The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)

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Name: Walter J. Sebastion
Occupation: Military
Rank: Changes depending on the time period

Physical Characteristics: He is tall with stone colored brown hair and brown eyes to match. He wears leather padding at all times underneath a loose tunic. His gaze is unusually stern and he tends to frighten timid people by glaring at them.

Emotional Characteristics: He is young and his actions show it. He is quick to anger and is easily provoked. During his early days in the military he enjoyed the missions and the rush of taking a life of his opponent. In his middle age he became contented and is always trying to take the road with the greater help into saving human life. He rose quickly leaving some to wonder what all he has accomplished during his time in the Four Tribes War. He served in the deep strike unit. During this time he killed an unspeakable amount of people along with one of his comrades. Its said that his current contentment is his mind breaking from all the killing. Others say that its his atonement for his youthful actions.

Faction Information: He grew up in a Bisalamos or Brute side of the Four Tribes War. His oversoul was seen as especially powerful by the military and soon put to use after his leave from basic training. The Bisalamos are known for their lack of tact in battles but using brute force to strike through and mow their enemies down.

Oversoul Information: He uses the oversoul of a cockatrice. Its basic state is brought up on any emotion and is a set of stone wings. He can release only a few attacks in this state. The second state is triggered by anger and the will to live. He can only activate this state when in battle making his long range capabilities useless while in it. He is encased in breastplate of diamond along with gauntlets around his hands. The gauntlets end in a sharp talon shape. He feels the weight of the diamond on his body and this causes him to expend more energy to continuous long flight. His strongest power is when the rock encasing his left eye opens and he can start causing stone spires to spring forth from the ground. He doesn't have the power to turn a living thing to stone during this state. The third state is when the bird physically manifests itself next to him. The armor then encases his legs arms and a helmet also appears. The weight seems to dissipate as his physical strength increases as well. The bird varies from the size of a regular hawk to large enough for him to stand on. Depending on his power at the time of manifestation. His wings can now sprout out at will or fold up. Both of his eyes now surround themselves by rock and he can begin to turn living things to stone. It takes minimal energy to encase something in rock and to turn to solid it takes up approximately a third of his strength per a foot thick four by four area. After he depletes his energy through various attacks he reverts back to first state or to his human form.

Basic Attacks:
Level 1:
Stone Wing Rain- Feathers are released and tipped in stone causing to fall like arrows downward.
Wing Crypt Rip- The wings encase an enemy and the stone tipped feathers rip the enemy apart with surprising efficiency.
Ground Spire- Causes a single spire to spring forth from the earth to gouge an opponent
Level 2:
Talon Strike: A basic slash with the diamond talons.
Resonance: Focusing the powers of the oversoul into the claws and make a sweeping motion along the ground a tremor is caused flowing in the direction indicated by the claws.
Dawn Spires: By using the eye you can cause spires to erupt at will around an enemy. Around the 100th it gets difficult to see out of the eye and you energy starts to drain faster.
Level 3:
Cockatrice Stare: The cockatrice looks at and then blinks once to signal the beginning of the object it was looking at and its transformation to stone. It takes about 10 minutes to encase the objects and an hour to make it solid stone.
Body Spires: During grappling with an opponent small spikes will appear and puncture the opponent.
Spire Lancet: A lance of diamond encases his left arm and carved inside it is the cockatrice rushing to the tip of the lance.

Finishers(This attack will completely drain his oversoul for a 24 hour period):
Grave: He points the Spire Lancet at his enemy and shouts Grave as 10 spires come and pierce the opponent through the ground. Then a giant spire collects above and falls on the enemy. Then two slabs of rock crush the enemy on both sides. Then all the debris clear away and after concentrating energy he points the lance and encases his foe in a diamond coffin that ends a foot away from him on each side.

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UPDATE: The Wish Squad

Name: Tazillion "Tazy" Ten
Age: 32
Hometown: Planet Vegeta
Current Residence: Angel of Darkness and Tazy 10 Corperations, Z City
Occupation: Hero-For-Hire, Businessman
Talents/Skills: Ability to fire powerful beams at will, Super Strength, Can become Super Sayian 1, 2, and 3.
Ancestor: Toma (Currently inside Tazy)
Parents: Zuke and Kora (Dead)
Business Partner: Kiyone

Race: Saiyan
Eye Color: Brown
Hair: Brown and spiky
Clothes: Typicially wearing a Red Shirt and Pants with Black Boots, and Armbands. Sometimes, he'll wear a brown leather jacket, jeans, and Cowboy Boots.
Habits: None
Hobbies: Eating, Fighting, Technology
Favorite Sayings: "I'm Tazy, the lovable Saiyan!" "Punch him in the face" "....what?"
Greatest flaw: Tazy tends to run from something he can't damage.
Best quality: Uses his smarts in dire situations

Personality: Usually, Tazy is more like the class clown, trying to find the positive side of things, but he's actually pretty smart, and can figure out most technology when he wants to. However, he is very cowardly, and is likely to run from things he doesn't understand or can't damage at all. Once he is ready to fight though, he fights to the last of his strength.
Likes: Food that is not Raisins, getting stronger, Advanced Technology, Friends
Dislikes: Raisins, Ghosts, Angry Kiyone

Backstory: Born on Planet Vegeta, he had barely been in existince before he had to be evacuated from the planet destroyed by Frieza. However, while escaping to Earth, his space pod was hit by an asteroid, sending it off course for almost a decade before it finally landed in a zoo and was destroyed. The explosion destroys Tazy's tail, and throws him into the Tazmanian Devil exhibit. The Zookeeper is able to save him, and gives him clothes before Tazy runs off. He eventually runs into Goku and join in the escapades of "Dragon Ball Z".

Eventually, he runs into Kiyone during an attempt to get the Dragonballs before a great evil could and together they form an incredibly tall building, about 300 stories tall and call it "AoD and T10 corps". During their many adventures, Tazy finds that he has an ancestor who tried to conquer the universe stuck inside him, which will either consume him or seperate from him. Growing increasingly depressed, he runs into the cover of the Gunjin to find a cure.

Kamehameha Wave: A Large Beam of Blue Energy that can destroy most objects.
Red Ball: A Red Energy Ball of varying size, but usually small. Usually does minimum damage
Miracle/Gouki Bomb: Spirit Bombs that, instead of being filled by the planet's energy, is filled by hope, and malice respectively
Phantom Bomb: A Fake Bomb that is usually made to confuse the enemy. Made with lots of energy, but goes through anything
Super Saiyan: Can go up to SSJ 3. Each transformation increases Tazy's Power
Toma Possession: Toma takes control of Tazy. While this happens, Tazy can go to SSJ4, but it's very unstable.
Signature Attack:
99 Red Balls: As the name says, Ninety-Nine Red Balls are fired
Equipment: Several Kunai from a now deceased Ninja, though Tazy barely uses it.

Name: Kryptonite Ackman
Age: 27
Hometown: Outskirts of Z City
Current Residence: Z City
Occupation: Hero-For-Hire, Swordsmaster
Talents/Skills: Ability to use a Sword unlike most, Can Summon Blue Flames
Parents: Ackman and Melina Zeva (Dead)
Cousins: Azura, Shiro, Ryuko, Kuro, Murasaki, Akai, Kiro, Ai, and Daisuke Zeva, Hizako (Half- Cousin)
Boss: Kiyone, Tazy (in name only)
Girlfriend: Chun-Li (in his dimension)

Race: Half Human/Demon
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Light Purple at neck length
Clothes: Red Coat with a Black Shirt underneath. Black Pants, and Brown Boots.
Habits: Adds "s" to his words, especially when speaking to Tazy.
Hobbies: Collects Gems of Great Power
Favorite Sayings: "Okie....s" "Mighty Good Sword you have there." "Chun-Li....Oops, trailed off a bit. Where were we?"
Greatest flaw: Somewhat foolish.
Best quality: Jumps at the chance to protect others

Personality: Usually light-hearted in nature, he tends to get serious when the situation calls. Never abandoning who he wants to protect, he is almost always ready for a fight, friendly or otherwise.
Likes: Swords, Chun-Li, Cherry Pie, Peace
Dislikes: Endless War, The idea of abandoning a child, Evil

Backstory: Born in a peaceful farmhouse, Kryptonite was raised by a retired Demon and beautiful Human. However, those jealous for power rushed the house, and left the two with only enough time to force their child (at 10) out. When Kryptonite awakens, the house is in shambles, and barely anything left of the attackers. His parents are nowhere to be seen, but it is assumed that they died and burned to ashes.

At Age 20, he took part in a competition with his Cousins of the Zeva family to find who was fit to rule the Zeva Household when their grandfather died. During this competition they took part in another tournament, where Kryptonite met Chun-Li. Eventually, Azura Zeva won leaving the others to do as they pleased. Kryp quickly found Chun-Li, and after a while, Chun-Li moved in with him

Eventually Kiyone met Kryptonite, and challenged him to a fight. If Kiyone could beat him, he would help them crush a great evil. The fight started and quickly ended with Kiyone the victor. He quickly grew friends with both Kiyone and Tazy. One day during a fight, Tazy vanishes from their dimension. Kryptonite quickly finds the Gunjin Circuit and tries to find something that could track Tazy at any time.

Blue Zeva Flame: Summons Blue Fire on one's fist, which can then be added to anything the user wants.
` Blue Zeva Ravage: When Blue Flame covers ones weapon, this attack will be almost as if the fire from a slash attacks the opponent
Signature Attack:
Clear Zeva Style: Kyrp chooses a color to do a fighting style based on the color chosen.
Equipment: His Sword "Alastor", as well as several gems of differing power.

Name: Qual
Age: 4
Hometown: Angel Haven
Current Residence: ???
Occupation: Bodyguard, Hero-For-Hire,
Talents/Skills: Can use any Attack that Qual knows about. Limitless Ki. Can use suicidal techniques without dieing.
Creators: Jibrille, Mikhail
Almost like Brothers and Sisters: Thrones in Angel Haven, Atelier Marie

Race: One Third Twilight/Angel/Demon
Eye Color: Purple
Hair: Black Ponytail
Clothes: Rust Colored Tanktop, Jeans, Pointed Boots
Habits: May take on the personalty, mannerisms, and habits of the powers he used.
Hobbies: None
Favorite Sayings: "I'm pissed off again." "I have a present for you!" "By the Angel of Angels!"
Greatest flaw: He flat out refuses to use the same move twice. Possibly because of the wide variety.
Best quality: Well Read

Personality: Usually Polite to those he is friends with, in battle he is seen as quite rude and violent, sometimes feeding the opponent's fear that he is a monster. Despite this, he is quite educated and has read many books to educate himself on the various powers at his disposal.
Likes: Fighting, Books, Beautiful Scenery
Dislikes: Disrespectful Fighters, Stupidly Evil or Good, Forgetting, Fangirls
Backstory: In an attempt to protect the Haven from a now extinct alien army that had killed many of the older Angels, Jibrille created a being that would be immune to their deadly stare should this alien race resuface. Qual's cells were given the DNA of a Fearsome Demon that could transform, and one of Jibrille's Feathers, so that Qual could do any technique and turn into anything, making him the perfect weapon. After a bit of incubation, Qual was born. Immeadiatly going into the service of Kiyone to fight the threat at the time, he soon grew used to the Corps and the various people within it.

However, when Jibrille caught wind of Tazy's diappearance and of the existance of the criminal Toma inside, Jibrille brought Qual to her and told him to capture Tazy or destroy him. Qual complied, but believed that Tazy did not deserve to die for Toma. He quickly entered the Gunjin to search for him.

Techniques: Basically Any Technique he chooses
Signature Attack:
Dragon of the Rainbow Flame: Used as a Suicide Attack, this attack calls forth seven Dragons that will usually kill everything, including its user, but Qual brings them to only attack one creature in a weakened state.
Equipment: He may bring food to a fight, but other than this, he has nothing.

Name: En Longblade
Age: 12
Hometown: Generic Plains
Current Residence: Inter-Universe Starcruiser Cybersphere
Occupation: Dimensional Peacekeeper, Mercenary, Game Reviewer
Talents/Skills: Can Summon the angst within him to cover the immeadate area and buff himself up.
Creator: An Unknown Nerd
Boss: General White Dot
Supervisor: Nyne the Fox
Rival: Rika Fuijmaya
Enemy: Dr. Monster

Race: Stick Figure
Eye Color: Black
Hair: Grey Dot
Clothes: None
Habits: None
Hobbies: Collects Game Magazines
Favorite Sayings: "Am I the only one in the room who knows there are other dimensions? Oh, wait. Yes I am." "Put your hands in the air and return to your respective

dimension immeadiatley!" "Sorry, this dimension is closed, please move to the next one, or I will blow your head off."
Greatest flaw: Can't Shut Up.
Best quality: Has extensive knowledge of various Genres

Personality: Very Cynical, even when fighting, and always seems to be shocked by how cliche his opponent or obsticle is. He tends to question anything and everything,

but he'll follow orders when given them.
Likes: Quick Missions, People he can speak with about dimensions, Reading Game Magazines.
Dislikes: Long-ass Missions, Dumb A.I., Fan Hate

Backstory: Created by a nerd in a dark basement, and given a generic story of hot women and angst. En Longblade was quickly submitted to the internet and quickly

forgotten. Soon, he found his way to another video game, and accidently kills the main bad guy before the main character, Rika Fujimaya, could get to him. This causes

a dangerous time paradox where the world starts to collapse in on itself. En, as well as the various inhabitants of the world were then picked up by the Dimensional

World Savers, who charged En with World Tampering, and Murder of roughly 32 characters, including a DWS Operative who fought off the extra boss of the world. To avoid

jail time, En was given a job as a DWS Operative and given the dead opertives room, which had many game magazines in it. Soon En's personality wrapped around these

Magazines, and he found he was a "stupid angsty prick", so he managed to hide these emotions of angst inside.

At some point he lost his memory during an attempt to apprehend a dangerous criminal by the name of Dr. Monster. he was thrown into the Gunjin and found Tazy and his

friends. When Tazy disappeared, he went after him, and during the search he regained his memory. Now, he is looking for clues to find Dr. Monster, believing that he

may also be looking for Tazy.

Hurricane Spin: The generic "Spin in a circle with your sword out" attack.
Majinken: A Wave of Energy flies from En's Sword
Signature Attack:
Angst Wave: En covers the area in angst, inceasing his strength
Chainsaw- A Spinning Blade that easily carves up the objects it hits.
Spread Gun- A Gun that shoots out many red Balls that do alot of damage
Rocket Launcher- Obviously a Weapon that shoots Rockets
Tommy Gun- An old gun that shoot many bullets quickly
Book of Darkness- A Book full of evil spells. En tends to be targeted for this item.
Great Axe- A large Axe
Ginzu Knife- A Sharp Kitchen Knife
Buster Sword- A Large Ass Sword that can't be as heavy as it looks. Basically a Broadsword for a Troll
LongBlade- En's Basic Sword. A Completly Silver Longsword
Whip Sword: A Sword that extends
Energy Lance- A Silver Stick with a Plasma Tip

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Name: Blur the Hedgehog
Age: 18
Hometown: Green Hill Zone
Current Residence: ???
Occupation: None
Talents/Skills: Ability to run very fast, can summon lightning bolts, Dark Souls, and use swords with chains on them.
Parents- Sonic and Amy the Hedgehog (Unknown)
Godfather: Miles "Tails" Prower (Unknown)

Race: Hedgehog
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Pink strands on head, but Yellow otherwise
Clothes: Red Shoes
Habits: None
Hobbies: Collects Red Orbs
Favorite Sayings: "You can't hit what you can't see" "I'm the fastest thing alive." "I am not being controlled by these blades. I control them."
Greatest flaw: Easy to anger
Best quality: Quick to act.

Personality: He tends to keep to himself, but when someone gets around his lonliness, he is very kind and open. When in battle though, he tends to not want to give an inch and tends to overestimate himself, especially when it comes to his reaction time.
Likes: Friends, his Father and Mother, Chao, Running
Dislikes: Ziva, the Inability to do anything, Evil

Backstory: In a dimension of Sonic the Hedgehog where Dr. Eggman faded from the eyes of the world, the Hero Sonic would settle down with Amy, his stalker back when he fought Eggman. They had a son, who they named Blur, which was strangly yellow in color. He soon became friends with Tails Power Jr., Fists the Echidna, and Shade the Bat. However, 2 years ago a Dark Chao named Ziva had destroyed the village they took residence in, and had found Sonic's Chaos Emerald. Filled with rage, Blur seriously damages Ziva's Dark Chao Walker. Ziva runs into a portal, which Blur attempts to follow, but quickly falls into another dimension. There he finds the Blades of Chaos and meets "Aphrodite" who instructs him how to use the swords, which he learns quickly. He immediately searches for the creature that tried to kill his family.

Eventually he learns that the previous owner of the blades was the God of the dimension he took the blades from and "Aphrodite" was just a woman trying to keep the powerful weapon away from him.

Homing Attack: Blur jumps in the air and continuously attacks the opponent. Unlike his father, he can't keep it up for too long.
Poseidon's Rage: A Lightning Bolt comes from the sky and stikes the area around Blur.
Zeus's Fury: Allows Blur to control and throw Lightning Bolts at his opponents
Army of Hades: Summons the Souls of Hell to attack the opponent
Rage of the Gods: The power of the Greek Gods surges through Blur. His power is neverending, but in return, Blur damages himself with each second
Signature Attack:
Great Blur: Blur runs randomly around the opponent, slashing at them until either his opponents fall over, or he does of motion sickness.
Chaos Emerald: The Emerald given to him by a Shade. Allows him to use Chaos Control
Scrab Gun: Taken from a Covenant Jail. It is a Prototype, but it works almost a well at launching powerful energy blasts. Besides, Blur can repair it each time it blows up.
Blades of Chaos: Blades that attach to the users arms via chains. It allows the user to attack from afar while still controling the sword

Name: Yamabiki
Age: 2
Hometown: Chimera666's PC
Current Residence: Cottage
Occupation: MUGEN Character
Talents/Skills: Ability to shoot Fireballs, can Teleport
Creator: Chimera666

Race: Fighter
Eye Color: ???
Hair:Usually Black, though more than one color is possible.
Clothes: Black Finger Gloves, Green Gi, though will randomly morph
Habits: None
Hobbies: None
Favorite Sayings: "Come On!" "Woo!" "Begone!"
Greatest flaw: He usually damages himself inadvertently
Best quality: Doesn't explode all the time.

Personality: Usually Following Chimera's orders, Yamabiki will usually fight someone even if they don't realize it. Other than this, Yamabiki is nothingness
Likes: Nothing
Dislikes: Nothing

Backstory: Yamabiki was created by Chimera666 in a program known as MUGEN. Adding a bunch of his favorite pictures, the character turned out to be a random jumble. Before the character could be released, a virus hits Chimera's computer, sending them into a forest with an abandoned Cottage. They quickly find that the Forest is connected to a series of worlds through the "Gunjin". Deciding to use this to find their world again, he sends his creation to fight and gather clues.

Hadouken: Yamabiki fires a random projectile at his opponent, be it a turkey, or a laser gun.
Shoryuken: A Jumping Uppercut. Though, due to Yamabiki is unlikely to just do that.
Spinning Kick: A Helicopter Kick, that may cause something else to happen
Striker: a Random Fighter will suddenly appear to do one hit, then run off.
Boundrary- Creates a boundary that only follows two fighters.
Signature Attack:
Cherubic Wing: A Full Screen 1 hit KO attack, though Yamabiki is unlikely to get it to work

Name: Serena "Shiniwing" Shizamaru
Age: 25
Hometown: Kyoto, Japan
Current Residence: Earth Tower
Occupation: Supervisor of the Planet Earth
Talents/Skills: Ability to control the powers of Light and Darkness as she sees fit. Can shoot Powerful Beams
Other Supervisors: Nichi (Mercury), Isis (Jupiter), Baron (Saturn), Zeromus (Pluto)
Other Self: Shiziwing

Race: One Third Demon/Angel/Human
Eye Color: Green
Hair: Orange, Short and somewhat messy
Clothes: Usually a Blue Sweater and tights, with Dark Blue Stilettos. Sometimes she'll have to wear her Supervisor Uniform, which a Black objects that covers

the wearer entire body, and triples their life span while wearing it.
Habits: None
Hobbies: Designing Flying Craft
Favorite Sayings: "I'm not one to forgive easily." "Don't make me repeat myself!" "To hell with that!"
Greatest flaw: Refuses to do anything that involves harming others.
Best quality: Will do what it takes to save others

Personality: Usually blunt, but is mostly kind to other. Never willing to attack first, but it takes alot for her to forgive someone. She is quick to make friends and never thinks of abandoning or harming anyone. Regardless, she knows that you can't save everyone and knows when to pick her battles.
Likes: Friendship, Flying Ships, Working
Dislikes: Murder, Murderers, Snakes

Backstory: Originally an Officer that dealt with giant monsters, Serena was infused with the soul of a powerful Demon made from 30 women called Shiniwing by a ninja. Said Ninja then told her that she was to keep her body safe, especially from the businessmen who wanted the soul. Though initially she thought this was silly, but the ninja was able to prove this to her by taking her to the past.

Serena eventually found a man who had come back to life and was making clones of powerful warriors. She attempted to stop him, but the clones would come to kill him, and the events would reveal the Earth Tower. Serena soon found more people that looked similar to the strange man. She found that these people supervised the various planets in the solar system, and that some of them were killing the other supervisors for the crystal keys in the towers. She accidentily kills the supervisor of Uranus (Ambrosia), and the supervisor of Venus (Djinn) though both had tried to kill her first for thier own reasons. She also goes into another dimension to defeat Shiziwing who had been seen as a murderous ruler when all of the things that happened were out of her control. Eventually she learns from the supervisor of Saturn, Dreadnought, that Zeromus, the supervisor of pluto, was going to use the keys for a weapon that was hidden by the original ruler of the supervisors and creator of the solar system, Photon. Afterwards, Dreadnought dies trying to protect Shiniwing from Zeromus's onslaught. After reaching Pluto, Shiniwing finds that Zeromus had already gotten the crystals and rushes to the Sun to stop him. She is stopped by Nichi, the supervisor of Mercury, who believes that the ceremony will fix what is wrong with the planets. Barely defeating him, Serena finds Zeromus and his brother Zemus and killed the supervisor of Neptune, Poseidon, to activate the machine, which will destroy all of the planets. Zemus then reveals he had control of Zeromus to fool the others into going with his plan. Zemus hates Zeromus for being chosen as supervisor by their father, and chose to ruin his life's work.

Serena jumps in front of the machine and blocks the attack by becoming "100% Angel" form. In shock, Zemus tries to reactivate the weapon, but in instead sucks him, Zeromus, and Shiniwing to different dimensions. Shiniwing ending up in Shiziwing's dimension. Quickly being able to get back to her own dimension, she searches to Zemus and Zeromus while keep an eye on the Earth as it's Supervisor

Demon (25-100%): Increases Shiniwing's natural Strength. Shiniwing can go up to 50% naturally, but anything more must be activated by anger. Each transformation causes her to look more demonic until she looks like the original Shiniwing.
Angel (25-100%): Increases Shiniwing's Mental Energy and Ki. Like Demon, Shiniwing can only use 50% naturally, but the rest can only be used by selflessly protecting others.
Signature Attack: Galactic Laser- Fires a Large Blood Red and Black Laser.
Equipment: A flute that can stun the opponent, and a Katana

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Oh, and Blake too.

Name: Blake Armand
Age: 22
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Current Residence: Phoenix, Arizona
Occupation: "Special Forces" aka the Superpower Police Experiment Member, Owner of a License to Kill
Talents/Skills: Can use an ability to take any affected by his eyesight into his mind, Generate Fire, Medium Super Strength
Parents: Ash, and Cheryl Armand
Partners: Kara Throne, Amanda Shidoku, Ben Melionjask (I-3405), Karin Iga, Maan Atu

Race: Human
Eye Color: Red
Hair: Brown Hair, Short
Clothes: Red Vest and Shorts, Brown Shoes, sometimes wearing Headphones
Habits: Internet
Hobbies: Video Games, Mp3 Downloading
Favorite Sayings: "I hate Courts." "Look into my eyes, and you'll learn the meaning of terror." "I could kill you, and no one will think of it as murder. Understand?"
Greatest flaw: He sometimes rushes into situation without thinking of the consequences.
Best quality: Is able to find a suspect very quickly.

Personality: Very cynical, and somethings mean towards anyone, he will do anything to solve a case. However, Blake sometimes shows a bit a compassion towards people, and is actually quite philosophical when he wants to be. He can usually find any important evidence very quickly, and when he doesn't solve things violently, he can usually find the flaws in any alibi.
Likes: His Partners, Cereal, Music, Outwitting those with great power
Dislikes: Court, Lawyers, Criminals, When his plans don't work

Backstory: In a dimension where superpowers are hidden by the world, Blake was born into the family of Ash Armand, an Ace Detective. It was discovered that Blake had Super Strength at age 14, basically banning him from any government related work due to a treaty signed to keep the world powers from using armies with Superpowers.

Regardless, Blake gets a degree in Criminal Justice. Blake's father, despite trying to get Blake to change his mind about his career path, decides to train him in several martial arts and send him around the world to study the various cultures. During his stay in Armenia, Blake meets a monk that after analyzing him, decides to hand him the power of the "Armenian Stare", as well as the other powers the monk has, so he can pass them along. After training Blake in the Armenian Stare, the monk warns him that before Blake can master the Stare, he will go temporarily insane. Hearing this, he goes to one of his father's hotel rooms in Arizona.

Blake planned to present a case of Superpowered crime being on the rise to the Secretary of Defense, who could then allow a group of detectives watched by the government to test the waters against this threat. However, as he is walking to his apartment with supplies to hold himself up with, he is stopped by a gang of thieves and goes insane, activating his ability to create fire. He is stopped by Kara Throne, an Ex-Police Officer who was cut from the force for having Superpowers. When Blake awakens, he tells her about his plan, and they both go to California to speak to the Secretary of Defense.

The Secretary himself believed that Superpowered Crime was on the rise, but was still afraid of the action that would be taken by world powers believing that the United States was assembling a secret army, so he creates a bill that allowed for several superpowered organizations would be created to fight special cases, and if it worked, Superpowered People would be allowed into the police force. Blake ultimately abandones having his office in California, and settles in Phoenix, Arizona. Before returning to Arizona, Blake is picked up by the CIA, and given a test to study how truthful he was. Upon passing several tests with flying colors, he was awarded a License to Kill, allowing him to kill someone, as long as there was evidence of immediate danger on others.

He eventually meets Karin Iga, a ninja who was tested on by the Japanese Government by having her DNA changed to that of a cat, who tried to rob him while him and Kara were looking for a building to call their headquarters. He also finds I-3405, who runs into the Detective's office after being exiled from his planet and being chased by government officials. He is given a belt meant to hide Karin's cat-like characteristics while a cure was being made, and given the name Ben Melionjask. Then, a man named Maan Atu comes in, asking for a job of Secretary. He is dressed more like a magician then a secretary, but Blake gives him the job to alleviate the other members. Finally, Blake finds Amanda Shidoku, who has the power to use light and shadow according to her family line. Despite the fact that this power is able to consume the host, Blake sets up a robbery at her workplace to activate her powers. This works, and so she can get enough money to get her family back on their feet, she works for Blake, not knowing about what Blake did to get at her.

Techniques: Various Karate and Wrestling moves.
Signature Attack:
Armenian Stare: A Technique that can either pull the opponent into Blake's Mind, or bring Blake into the opponent's mind. If the opponent is in Blake's Mind, they find an empty purple-skied plain with plateaus, Canyons, and a Buddha State sitting in the middle. From here, Blake can attack and assault the opponent at will, this attacks effects can have an unknowing effect on the opponent, from a painful headache, to their head exploding. If Blake goes into the opponent's head, Blake can shift through the opponent's mind and find their memories. However, if they are disturbed, the mind Blake is looking through is heavily damaged. This technique does not work on the truly crazy, and will instead hit Blake with a mental backlash. This technique has been known to drive people insane.
Equipment: His trusty modified K69 Pistol, made to have more bullets and fire faster than any handgun on the blackest of markets. Blake also holds various other guns, usually handguns, that he will use up and throw at his opponent.

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OOC: Ugh, I need some more good characters. Okay, here I go.

Name: Silik

Age: 10 Years Old, though not a child, for it is not human.

Species: A creature of magical origin.

Appearance: Silik usually has a humanoid like shape, but does not look at all like a human. To best describe it/him, Silik looks like a mummy. Made of a material that feels like cloth but is stronger, Silik can also expand, getting skinnier and taller, or getting somewhat shorter and wider. Around where Silik's chest would be is a purple-ish colored eye, with a dark and round black pupil in the middle. The sort of cloth-like material Silik is made of is called "Magifaxx."

Origin: Zeten Aranos was set on his goal of recreating the world as he saw fit, and he wanted soldiers of his to use to his aid. Learning new ways of magic, he created Silik. But still inexperienced at the time, Silik did not seem to be what Zeten had in mind. Not aware of Silik's true power, Zeten brought Silik with him, treating it like a failure.

Zeten did not realize though, Silik's true potential....

Powers/Abilities: Being made from magic, Silik has a variety of abilites, some unknown to itself. It can overtake its opponents, wrapping its Magifaxx around its enemy to either destroy them, or take on their shape. Silik has also been known to harden the "Magifaxx," and shoot out strands of it to impale its enemies. Silik is able to hard the Magifaxx to its advantage, but Silik cannot do anything like becoming less harder than normal, where it would eventually take on a liquid like form.

Personality: Silik is overall emotionless, and can be devoted to following and aiding its Master.

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Sat Dec 26, 2009 5:59 pm

Name: Vondun

Age: 3 Years Old (Does not age, but he has existed for 3 years.

Vondun was created by the mad magician Zeten Aranos. Zeten created him, needing minions to aid him in achieving his goal of a New World. Zeten favors Vondun over one of his other creations, Silik. By the time Zeten created Vondun, he had more experience in magic arts.

Vondun follows Zeten, but has more of a personality than Silik. Vondun is sinister, wanting to kill and slaughter. Unlike Silik, Vondun talks often.


To put it simply, Vondun is a scarecrow. He wears a straw hat. He looks and feels like hay, lives off of the magic power that he was created with.


Shotgun- Though it may seem out of place, Vondun sometimes carries a shotgun.

Chaildray, the Cursed Sword- A cursed blade that Vondun carries, seeming to have ic qualities. It is similar to some of the cursed swords that Zeten has.

Twin Machetes- Two machete-like blades, carried by Vondun. He prefers to use them at the same time, over one at a time.

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Post by Random User » Mon Dec 28, 2009 8:27 pm

Name: Jared

Age: 14 (persona), actual age unknown

Race: Malevolent

Appearance & Description: He is a malevolent being with unknown origin. He is a shapeshifter who prefers to use his persona, Jared, a human who has dirty-blonde hair, bluish-greenish eyes, and wears a maroon hoodie with a pair of jeans. He usually has his hood up also. In his second most-used form he is simply a shadowy figure, giving him the ability to sneak around and induce fear in people. He mainly uses magic to attack but also has weapons.

Personality: Jared can be rash at most times but has a good head on his shoulders and knows a good amount of strategies.

Weapon of Choice: A strange sword whose blade seems to posess an ancient power. Jared has had this sword for as long as he can remember.


Cloning: Jared uses his ability to clone himself by making illusion of himself to confuse an enemy. If a clone is attacked, it emits a blast of supernatural energy to knock an opponent back.

Life Drain: Uses a dark attack to drain the life force from a person in order to heal himself.

Stop Time: Jared stops time briefly to attack an opponent, requires a lot of energy.

Dark Blast: A simple blast of dark energy

Forbidden Technique: He shapeshifts into a powerful demon. Demon`s attacks are unknown.

Possesion: If a person is not resisting, Jared can posses them and gain knowledge from them.

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Post by Zaden » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:42 am

Name: Pythos Vdravvv Lamilek (pĭth´ōs vdrăvv lăm´ ĭ•lĕk´)
Race: Homo sapiens
Age: Lost track of how long he has existed which is more than a hundred years. His body is 21 years old because he is drinking potions of youth.

Birth date: March 28, A.D. 3721
Birth place: Earth colony, Io, moon of Jupiter
Family: Father - Jiddo Konnn Lamilek
---------Mother - Rane Tesss Lamilek
Blood type: AB
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 180 lbs.
Hair: silver flattop
Eye color: blue
Skin color: very light Caucasian
Voice: tenor

Clothing: He wears a black, form-fitting T-shirt patterned with white lozenges, about two inches tall and one inch wide, covering every inch of it. There are various rings on all eight of his fingers, leaving only his thumbs bare. He has black cargo pants with a comical number of pockets adorning them. Around his waist are a black Tae Kwon Do belt with seven yellow marks, and a grey tool belt which attaches a leather bag about six inches in diameter to his right hip. On his feet are a pair of baby blue boots with no features whatsoever.

Abilities: Can cast lightning spells, has super fast reflexes and a 7th degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.

Pythos as a combatant revolves entirely around his huge array of items that he carries. Aside from lightning spells(which he rarely uses) and kicks, all of his attacks are from limited-use items that he pulls from his Cosmos Bag. All defensive techniques are dodging and his items. His items are the staple of everything he does.

Pythos’ magical Cosmos Bag has seemingly infinite space inside it although its exterior is that of an 6-inch diameter leather pouch. Inside it is thousands of magical items, futuristic weaponry, bombs, throwing weapons, enchanted artifacts and everything that does something amazing. The majority of these items are limited-use items, with a few exceptions such as the hookshot from Zelda. This means that he does not have a plain sword or regular weapon which would last for an entire battle. Bombs only blow up once, guns run out of ammo, LASERs run out of energy, the Star Rod from Kirby only has 20 stars, and so forth. He also keeps story items in it like his time machine, dimensional door, and crap like that.

He carries with him items that bestow certain abilities. Here is a short list of items that he keeps on his person rather than in his bag:

--Gravity Orb: Activates when Pythos falls 10 or more feet. When Pythos’ abdomen reaches 7 feet from impact, his body will stop in the air for one second(Cat Ring activates here), killing all his downward momentum, and he will start to fall the rest of the distance. Essentially he can’t be hurt by falling into the ground. The downside is the gut-wrenching, motion sickness sensation he gets when it stops him. If he is thrown to the ground with great force, it will also activate provided that he falls 10 feet, and he will feel a worse stomach twisting the faster he is falling.
--Cat Ring: Allows him to balance on narrow ledges. When his gravity orb activates, the Cat Ring flips him so he lands on his feet.
--Cold Boots: These boots allow him to slide effortlessly across flat surfaces in any direction. Coupled with his fast reflexes, these make dodging his primary defense. If he kicks you with these boots, it hurts a lot because they're freezing cold.
--Bubble-Shield: If you have played Super Smash Brothers, you probably have seen the basic premise. Attached to his tool belt right above his left leg is a black box about the size of his palm. Pressing and holding the button on this device emits a gray, transparent orb around him, the device being the center of the orb. It shields all matter larger than small particles. This means fast-flowing fluids like water, as well as gases and dust, can leak through it. Light-based energy beams and waves, telepathic waves and magic spells pass right through it. Most chi/ki attacks are pure kinetic energy or extentions of the body, so those attacks hit the shield. The shield slowly shrinks and shatters if it becomes too small(He does not get stunned as in SSB, though). It recharges slowly while deactivated. The bottom of the orb, a section extending one-twentieth of the way up, is completely permeable, allowing his legs to touch the ground.

An important thing to note is that, unlike other "force fields", --which I find very unrealistic-- it cannot negate inertia/kinetic energy. The shield is attached to the device and the device is attached to Pythos. Knocking it around knocks him around, and suddenly pushing it will knock him over. He receives the physical trauma, but takes no physical damage. For example: Shooting the shield with a .44 Magnum. He will be thrown back several feet, be dizzied, feel like he just got hit by a train(but with no bodily injuries), give him a wicked headache, and, because it's such a powerful gun, shatter the shield. It served its purpose, however... He's not dead!

^Oh, my gosh, you'd think a shield would be simple, but it's actually very complicated...

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Post by Bad Dragonite » Thu Mar 11, 2010 5:40 pm

A semi-self inspired character.
Real name: Bryan

Race: Human.

Ethnicity: Mostly Caucasian, with some Native American.

Favorite color: "Black. Second is tied between Red, Blue, Gold, Silver, "

Age : His body is still in its mid- teens, but he could easily be mistaken for an adult just due to his build, if nothing else.
He has been exploring the multiverse(s) for what seems about 1000 years though, but due to the several paradoxes he has been through, he never seems to age physically, or at least not unless he is in his own world.

Height : About 6 feet 2-4 inches.

Hair : Varied styles (Usually either short or mid/long, and wavy/curly. He has a widows peak, and even though his body is only around 16, you can see where he will probably develop his hairline.
Hair Color : Dark brown, with hints of, black and blonde that sometimes actually over power the brown.
(After long periods in bright sunlight, it has been known to change to bright (nearly white) blonde for days at a time.

Facial hair: Usually has a curly mid length red/blonde beard. Somehow it always looks groomed and yet somewhat messy at the same time. If not, then just none, or maybe a shadow. There is one spot directly under his chin that always remains bald though.

Eyecolor : Usually deep dark green, but has been known to change occasionally.

Appearance: Tall, muscularly built, and a bit overweight. "Big like a bear," as its been put.

Clothing : It's varied, but he usually wheres: a blue/black reversable waterproof nylon vest, with the black on the outer side, some blue jeans that are worn down and torn at the bottom of the legs, or black jogging pants, and a pair of brown steel toe boots that make him about an inch taller.

He wears a small black strip of clothe on his wrist and hand. (Sometimes his left, and sometimes his right).

A silver cross with small crystals embedded in it hangs around his neck via a few small chains put together by tying and clipping and so on. Its purpous is unknown, but it coulds be there simply for decoration.
One of the chains used in the necklace, is the solid bronze/copper/gold colored chain he used to wear on his wrist, but its color has since faded to a pale silverish color.

He now has a new bright gold colored chain that he wears on his wrist in its place. On the very end of it is a small hoop that looks as if it wer weaved from solid gold strands, with a lion's head in the center.
Its purpous is as of yet unknown, but it is suspected that it may have some technological, or even possibly mystical aspects to it.

He has a silver crucifix/anchor ,that is described more in the Equipment section.

Personality :
Bryan has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will stand up for his ideals.
He is a truthful person, and rarely tells a lie.
He sometimes is hot tempered, but over the years has learned to focus his anger (usually into physical labour), and to keep him self from going berserk.
Even though he does know somewhat how to focus use his emotions, he still has a tendency to bottle most things up.
When he does let loose though, he tends to have relatively brutal tendencies.
He will try his best to help anyone in need, even if they are his enemy.
He can sometimes be a little gullible, but about 80% of the time its an act.
He sometimes makes seemingly egotistical remarks, but they're usually sarcastic.
Which is another problem, he is sarcastic so much at times, that you can never tell if what he says is what he actually means. He realizes this and utilizes it whenever possible.
He can be rather stubborn at times, as well as a bit of a know-it-all.
These combined sometimes make him seem foolish, especially whenever he has an idea about something, that he "knows" is right, even though its incorrect.
His stubbornness also comes into effect when it comes to fighting and other physical labour. No matter how much he falls, he manages to pick himself up and carry on.
He's divided on most things, taking long amounts of time to make some decisions. Usually he eitther tries to settle in some way, or push the decision-making on to someone else's shoulders.
The only times he doesn't really have any problems with making decisions are in three situations.
(1) The choice is easy/ obvious.
(2) He had already premeditated his decision beforehand.
(3) If the decision has to be made quickly.
He hates having other people do things for him (esspecially if its a stranger), unless its something small, and even then only when his mind is occupied.


He has the ability to draw whatever he needs at the time and cause it to appear in midair. This works by him forming a small rift or wormhole in space to bring in any materials needed. Now in order for any advanced mechanisms and moving parts to work correctly, Bryan has to have a basic understanding of how the device's mechanisms work. So sometimes the devices he makes backfire, or just don't work.:/ This is why he designs pretty much anything he draws in the air.

He can travel through space and time, via the multiverse(s?).

How he got these abilities Bryan doesn't honestly know. He had a thought that it could have been some sort of mutation or something, but he could've been bitten by a radioactive runaway circus groundhog in his sleep for all he knows. :/

He can take quite a bit of a beating without feeling to much, and is reasonably strong and smart for a human.

He has decent weapon fighting skills, but has also learned to use his body as a weapon.

He is very rescourceful.

He fights using his own, 'martial arts cocktail' Which relies heavily on the natural human reflexes, and borrows from various styles.

Though he used to rely heavily on speed and evasion, he "went soft" during the "Blank Years" and let up on his training a bit. Since then, he tends to rely more on Power and animal instincts. Using alot more grappling than he used to. He can still dodge quite well, just not quite as well.
He can actually run relatively fast given his size. Especially when he gains momentum.

He has been known to occasionally turn into a werewolf when, "motivated" enough.
Though he isn't very proud of it, he has forced himself to use this form before. Though sometimes he has some control over it, it usually just has a, "mind of its own" so to speak.

This form is a large bulky wolf with the basic torso of a man, as well as arms and clawed hands that very much resemble a man's, just longer, thinner, and more skelletal. The head is much like a wolf's, just larger and more twisted in areas making it look more ferocious.

His back legs are a strange mix of human and wolf, able to bend in the way of both due to a reversable joint in the knee, and the ability to rotate each leg 360 degrees around in a circle due to a strange joint in the upper leg near the waist...It is a rather peculiar sight.

His body is covered in thick fur of varying colors. Sometimes it'll be pitch black, sometimes actually a pale blue and sometimes dark brown. Usually its a dark silvery coat. Even though his coat is usually thick, it changes depending on where he is and what the climate is like. This may also influence the color of his coat, but its unknown.

He can walk and run on all fours or on just his back legs.

And like any good [strike]furry[/strike] wolf he has a long bushy tail which actually seems to have absolutely no purpose. :p

In this form he is around 7 (feet) 2 (inches) tall. Not including his tail or ears.

He actually also has a full wolf transformation, but it is a rare, RARE occurance.

He is around seven feet long in this form (including his tail). In this form he is more animalistic, but surprisingly less vicious and more lovable than his other form...

Leonine form.

Something very similar too that of the wolf form, just, well. A lion...
In this form, Bryan is actually in control a good amount of the time and is stronger, faster, more agile, etc. etc.
Again, his body is covered in large amounts of fur as well as a great golden mane.
The majority of the time his fur is a shimmering golden color, but has been known to be other colors.
In this form Bryan is around seven feet tall. (excluding his tail.)


Even though he doesn't really need much equipment, his pockets are usually filled with things (Trinketts, suplies, etc.).

He has a silver crucifix/anchor (A crucifix set over an anchor) that he used to have tied to a strip of black clothand used to hang about from his pocket. He usually doesn't have it tied anymore, and just keeps the trinkett away in his pocket..The purpose of this item is still not known, but its thought that it had something to do with his past lycanthropy.

He is also quite proud of his designs, He designs what he can from weapons - to armor, to who knows what else, I won't post them here, because he told me to keep them a surprise. ;-)

Bio:Coming soon.

Still not done yet :p
-I'm Vgfian

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Post by VG_Addict » Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:54 pm

Name: Lehmton Klin.

Race: Clay.

Age: N/A.

Gender: N/A, though usually referred to as male.

Height: 6 feet.

Appearance: A tall, humanoid being, made of greyish-brown clay, with little eyes and a smile molded on his face.

Bio: Lehmton was created by a middle-aged sculptor, who was struggling on his latest masterpiece. Taking a large ball of clay, the sculptor molded many shapes, eventually making a human-like sculpture. Smiling at his latest creation, the middle-aged man decided that he would be his newest masterpiece. However, the sculptor didn't know that the sculpture, who he had named Lehmton Klin. had a mind of its own, and had no interest in being someone's masterpiece, so one night, while the scuptor was asleep, the sculpture escaped from the art studio, and prepared to live his life alone.


Being made of clay, Lehmton has considerable skill in shapeshifting, being able to turn into almost any animal or object.

He can also change his limbs into weapons, such as changing his right arm into a mace, similar to Marvel Comics's Sandman.

He can reform himself after being blown to pieces.

He can stretch his limbs to considerable distances.


Lehmton has a wide spectrum of personalities in battle, ranging from playful and mischievious to serious and sadistic, though he's usually curious.

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Post by Vapor » Wed Jul 14, 2010 4:03 pm

Rewriting a bit. Because I CANN

Johannes Engelbrecht
Race: Human, of Germanic descent Occupations: Sailor, Trader, Mechanic, Mercenary, Pirate, Privateer, Sage, Mystic and Demolitions Expert are all jobs he has held over the years; Is now mainly a freelance sailor and technical man in addition to his whole wandering warrior thing.
Age: ≈316, but he really only looks like he's in his sixties.
height: 7' 1"

A very aged man in a very worn trenchcoat and a 6-foot long sword sheath on his back, with a medium-sized, thick, very dark red beard with bits of gray in it. His legs are covered in an equally worn pair of dark brownish pants, and his feet have a pair of tough leather boots. He has a normal amount of hair on his head, of the same coloration as his beard. He has an extremely muscular physique that is always hidden underneath his coat. Ice Blue, distant eyes.

Johannes has Incredible strength. He Can lift up to 30 tons without much effort, 70 is his absolute maximum; can rip strong wood and, with effort, sheets of steel and stone apart. And of course, he has great bone strength and muscle endurance to facilitate this without his entire body breaking.

EXTREME endurance. He has superhuman resistance to Cold, Heat, Poisoning, Impact, Pressure and apparently has skin strong enough that daggers, swords, and most bullets cannot get through it. Can go for up to two and a half hours without breathing.

Obviously, aging does not make him grow weak. Hell, He's centuries old and can kill a shark with his bare hands.

When he enters battle, he is quick-witted and powerful. He uses many different martial arts techniques learned over several centuries, both from Eastern martial arts and Western pugilism and war tactics. He draws on many of these during an average fight.

From meditation practice, he lives completely in the moment, with his mind uncluttered. This gives him amazing reflexes, quick-thinking abilities, heightened senses, and is always aware of everything around him; it's very difficult to distract him.

Lastly, Johannes has many, many years of experience with many different sages, mages, wizards, conjurers, druids, shamans, sorcerers, witches, holy men and people with titles ending in "mancer". This gives him skill in many, many different varieties of magic, traditional and obscure. He has learned how to manipulate ki, elemental magicks, psychic powers, levitation, divination, astral projection and so so so much more. However, not all of this sees use. He prefers to not use as much energy as these take. Ki and elemental manipulation, for example, have come in handy sometimes, but some of his skills have never proved too useful. But, even the obscure ones are good for combat against foes who are adept in wizardry; he knows how to defend against them well or use their own style of spells against them.

His Trenchcoat is made of thick woolen cloth on the outside and bulletproof vest material as an inner lining. It provides an extra layer of protection other than his own superhuman body. The trenchcoat also contains most of his things. It has a gratuitous amount of pockets, containing all manner of weapons, tools and gadgets, like a strange combination of an armory and a mechanic's toolbox.

He calls his most treasured weapon the Maschinesabel. Carried on his back in a huge sheath, It is a 6-foot long claymore, with an amazingly sharp blade made from battleship steel and a hilt of ordinary iron. Upon the hilt there are 3 switches, each a different gemstone, each unpolished, uncut and untreated- Ruby, Agate, and a Black Pearl. The Ruby Switch can Electrify it, The Agate Switch divides it down the middle into two swords, and The Black Pearl releases several whiplike strands of barbed wire from the tip of the blade.


The origins of his skills and lifestyle all go back to his dad. His father was a prominent member of an archaeological association specializing in studying the cultural traits of vikings, celts, and other people from that time period and area. His Father's friends and connections in Academia exposed Johannes to the world of mechanics and machinery, and also to ancient mystic religions, when he was very young. He followed these interests throughout the rest of his life. He turned out to have a great natural affinity for mechanical and technical skills, and used these as a decent source of income to fund his interests of the arcane. Through obscure magics he has developed his superhuman characteristics and apparent immunity to aging, and exposure to these ancient cultures, especially the ancient Nordic people, awakened the warrior side within him.

His main purposes in life, now, are two: To learn as much as possible about the mystical and obscure elements of the world, and to fight. He has a philosophy of finding enlightenment and living in the moment in the intensity of a good, intense fight. His normal behavior is calm and meditative. He thinks in an almost scholarly manner about most things, analyzing everything both from the holistic and technical angles of thinking. He is equally able in hand to hand combat as in high-class, intellectual debate, and is always ready for both. Especially physical battle. He frequently wanders obscure lands looking for challengers.

He has many contacts from many different occupations and walks of life, such as his teachers, old allies, academics, or fellow warriors. These friends provide him with an endless wealth of reasons to travel and opportunities for new adventures.

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Post by Vapor » Sat Aug 21, 2010 8:08 pm

Joffrey Clements
also known as Joffrey Jeremiah-Scott Babbage-Clements (real birth name) and THE AMPLIFIER to some

young male caucasian adult, with long greasy black hair. skinny, but also muscular. frequently wears cheap jeans or cargo shorts and similarly cheap t-shirts. Sometimes a bright orange sweatshirt when it's cold, and some skater shoes that are several years old, despite never ever skating. Heterochromatic- left eye hazel, right eye green. about 5'11".

  • Joff has, naturally, superhuman speed, for some reason. he can run at up to sixty miles per hour on good day, and his reflexes are also incredibly good.
  • He has superhuman strength, as well, but there's a catch- his bone durability is average. So, he couldn't pick up something like a car without horribly destroying his arms (though he has the ability). However, this is useful for basically everything else that super strength would do, like super-pushing or super-punching.
  • His most unique skill, resulting from the above abilities, is weaponizing any object, no matter how mundane. He has used books, fruit, stuffed animals, fans and Legos just as effectively as an average fighter would a sword. on that topic, he has actually developed into a very skilled fencer due to the use of his wiffle bats (see below)

a worn school bookbag is what he carries all his earthly possessions in. They are:
  • several wiffle ball bats: this is his favorite weapon. Joff has become so adept at using these, that he can defeat an experienced duelist using them, despite the bats getting cut to pieces in the process. His abnormal strength and speed allow him to hit people with terrifying ferocity, at the level of causing unconsciousness or even broken bones on one hit. Of course, they break quickly when used in this manner, but he can use their shard and fragments almost as effectively as the whole of the item. still, he always brings more than one to each battle.
  • A high-quality, top-of-the-line regulation Frisbee: used as a very good throwing weapon, and also for fun.
  • Comprehensive road and terrain maps of various countries: because, well, maps are useful.
  • some money: just for the practicalities of living, and some of the loose change can be useful in combat too.
  • A small stuffed turtle: awwwww..
Joffrey Jeremiah-Scott Babbage-Clements is but a man: but an exceptional one. In many ways.

He's been through very strange times. His family went between England and Scotland during his very young childhood, for really sketchy gang-related reasons, and when he was 14, they just gave up and moved to Louisiana, and he himself ran away at 19. Thus his speech is normally fine, but sometimes he lapses into english, scottish, and/or swamp dialect(s).

His family was very strange - he was an only child, his mother was schizophrenic, and his father was a radical libertarian who made his living playing jazz guitar and dealing acid. They had a bit of a Laissez-Faire approach to parenting, so combine these factors and Joff ended up with a very skewed sense of what's normal, socially acceptable and what makes sense. He was also slightly manic.

Joff was left mostly to his own devices when it came to his activities, and he spent a lot of time out either in the woods or on the streets. He enjoyed pugilism, athletics and inventive ways to destroy objects. He soon discovered that he had innate abilities of superhuman speed and muscle strength, with these skills figured out how to use basically anything as an effective weapon.

Upon relocating to America in his teenage years, Joff had an incident with the wrong crowd one night, in which he got in a fight with a few armed gangsters, and ruthlessly beat them all using only a wiffle ball bat. He was set upon by about a dozen more gangsters, and in a sudden moment of sanity, he fled, hopping onto a passing train. From this point on, he became a Wandering Warrior, trying to satisfy his mania and to entertain himself.


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