honor of Rath’s return to them. The Ehr'Thul are an elitist and empyreal race, their ways fraught with the mind set that they are the superior race, and thus are to be the only ones to remain in the High Realms.
The head of the Avatar of Woe, Rath’s first victim, was used to make its cross guard. The skull’s maw opens to hold the blade within, the large spine made erect to serve as the hilt. The skull and spine were dipped in boiling Blood Steel, giving the hilt and cross guard a deep bloody red sheen. The blade is of the exact length, width, and thickness as Istolil’s blade. It is wrought of a combination of Blood steel and obsidian, creating a dark-reddish blade, marbled with black obsidian. The black obsidian veins converge to form an eye at the tip of the blade; for it seems that the soul of the Avatar was as of yet still within the bones.
It is of telekinetic nature, its hungering for violence and carnage kept alive by the sword. Along with abilities similar to Istolil, Zilvafein’s hunger for combat is so strong that it will search out the target, never missing its target. When getting a kill, the veins enlarge, and the eye opens.

Ulviravae was created to be a perfect weapon, forged by the same ancient race who were reputed to have forged the Eternal Armor that the Eternal Emperor is said to wear as proof of his position.
Made to be wielded as a Halberd, Ulviravae is a warrior upon itself; it is a sentient weapon, capable of complicated strategies and the ability to play with someone’s mind at its own leisure. The shaft is three meters of height, made of some unknown metal that shines a dark, dull golden color. Its markings twist all around it, possibly in their native tongue. The head is a large piece of brighter metal of golden sheen, shaped to form a twisted, jagged blade closed around the axe-head. The back of the axe-head is a scythe’s blade, two feet and a half in length. Its edge is serrated, and grows black before it strikes. The poison forged into the blade is constant, now part of the weapon. The axe-blade is a third of a foot thick, with a foot-and-a-half long arced blade. The blade seems to have an edge within the edge, cutting through most anything within its path as if two blades were striking simultaneously at the exact precise location.
Due to the weapon’s powers, it can warn its master of any oncoming threats, and deflects the attacks of immediate ones.

Rath, the True God of Death, seems to darken any area he seems to be currently in, all natural light eaten by his mere presence. His armor seems like the hardened flesh, bone, and cartilage of a demon. It was made from the Avatar of Woe, the preceding God of Death’s right hand. The chest piece depicts an open maw, fangs protruding sharply from the upper and lower jaws. His legs and arms are intricately made jags of bone, resembling ebon blades from a garish nightmare. Boots upon his feet are jagged with dual toe spikes, the tops sticking up in a sharp crest.
A brackish, thick golden chain is wrapped around his waist, a long, blood red cloth flowing down from the front of his waist before his groin, going down to his ankles. Two small clawed hands, one on each of his shoulders, hold his cape. It is of a blood red color, drenching anything it touches in blood.

Rath’s skin is slightly pale, his eyes completely black. In the darkness that often engulfs him, his eyes glow a fiery red, the energy of his gaze breaking off and filtering through the air. Rath’s features appear delicate, though his eyes remain hard. In his sadism they often will take upon themselves a gleam that could be mistaken as ecstasy. Short, raven black hair falls sharply down, ending at his neck.

Rath has a somewhat calm demeanor, but beneath it lies unbridle sadism. He is of an incredible intelligence, second-guessing all of whom he encounters. His methods are often cruel and ironic, suiting to his own designs. Rath has a fascination with anatomy, somewhat being suited to the art of creating life; how ironic that the god of death would attempt at creating life.


Ooc: These are only two of my characters, I will have the others created some time when I am not busy.

Also, let it be known that the weapons, races, and places that are written in this are of my making. They're not from a book or a game.

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Name: Edward The FireWarrior

Age: 130 human age-13

Appearnce: A 5 foot and six inch tall young lad with spikey brown hair,A suit of yellow and white knights armor.A leather strap with a mystic holder for the sword,A red head band with a small stone that is white in the forhead of the band,A pair of strong leather boots,No gloves and no helmet,And A Powerful Sword that can produce diffrent flame magic spells.

Eyes: Teal

Skin: pale

Hair: read appearnce

BirthPlace: Volcanax-Kingdom of Fire

Birthday: November 302 B.C.

Weapon: Armagaddon Blade-A sword created form the heat of the planet its self,this sword can control fire and heat as the owner wishes

Parents: God of fire Real name:Mangano

Occupation: Fire Prince And Knight of flames

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Name: Acradius Journeyman

A.K.A.: The Time Warrior, Defender, The Unknown Hero

Age: He really doesn't know. Has appearance and physical effects aproximate those of a man in his early twenties.

Appearance: A young, slender man, with rather unremarkable facial features. Stands about 5' 8". Has shoulder-length blonde hair, which is usually in a state of complete disarray, no matter what he tries to do with it.

Attitude: Can laugh off just about anything, no matter how offensive, as long as its directed towards him. Anything directed at one who he feels needs help in the matter, be it words or weapons, will be severely retorted by his considerable combat prowess. Has unbreakable determination, and not many things seem to phase him.

Powers: Has extensive psionic training, including, but not limited to high-power, omnidirectional levitation, mind reading, psychokinesis, cellular control, and various methods of mental attacks. Is just beginning to understand the basics of elemental magic, due to being in contact with a shard of the powerful Encron Crystal. Has the innate ability to slightly alter the flow of time for short bursts of major alteration, often known as Time Boosting, or long, controlled periods of time with very minor alteration. Is capable of actually traveling through time, but it takes quite a bit out of him.

Weapons: The Quantum. An indestructable longsword with the ability to make its blade two-dimentional. This can cut through virtually anything, but usually reserved for emergency situations.

Armor: Quanta Armor. Made out of the same material as its matching sword, it is also indestructable. It is, however, built for a time when the most dangerous thing was a sword or arrow, so there are, naturally, holes in the armor at the joints. There is rumored to be a suit of chainmail and a helmet to remedy its inherant weaknesses, but nither has been located.

Accessories: The Elue Ring can fire bursts of pure energy much resembling ki attacks. It is unknown whether it has a definent power source, or if it channels energy from an outside source, or perhaps from the user of the ring himself. Acradius also posesses a shard of the powerful Encron Crystal, which he wears as a necklace. Slowly, it is bestowing on him the power to control the four fundamental elements to a very basic degree.

Other: Acradius Journeyman is currently working as the bouncer at a downtown bar called Harbringer's. He has a renowned chivalry streak. He has never really had a chance at a stable relationship (though one with one of the bar's waitresses is looking promising at the moment). He also cannot remember anything that happened to him before what he terms 'The Incedent', which happened about five years ago, but to his knowlege, he hasn't aged a day since then.

Name: Dastren
Race: Human
Age: 746 years (Stopped aging at 26)

Appearance: Tall and lanky, with short-cropped black hair. A twisted black tatoo rests across his right eye.

Attitude: Cold, calculating and efficiant, he's the kind that would just keep walking at you completely emotionless while you pointed a shotgun at his head. An overall good person, but has very little time or care for others. He'll do what he can, but the outcome really couldn't phaze him at all.

Powers: Immortality. He had a deal with a Mazoku to make him immortal, when an angel killed the monster and stole the stone that held the spell together. In leiu of working for evil like he did for so long, Dastren must now be a decent person to make up for it. The angel can revive him, when she gets around to it. He can be defeated, killed, disintigrated, whatever, and still come back. Takes her sweet time with it though, and whatever fight he's in will be long past by the time it happens.

Elemental Magic: After his little immortality incedent, Dastren gave up the arcane and focused more on harnessing the four primary elements: Fire, Earth, Water and Wind. While he's no master of any of them, he's pretty darned powerful in each.

Staff of the Elements: Focuses and channels his magic.
Robe of the Winds: A simple, black robe that can catch the winds and fly, him along with.
Headband of Clarity: Enables him to concentrate, even with the heat of battle abound.
Amulet of Regeneration: Not so effective as one thinks, it simply allows him to get by with his immortality by keeping his body alive.
Bracers of Eshewing: Allows him to cast complex elemental spells without material components.

Dastren now exists as a drifter, trying to prove that he's a good person.

Name: Myrrima Leah Connell, Princess of the Nether Realm

Age: She's been alive for about 1,500 years. Time is measured far differently in the Nether Realm, so she can't really be sure.

Appearance: A pale-skinned beauty, with a long, cherry-red ponytail and steely grey eyes that are colder and harder then the metal describing them. She wears a variety of clothing, but typically fights in naught but a form-fitting cover of Glory Anti-Entropic Armor, or GAEA. It isn't exactly armor, more like a force field of her powers that fit her body, bending and flexing with her as though it were a part of her.

Attitude: She is the most hard-hearted woman many will ever meet, refusing to befriend anyone on principle, and just being a frigid b*tch in general. Contrary to popular belief, however, she is not evil. In fact, she usually has what's best in mind for everyone around her. The nature of her powers and the curse of her family's blade keep her distant, so that she doesn't hurt anyone she doesn't mean to.

Powers: Myrrima, coming from a realm where negative energies are constantly present, can control the corrosive forces of entropy. They usually express themselves in this realm as a murky, dark, cloudy substance that seems to cling to anything and everything she wills it to. They can cause moderate damage over time to just about anything without magical protection, by wearing away at the object slowly. Flesh simply begins to itch, then burn, and simply start bleeding before it finally begins to parch and rot away before the eyes of the victim. They can also be focused into a more cohesive form that doesn't bother with the whole 'time' thing, instead just disintegrating whatever it comes in contact with. This takes much out of her, however, and doing so severely messes with the fabric of reality around it, so she doesn't like doing it at all. Her entropy control can also be put in reverse, defending (such as in the case of her GAEA), healing, or repairing. It's a bit more difficult to do these, but they can still be done. She also can take a short jaunt through the Nether Realm when she needs to get somewhere in a hurry, or has to get somewhere that would be impossible to get to otherwise (i.e. flying is something she does not do). It's not instant, but it's close.

Weapons: Atamastor, the cursed blade. It is a black and foul-looking bastard sword, featuring wicked spikes on the lower part of the blade, a spinal pattern as a handle, and an open skull as the crosspiece with the blade coming through the mouth. It was her father's blade and his before that. For all she knows, it has been the royal sword of the Nether Realm since the beginning of time. It isn't called the cursed blade for nothing, however. Whoever wields it is doomed to kill their true love with it.

Other: Myrrima has no clear goals, at least, none that most people can discern. In truth, there are many reasons she journeys the material realm. One is that the strongest person in the Nether Realm rules it. Currently, it's her father, but someday he will get ousted, and she will challenge the offender for the crown. For this, she constantly trains and pits herself against the most worthy opponents the universe has to offer. Another is her sword. She longs to get the ancient curse removed. It's a very lonely existence as it is, and she would much rather have the option to spend it with someone she loves.

Name: Jagger Nebroxah

A.K.A.: The Punk Monk

Age: 22

Appearance: Has a great body. Tall, tanned, athletic, with straight and styled blonde hair and laughing green eyes. He dresses like a biker would. Jeans, heavy riding boots, black leather jacket, and a plain white T-shirt. Top it all off with a pair of cheap, black shades and you've got god's gift to women. Or rather you would if he wasn't dead.

Attitude: Jagger is an easy-going guy most of the time. He's a little hot-blooded though, and tends to get in over his head a lot.

Powers: He has mastered many different forms of martial arts, some of which border on supernatural. Some of these are techniques, some are stances which alter his physical characteristics. One other unique power is the fact that whenever he dies, he wakes up in the Temple of Shinsei on the Spiritual Plane. Generally, Shinsei himself will have a mission for him that involves keeping the peace and harmony in various places across the multiverse. Slightly annoying, but not such a bad existance for being practically immortal.
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name=shadow the hedgehog attacks=chaos spear,chaos absorb weapon=chaos sword,made of pure chaos energy abilities=super speed,chaos control notes=shadows greatest ability is chaos control,which he can warp with,and freeze people for a certain amount of time.

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*jumps in the bandwagon*

Name: Mir Senaecium Miran
Race/Occupation: Gnome/Mage
Age: In gnome years, about 17 years.

Physical Description: She's short, only reaching 4'5", but she's slim and athletic, with warm tanned skin and a fair figure. Her hair, which falls all the way down her back, is a dark auburn and her eyes are bright blue. They are usually narrowed in anticipation of some joke, or wide with surprise when it backfires...sigh!

History: The daughter of moderately successful jewelers, Mir grew up happily, with no trauma or tragedy, save the death of her father when she was 7. Shortly after, she left her home by her own choice to live with her uncle. Once she grew older, he let her enter a prestigious university to be trained in magic. She excelled there, earning her certification with ease, and graduating at the top of her class. After that, she spent a small amount of time studying privately under a famous hero, in an attempt to become a paladin. Along the way, the two gathered companions, imcluding an elvish princess (Mir's roomate from magic school), a moody psionic shapeshifter, Mir's sister, the Boogyman, a demonic cat, and Mir's uncle and cousin.
Geez. I just described the entire premise of my comic!

Weapons: A magic short sword, but she hardly knows how to use it, unless she's using it to focus her spells. Her primary weapon is her magic, which she is highly skilled in. She prefers to attack long range, and if forced to fight close range she is NOT above fighting dirty. She is an earth elemental, so that can also be of advantage to her, but she is less likely to use that offensively than defensively.

Signature Attack: "You'll Never Have Children Again". This attack consists of lifting up her shirt/skirt/whatever she happens to be wearing at the time. Once the enemy is stunned, she will unleash a pointy-booted kick to the groin. Note: This only works on male opponents.

Accesories: Her hat, which acts as a storage system (usually for candy and poptarts...), her blue earrings, which never come off, and her lucky red underwear, but nobody knows about those.

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OK, you asked for it.

Name: Legion
Species: Demon
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, probably more than 200’000’000 years old.
Hair Colour: None, he has no hair.
Eye Colour: Red
Height: 7’ with armour, 3' without.
Weight: 150lbs with armour, 50lbs without.
Personality: Legion is evil. No doubt about it. His only goal is destruction. However, he has learnt patience and is intelligent. This, combined with his formidable fighting skill makes him a force to be reckoned with. He is sort of laid-back. He knows that he has eternity to accomplish his goals. He is a dangerous ally, and a deadly foe.
History: Not much is known about Legion’s past. However, now more can be told of Legion story. Legion was the God of Darkness in another world. Legends tell of a great battle in that world in which Legion almost succeeded in wiping out all life in that world. However, a powerful group of mages managed to seal him and his minions in a gap between dimensions. Millions of years passed before Legion managed to break his bonds and come into our world. However, the exertion of this task has reduced Legion's power to that of a mortal man. However, his intelligence, fighting and magical skills remain. Legion has one advantage; he cannot be killed by normal means. However, that doesn't make him invincible. He can be hurt and disabled like any normal warrior, just not killed outright.
Weapon(s): His sword, Apoc'akei is a cursed blade. Known in his own world as the blade of darkness, this blade has the power to shape-shift. However, it cannot gain magical powers during a transformation.
Appearance: In his armour, he is a formidable sight. (Think of Sauron from Lord of the Rings.) His bright red eyes gaze out of his black helm. Outside his armour, he is a shadow. Clad in a flowing, hooded cape his red eyes gaze out at his enemies. He can take on other forms by killing a person and taking on their appearance.
Magic: Legion has the ability to use many forms of shadow magic. His main use of shadow magic is for energy balls. He has other uses for it. None of the other uses are very powerful. However, due to his bond with darkness, he is extremely weak against light magic.
Current Status: Alive. At the moment he appears to be searching for something, though no one except him and his minions knows what it is.
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There is no

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Master Mario, I'm being nice here in not pickin apart every little thing you stated. But really, your character is just. Godmode or something. Ugh. Gross.

hey not a bad idea. ok every one past and present that posted here, if you have some kind of god-like character or imortal can you post him, her or it. i have one that i will most likely not use in battle because it is cheap, but i will use him against another imortal or god or god-like warrior. one thing though when warriors like these clash with each other they can do damage just like regular warriors do to each other. i'll post mine in a while.

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For I am a lost king...

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A once was...

Give me solace...

Or receive defeat...

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Good luck David. It was a good match we had. And some day we can fight again.

OoC: I'll post my bio here soon.

Edited due to how ****ty I realized it was. Oh and watch ATHF.

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{ Edit} I've retired all those chariters so I can start fresh. I don't have any real infor on the ones I'm curently planning so yeah just ignore this kay? {/Edit}

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Ill post as soon as i have perfected my character's description.


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Is that a modified megaman pic ^?

Yes, it's a(VERY) edited picture of Shadow Style Megaman from Mega Man Battle Network 3.

^^ No, Aqua Style. [img]smile.gif[/img]

This book keeps losing its first just so happens that my character is on that page...

I belive in the legend of Volvagia!! ;)

The first page is missing again.

Who keeps stealing the first page?


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(On page 15, with the rest.)

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Name: Ghost
Age: 19
Clothes: Black hooded sweatshirt, khakis, black bandana.
Weapons: Liquid Swords
Attacks: Shadowboxing, most of his attacks are shaolin fighting or the wu-tang sword style.
Other Info: Shaolin/Wu-Tang master. Named after Wu-Tang Clan's Ghostface Killah.

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[Edit] Right, I cleaned this up a tad, fixing spelling errors and such. Enjoy!

Name: Fenix

Species: Human
Class: Mage
Height: 5’ 8”
Eye color: Hazel
Hair color: Brown
Physical age: 17
Chronological age: Several hundred years… Stopped aging after a summoning accident.

Appearance: Borderline between fair and pale skinned, as well as being somewhat scrawny, Fenix at first glance, dose not appear menacing. His attire consists of blue, long-sleeved tunic, baggy cargo pants, and a simple black cloak.

Weapons: Fenix carries a plain short sword which hangs at his side. In addition to that, he also uses his “wings” constantly as natural weapons. As a last bit of armament, Fenix possesses a set of “Tech-Armor,” a kind of futuristic armor that can section off and retract into his body. The armor consists of a chest plate with horizontal shoulder pads, a lower abdomen plate, leg guards covering from the knee down and “boots.” It’s all in Mega Man X style. An eyepiece that rests over Fenix’s left eye provided armor status as well as scanning readouts.

Despite the fact that Tech Armor is something that has been seen throughout many of the Gunjin realms, Fenix’s make is unique. Generally, it has been observed that magical beings often have conflicting issues with high levels of technology. Especially devices that interact with the body. Fenix’s armor, is perhaps the best example of such a device. It is implanted directly into the body and must co-exist with the organic and magical functions. Under normal circumstances, this would prove fatal, as one system would reject the other and chaos would follow. The person who outfitted Fenix with his armor was well aware of this conflict and therefore devised a procedure of installation that borders genius and insanity. Utilizing the best of both worlds, the armor components were broken down by rituals into spiritual energies and then grafted to Fenix’s soul. The result was that the armor was merged with his essence, and therefore projected onto his physical body. Like Fenix’s “wings” if one were to see his astral projection, it would not only have his wings permanently out, but also the armor. Being a part of him now, the armor can never be fully removed, as it would essentially be equivalent to tearing apart his soul. Damaged and missing sections are repaired by both the armor’s internal repair systems and Fenix’s spiritual regeneration.

Skills: After being “cursed” with limited immortality, Fenix has had more than ample time to perfect magical arts in all their forms – to the point of having a unique understanding of this natural force. Because of that, Fenix it not bound down by the limits and restraints of conventional spells, and can instead, literally command his powers to do almost anything at will. He does however, realize the significance of regular spells, and is not above using them. In addition to magic, Fenix has also mastered, in his own right, the art of sword dueling. Though mostly with his own sword.

Note: When I say “perfect” I mean that he will rarely screw up casting a spell or handling his sword. This does not affect the power of each action and does not mean the said spells/maneuvers are extremely potent. (unless otherwise noted) He can just do a lot of stuff. He got bored over the decades. ^_^

Quick Bio:

Fenix lived during the Middle Ages, when magic was the pinnacle of its influence. As a young apprentice, he learned the basics of the art, aspiring to become a great mage. However, he was young, reckless and inexperienced. One day, he attempted to cast a powerful spell, one long forgotten in this age. The spell, when done correctly, allowed the caster to use his body as an anchor from which he could focus pure magic energy and in turn manifest that energy as he or she saw fit. It was like a summoning spell, calling forth enhancements to the caster’s body, lasting as long as was desired. Fenix however… botched it.

Instead of turning his body to a focus point for the energies, Fenix transformed himself into a vessel for that raw magical power. What resulted were fourteen long, glowing tendrils of pure magic energy sprouting from his back. To his piers, Fenix looked like a mutant with these “rags” as some called them, hanging out of his back. The tendrils, being made of energy, were able to pass through material, like clothing (and armor) that Fenix wore. They were not actually connected to his physical body, just manifesting from the spirit plane there. Those “wings” as he came to call them, were fused to his soul. And although Fenix learned to de-summon them from the mortal realm, on the astral plane, they were always present. Another side effect from the backfire was that this was the only form Fenix could manifest. Mages who successfully cast this spell could alter their body in any way – Fenix was at best, able to change the shape of his tendrils.

In fusing himself with the raw energies of magic, Fenix was “cursed” with limited immortality. That is, left on his own, with no interference, Fenix will never die, nor will he ever age again. If fatally wounded with no magic healing, or dealt a blow that would kill a person instantly (Anything classifying as a killing blow here), then Fenix would surely be destroyed like anyone else. Buuuuut, that hasn’t happened yet…

VGF History:

Originally, I began my adventures here at VGF in the Hyrule Battle Field as my favorite Nintendo/Square character, the one and only; Geno. With each passing battle and adventure, I role played Geno out to give him more of a personality of his own, along with the friendships made with many of the older people who still remain on the forums. But as time went on, the desire to be more original grew within me. After seeing so many blatant rip-off characters, like the countless Marios, Links, and DBZ characters, I suppose I felt what I was doing wasn’t really right. I mean seriously, you can’t truly be the Mario, or the Link nor could you be the Geno - which is what I was doing. It just doesn’t work. So, despite my fondness of Geno, I slowly tried to change him. I didn’t want to just start over from scratch, because I liked the history this character had with everyone. So instead, through a series of adventure topics of my own, (the Duran saga, for those who remember) I began to change Geno into a character of my own - Fenix. I began by revealing that this Geno, wasn’t really the same guardian of the Star Road, but instead, the lost mage you read about in the bio. As it went, Fenix had been abducted by the powers that be and put in Geno’s place. As to why the real Geno wasn’t around and required a replacement, well… let’s just call it a plot device, shall we? Anyway, with the memories of his past locked away, Fenix easily believed that he was indeed the guardian whose identity he had assumed. Thinking himself to be the Geno, Fenix continued on until one dark day when a shadowy man named Duran came looking for this “Geno.” Apparently, he had known of the mage’s true identity and became fascinated with it. Captured by Duran, Geno learned of his origins and who he really was. But Duran’s intentions were not simply to educate Fenix, he had uses for him. Collaborating with Ryu, the Iron Warrior the story developed and Fenix was given a set of Tech Armor, similar to Ryu’s. It turned out that Ryu’s set was also of Duran’s make, but a failed experiment in his eyes - Fenix was to be his new prototype. In the end, Duran was defeated, forced to retreat by the combined might of VGF and their determination to rescue their friend.

Grateful and touched by his friends’ compassion, Geno/Fenix stayed at VGF for a while and tried to adapt to the Armor that Duran had forced onto him. Even though released from a horrible fate, Fenix was still left with may questions unanswered. So, bidding his friends a sad farewell, Fenix/Geno left the Gunjin to go on a quest to find himself. This is when I, myself was forced to leave VGF for a few months due to school and the demands of a troubled life. Luckily, school got out, and things calmed down, so I was able to return. ^__^ Having sought the powers that placed him in Geno’s place, Fenix was given his past back and returned, essentially a new man, but still bearing the past he had here at the Gunjin. This, more or less brings up to present day.

And now, Here’s Fenix! (Note, I got lazy and didn’t draw all of his wings in.)
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General Info
Full Name:
Link the Sixth
Titles: Twenty-first Hero of Time, Prince of Hyrule
Nickname: Link, Rinku (only by a select few, though), sometimes referred to as The Missing Link
Gender: Male
Age: 21, almost 22
Date of Birth: 14 Nivôse 2001 L.R.
Personality: Kind and caring, but is also lonely. He is always seeking for a friend, someone to confide in, someone to share with, someone to be with. While he is alone, he is somewhat in a state of depression, but when around others, he takes in the emotions of them and becomes that which is around him. He shares the pity, sorrow, happiness, and joy of others. Above all, his is noble and true, and if you are lucky enough to be his friend, he will respect you and stand up for you, trusting you implicitly. Very humble.

Physical Info
Apparent Age: same as his real age
Hair Color: Brown
Hair Type: Parted to the right, about neck-length. Straight down.
Height: 6'3"
Figure: Tall and built
Eye Colour: Blue, but can change during rare circumstances
Clothing: A bluish-green, turquoise coloured tunic, much in the fashion of his ancestor's green tunic, and a long cap to match. He has an earring on one of his ears of a small Triforce on it. He has workgloves of sorts with open-ended fingers. He wears brown boots that go about a third of the way up his lower legs, and he does (yes, ladies) wear tights.
Powers: He has a wide assortment of magical powers that he's collected over his wanderings. He has picked up many spells from Hyrule -- both natural Hylian spells and those given by the power of the Triforce -- but many of the spells he uses are those not native to Hyrule itself.
Abilities: Has the ability to change into a small handful of animal forms, strong psychic ability, mild control over the elements, Wide variety of magic.
Attacking Power: Two swords -- one silver and one gold, both forged from the Master Sword; a 3-foot bow with arrows, a longshot, and physical strength.
Other Things He Carries: A Reflective Shield and a small bag of holding he on ocassion carries.

Will occasionally approach people in his animal forms, talking to them as a normal person would after a small bond of intristic natural trust has been formed. Will alter his speech patterns around those he doesn't trust.

Link and Zelda the Sixth came from a long line of prominence, nobility, and heroism. Born two thousand years to the day after Link and Zelda the First, the elder Sheikah (actually, the Second Order of the Sheikah) predestined that the twenty-first generation of the Hero of Time would stem from a pairing between the original line of the Hero and the most ancient branch-line of the Kokiri Tree, the one from which Saria was created.

However, an unwritten rule created my the Great Deku Tree itself forbade Kokiri from interweaving their bloodlines with Hylians. The Great Deku Tree feared that the intermarriages would create a disenchanting effect upon the Kokiri, and thus the magic within them would fade, losing the Kokiri magic from Hyrule. However, confronted with the situation, and knowing the presence of fear in the land, the Great Deku Tree consented and allowed a pairing.

Link the Sixth and Zelda the Sixth were born unto a Hylian father named Ronin and a Kokiri mother named Crystanthia. Ronin was a direct descendant of Link the First's ancestral line and had been an advisor of the King for his remarkable feats in battle. Crystanthia was a Kokiri who had lived the same number of years as Ronin, but whose physical appearance was 10 years younger than him; she had been grown from the Deku Tree from the very same branch Saria had come into the world upon. The Great Deku Tree consented the marriage, but added the restriction that the couple would be forced to live on the outskirts of the Lost Woods; this was so the magic of the Kokiri would still be intact, but Crystanthia would be able to physically mature to her real age.

Ronin and Crystanthia were hesitant at first to the pairing, but Ronin was light at heart, having the spirit of a child, and Crystanthia was one of the more serious Kokiri, and over time, they not only became the best of friends but shared an empathy with each other. Their hesitations gone, they agreed to the wishes of the elder Second Sheikah and were married.

Link and Zelda were born roughly a year later, fraternal twins. They lived in a log cabin on the outskirts of the Woods, as had been dictacted, with their mother and father. The family shared many things together, and Link and Zelda would spend time at Hyrule Castle Town and in the Kokiri Village from time to time, passing the days of their childhood away. They were well known to the nobles in the castle and the children of the forest.

Eight years after their birth, a foreign magical essence floated into the house, and Link and Zelda's parents became fearful. They knew that two fragments of the Triforce had come to their children; Link had inherited the Triforce of Courage and Zelda had been granted the Triforce of Wisdom. All was as the Second Sheikah had said Destiny would unfold. Ronin explained all this to his children, and told them about the evil man who was building his power to the south of Hyrule. A man by the name of Thananos, a descendant of Ganondorf, had uncovered the Triforce and had received the Triforce of Power. Thananos was not Gerudo, which had been scattered throughout the world over time, but of a race rarely visited by the Hylians -- the Urakai. The Urakai were a race that practiced magic that had been supposedly, according to the Book of Mudora, forbidden to the inhabitants of Hyrule. Thananos had building his forces, declaring it in the name of self-defense, but secretly in the name of war.

The family lived somewhat in fear for the next two years, unsure of what destruction would happen if Thananos were to come. Then, in the year 2010 L.R. (Linkian Reckoning), Thananos came to Hyrule and struck. Thananos was very clever, and thus didn't strike Hyrule Castle, but instead he headed for the Lost Woods.

Link had been taken to the Lost Woods early that morning to stay while Ronin went to the castle on business. Zelda had stayed home with his mother. Ronin never was able to emerge from the woods before being ambushed. Thananos' men came to the house and captured Crystanthia. Both Ronin and Crystanthia were murdered at the spot. They entered the house to find Link and Zelda, but only Zelda could be found, and she appeared to have already been dead, as if she had died from natural causes hours before, when she had in fact took a potion to feign death, all the while regaining consciousness. While there, she managed to draw the Triforce of Power out of the hands of Thananos, a technique that had been used against Link the Fifth in the legendary Golden War. After they left, she remained in a motionless state, her soul between death and life.

Link, wondering why his father never returned to take him home, left to go home the next day. However, instead of finding his family as he had expected, he found two gaunt warriors, their skin wrinkled tightly around their bodies, their clothes being the ripped garments of his parents. Knowing them to be Redeads, Link snuck into the house via the back entrance and found Zelda’s body, which he mistook for being dead. He noticed the two Triforces within her, and, in a spirit to avenge her death, took them. Though he had acquired the three Triforces, he knew from the lessons his father had taught him, that he still did not own the Triforce, as the original possessor of the Triforce still lived.

Link’s mind, though bent on vengeance, was still quite fearful that Thananos would find him and hunt him down. He quickly hurried to the Kokiri Forest, where they provided some protection from him for several days. However, the Great Deku Tree sensed an impending danger to Link if he were to stay, so the Tree taught Link how to go travel the planes of the world. The Tree advised Link to keep on the move, not remaining in any singular place for any length of time, as Thananos and the Urakai also knew how to traverse the dimensions of the world.

Link left the plane of Hyrule and traveled from place to place, learning what he could. Being only ten years of age, he tried his hand at swordsmanship, archery, and the various schools of magic, mastering all of them as he apprenticed for brief periods of time under each master he came across. As a result, Link became quite diverse in his skill, combining skills from many sources and creating a fighting style and magic system all his own. Having both the blood of the Hylians and the Kokiri within him, his talents were unique in their own merit, and though he could not use the magic of the Triforce directly, as it would shine a beacon to Thananos as a lighthouse’s lamp illuminates the coast, the magic of the Triforce was reshaped into his own texture, creating powerful spells and enhancing his own proficiencies in the art of weaponry.

Zelda the Sixth, meanwhile, became released from her deathlike slumber and set off for Link. Finding the Great Deku Tree, it too taught Zelda how to travel the dimensions. Though it advised Zelda the same as it did to Link, her movement patterns need not be as cautious as Link’s, as she was thought dead. She continually followed the magical trail Link left behind, the magic only she could feel because of their fraternal twin background. Along the way, she became quite skilled in the arts of healing and elemental magic, as her mind was much more relaxed than her brother’s. Though Zelda’s magic never became as diverse or as unique as Link’s, the skills she possessed became more powerful than Link’s and much more focused.

After ten years, Link, now 20 years of age, returned to his native Hyrule to see the changes. Remarkably, not much had changed, as apparently all of Thananos’ forces left Hyrule to search for Link, leaving Hyrule to a period of prolonged peace. It was here that Link regained many of his childhood friends, the closest one being Phalon, the daughter of Bralon, the owner of Lon Lon Ranch. He also made several new friends that were not native to his Hyrule, but were merely visiting. Among the closest were Meredia, child of the seas and skies, Fury, an incredibly agile warrior, Joker, a vampire fighting for good, Halan, a Sheikah from a parallel Hyrule, and several others.

The King, upon hearing of Link’s return, summoned for him to Hyrule Castle. Link came before the King, and the King announced to him, seeing that he had no heir and Link’s family had been held in the highest regard and honor in the eyes of the King, that the King would adopt Link in to become the Prince of Hyrule. Link stayed in Hyrule for several months, honing his skills and his education, enjoying a quieter life, but fearing the return of his nemesis.

One day, he received an invitation from Fury to fight within a war in his realm. Link, refusing to turn up his friend, went to Fury and fought for his side. Ironically, almost as if Destiny herself willed it, Zelda had received an identical invitation, and Link and Zelda found themselves fighting together on the same side, fighting together with each other. For the first time in both their lives since the tragic event, they were able to attain happiness.

However, the happiness was short-lived. During the battle, Link accidentally shot off some of his magic from the Triforce. In mere seconds, Thananos appeared before him, beckoning for a fight. Link and Zelda used the powers they had learned from the planes and seriously weakened Thananos. However, in a sacrificial move, Thananos sacrificed his own body and his ownership of the Triforce to mortally wound Zelda, a would that would never have been able to be healed by the most advanced medicine.

Link refusing to let his sister die again before him, completed a sacred ritual, one not oft performed. He placed his arms around Zelda, and he slowly took her spirit from her body into his own. Link and Zelda, though two spirits, shared the same body. The magic from the ritual sealed them together for all eternity, and their souls were further entwined to each other. With this, Link gained the ability to alternate back and forth between the body of himself and the body of Zelda. Though both spirits coexist within the same body, only the dominant mind having control of the appropriate form of their single body.

Together they now mainly reside in Hyrule within the castle. The King gave Zelda the honor of Princess of Hyrule, but both remain unmarried to this day, both unsure of the consequences that would result in a coupling with another being. However, they remain relatively unconcerned, as the controlled magic in the Hylian blood fused with the life-giving blood of the Kokiri will enable them to live for numerous decades on end.

For the last story of the saga of Link (and Zelda) the Sixth, please visit The End of a Dynasty to read my "fanfic" of the conclusion to the story of Link the Sixth.

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