The Book of Warriors (Character Profiles)

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Post by VG_Addict » Sat Dec 27, 2008 4:57 pm

Name: Goofball McChuckles.

Age: Chronologically 74, but looks to be in his mid 30's.

Gender: Male.

Race: Pretty much a living, breathing cartoon character, though he appears human.

Height: 5'8.

Weight: ?????

Appearance: Dresses somewhat like the stereotypical 1920s gentleman, with a tall black top hat on his head, a black tuxedo, and white spats. However, that's where the similarity ends, as he also wears one of those novelty Groucho Marx disguises you find in a prank store, large, prominent buck teeth always sticking out of his mouth, and almost always has an insane smile on his face. To put it frankly, he looks weird.

Powers and Abilities:

Able to pull objects out of Hammerspace.

When someone tells him he isn't funny, he turns into a Hulk-esque behemoth and gains incredible strength. However, he mainly relies on cartoon-style reality warping and slapstick to fight his opponents.

Decades of being insane have affected several parts of his brain, namely the part that makes him feel pain. In other words, you'd have to hit him pretty damn hard for him to feel it, and even if you did hit him hard enough, he'd probably enjoy it.

Weapons: A vast assortment of novelty gag items.


One afternoon on May 24th, 1934, a cartoonist was working hard in his studio. Just as he was about to draw his latest cartoon, he discovered he was out of ink, so he went to his shelf of drawing tools to find some more. Unfortunately, the near-sighted cartoonist grabbed a bottle of magic ink by mistake, and no sooner had he just finished drawing his newest creation did it magically come to life! Thus, Goofball McChuckles was born. Unfortunately, Goofball was very much insane, and he terrorized the entire town for many days, until finally, he was captured and put in the local mental hospital, where he remained for decades. As for the cartoonist, he was declared a menace to society and executed. One night on September 3rd, 2008, Goofball escaped from the mental hospital and left town. As he was leaving, he saw a poster for Gunjin, where warriors from all around the world fought each other to see who was the best. Goofball figured this would be a good place to cause mischief, so he decided to join.

Note: In case you couldn't already tell, this character is based off of Golden Age-era cartoon characters, specifically, Looney Tunes.

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Post by Satsy » Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:16 am

Aw, heck. ^_^ I'll willingly make a character, but I'm not entirely sure I'll get round to using it. But then it's here for an 'in-case'.

Name: Chibikibi
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown (regarded as female)
Height: 5'2''
Weight: 105 lbs
Appearance: Short, kinda stocky, with dead eyes, and scraggly hair, pulled back into a convenient ponytail. Pale skinned, and clothed in thick, concealing casual-wear.

Class type: Wizard.
Preferred Magic element = Wind
Main magic = Summons:

Convenient Summons:
These are her assists and short-range summons. These are used to move objects from one place to another, so long as there's a tag one way or another. She can also use this to use 'teleport' to a tagged location, but she needs to have set the tag first.
She can also summon small spells outside of her spell-range, but this is harder to do and requires her to have an understanding of how the spell works.

Dead Dolls:
There are 4 dolls, decaying and broken, who she calls upon to take mortal damage. However she can only call them one at a time, and they can only take the mortal blow. Once used, Kibi will wind up at another location, and the doll will be where the wound was dealt. The dolls are known as Pichi, Domchi, Chibchi and Wuvchi. They're lovably dead looking.

Other summons:
She does have other, more powerful summons at her disposal, or in a book in her bag. However these summons are dubious in strength, and very rarely loyal. Two of them she knows full well could destroy a battlefield if they so feel, and they can easily break the rules of 'summon'.

Weapons and Items:
Spellbooks: Kibi has a range of spells she knows off by heart, and for those she doesn't know as well, or those she stole from other wizards/sorcerers/Magi, she has a book that'll tell her how to make it. However depending on the complexity of the spell this could very well put her out of sorts.

Hammer: Instead of carrying a staff or a wand around, Kibi carries a giant hammer, which can be used to summon certain long-range spells... or, she could use it to smack people around. She much prefers the latter.

Bio and Backstory:
Unknown. Many details about this character are still unknown, and she's not prepared to answer them. Even if she looks remotely human, enough of her is concealed that she could be hiding any secrets, more than just her actual gender. She comes from somewhere cold, and carries on her back a backpack full of spellbooks, and strange books she stole off another wandering Wizard one day. She doesn't care what they do, she'll probably sell them at a good price later.

Though she can be incredibly childish, she's dangerous when she throws any sort of tantrum.

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Post by Mallow-teh-Marshmellow » Mon Jan 12, 2009 2:05 pm


Age: Activated 4 years ago

Clothes: None, considering he's a robot.

Appearance: Basically, an updated form of the R.O.B models. He's about 6ft. high, but can alter his size with a size-modifier built into him. Has sever Bullet Bill cannons built in, and a lazer-machine gun strapped to his right shoulder.

Weapons: Primarily the weapons listed above, but he can also charge up energy and release in the form of a R.O.B's eye-lazer, but this attack is more effective. Can also upgrade himself whenever he defeats an enemy.

Most devastating attack: A huge cannon that pops out of his chest cavity, that releases an enormous blast of flames.

Alias: Next-gen War Machine, Ultimate Bulldozer

History: In a war of conquest, Gorzaro, the cyborg mad-man, built an entire army of R.O.Bs, in an attempt to take over the land of H'orsgos, the island in wich all criminals were condemned. The R.O.Bs catered to his every whim, rather it be to assassinate his rivals, or to treat him like a king. The other inhabitants were not happy with this at all, and banned together to destroy his robotic army. This did not go well with Gorzaro, who commanded his mindless minions to wipe out the rebels. The R.O.Bs were slaughtered, sending Gorzaro into a rage. He used the broken bodies to create G.O.D, the ultimate R.O.B. However, before his new creation was activated, another criminal shot him point-blank in the back of his head. The rebels then threw G.O.D into the sea, knowing that SOMEONE on the island would have the same idea as Gorzaro. 3 years later, the FBI found G.O.D, slightly rusted, in the sea. They put him into their lab, where the Next-gen War-machine was accidentally activated. With Gorzaro's commands still programmed into G.O.D, the Ultimate Bulldozer DID kill everyone in that lab... still thinking it was on the island and the people working on it were the island's inhabitants. After escaping the FBI's grasp, the machine disappeared, yet everyone knew G.O.D would be back, wishing to fulfill it's deceased master's commands...

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Post by Mallow-teh-Marshmellow » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:43 pm


Age: 15

Clothes: A blood-red hoodie, pitch-black sweat pants.

Appearance: A 15-year old guy, Jason is slightly taller than everyone he knows. He has his hood on most of the time, which sparks suspicion in all who see or meet him. His eyes are a piercing ice-blue, that usually scare the crap out of everyone whenever he glares at people who annoy him. His black hair is usually short, and is naturally spiky.

Weapons: Metal poison-tipped claws attached to his hands that can shoot razor-sharp chains out of a hole near the bottom.

Most Devastating Attack: Jason is engulfed in shadows, turning him into a shadowy creature capable of creating fear into anyone he touches.

Alias: Hood

History: About 10 years ago, when Jason was 5-years old, an evil gang dubbed, "The Axe Gang", busted into his house at midnight. Jason's parents were the best fighters on the street, and were known to never back down from a fight, even if they may die. Jason was hidden behind a bush outside his house, while The Axe Gang viciously slaughtered his family. Screams of pain from his parents were heard throughout the neighborhood, yet no one came to help. Jason was forced to hear every scream, every cry for mercy. After what seemed for hours, the Axe Gang found Jason, cowering in his bush. The gang raised their axes, ready to kill the kid. Suddenly, Jason began being engulfed in shadows, and his height was increased 3 times more. The gang fled, except for the fool who wouldn't back down. As the member threw his axe at Jason with no avail, the creature ripped the idiot's heart out, MK style. The members watching the scene were absolutely terrified. 10 years later, Jason fashioned metal claws and burned them into his hands, then dipped them in deadly poison. Jason had enough of the Axe Gang.10 years after the incident, they came back, killing anyone Jason ever knew, or loved. He then decided to make a name for himself, and donned his now-famous blood-red hoodie, and black sweat pants. He was no longer an innocent boy. He was no longer Jason. He was Hood.

Alignment: Neutral; works on own terms, but will help anyone who is close to him.

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:45 pm

^ Interesting character!

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Post by Mallow-teh-Marshmellow » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:56 pm

1-up salesman wrote:^ Interesting character!
Thanks, dude! :D I'll make that challenge to you soon... I just wanted to make anouther character so I won't get too boring.

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:56 pm


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Post by Bad Dragonite » Fri Jan 16, 2009 4:14 pm

A semi-self inspired character.
Real name: Bryan

Race: Human

Age : on his world he is still fifteen,and therefore still looks that age. He has been exploring the multiverse(s) for what seems about 1000 years though, but it's undisclosed.

Height : 6 ft. 4 in.

Hair :Varied styles. Usually dark brown.

Eyecolor : Usually deep dark green,but has been known to change occasionally.

Appearance: Tall, muscularly built, and a bit overweight.

Clothing : It's varied,but he usually wheres a blue/black reversable waterproof vest,with the black on the outer side.

He wears a small black strip of of clothe on his right wrist and hand.

He also wheres a chain on his left wrist that is described in the epuipment section.

He occasionally wheres black pieces of cloth around his arms hands,and wrists.

He has a silver crucifix/anchor ,that is described more in the Equipment section.

Personality : Bryan has a strong sense of right and wrong, and will stand up for his ideals.
He is a truthful person, and rarely tells a lie. He sometimes is shot tempered, but over the years has learned to focus his anger, and to keep him self from going berserk.
He will try his best to help anyone in need, even if they are his enemy.
He can sometimes be a little gullible, but about 80% of the time its an act in order to get information

According to his Myspace/ Facebook accounts,he is a a good, Revolutionary/Innovator who is easy to agree with.


He has the ability to draw whatever he needs at the time and cause it to appear in midair.

He can travel through space and time,via the multiverse(s).

He can take quite a bit of a beating without feeling to much,and is reasonably strong and smart for a human.

He has been known to occasionally turn into a werewolf when ,"motivated" enough.

He has decent weapon fighting skills.

He is very rescourceful.

He fights using his own, 'martial arts cocktail' Which relies heavily on the natural human reflexes, and borrows from various styles.


Even though he doesn't really need much equipment, his pockets are usually filled with things.

A solid bronze/copper/gold chain , on his left wrist. It's purpose (if there is one) is not known as of yet.

He has a silver crucifix/anchor tied to a strip of black cloth that usually hangs about a foot out of his left pocket..The purpose of this item is not yet known .

He has a series of knives with him at almost all times.

He is also quite proud of his designs, He designs what he can from weapons - to armor, to who knows what else, I won't post them here, because he told me to keep them a surprise. ;-)

Along with many a trinkett.

Bio:Coming soon.

Stats: (not finished yet)
-I'm Vgfian

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:14 am

So far, a kind of interesting, yet so far lacking character. I've been wanting to make a "me" character but, well... My name isn't that cool. But I could just use it for a nick-name for my character.

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Post by Bad Dragonite » Sat Jan 17, 2009 2:36 am

Oh,so now I lack character.

Just imagine me.
It's not a different character,its a pesonification of myself.(in Gunjineer form)
Groovey,my brother,moonbeans,and all that jazz.

As far as description and equipment,that's well ,me.
I even turned into a werewolf jus so i could hav the powah in th profile,and that's f**k'n hard ta do man.

EDIT: we're gonna git in truble now for postin here.
But i've got an excuse,I'm recovering from an Acetominophen (or whatever) high.(No,that's not illgegal,it's Tylenol.)
-I'm Vgfian

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Post by Sabrilocke » Tue Feb 03, 2009 1:35 am

Oh boy.

...for scrappers from any world.
Sabrilocke is only slightly taller than your average human male, around six feet and an inch in height. His hair is a deep red color, worn long and framing a pale face set with piercing blue eyes. His lightly muscled frame is covered from the neck down by a suit of plate armor, blackened as if by fire. Between his pauldrons hangs a red cape trimmed with gold. He appears unarmed, yet is anything but: when caught off his guard - highly unlikely - he will defend himself using punches, kicks, and the occasional "dirty" attacks such as headbutts until he can draw his sword from within the folds of his cloak. Strapped to his right boot you see a long knife.
His sword is some three and a half feet in length, a double-edged implement made of iron. The grip is large enough to be used in two hands, and only somebody skilled in the use of such weapons may it be wielded in one. Sabrilocke prefers using both hands to strike, very rarely removing one hand or the other from the grip to punch or throw or thrust with the knife kept at his boot - a "last ditch effort" tactic.

Maaia Sylitae
...for all you Azerothian scrappers.
The first thing one notices about Maaia is her silver hair, cut short to frame a lovely face set with violet eyes. Her build brings to mind either a heavy elves or slender humans, and she is petite by the standards of either race at only five feet and two inches in height. Only by a quick look at her ears does one see her for what she is: half-elven, and judging by the way she sweeps her hair behind the organs, she is proud of this. Rather than the menacing robes of a crotchety archmage or the showy (and oft inappropriate) garb of an enchantress, Maaia wears a suit of deep purple and forest green fabrics, with strips of leather fastening the loose ends for ease of movement. At her back is a cloak of animal hides held by a golden chain. Her boots reach her mid-calves and are made of supple leather, like her gloves.
Maaia's second-favorite use of magic - her first being divinations and protective wards - is "keeping enemies in line", or "combat". While she would much rather fire magical missiles and rain fire down on her foes, she will if cornered or incapable of casting spells, fight with a long dagger. What spellcasters survive encounters with her sometimes complain of suffering short-term memory loss when struck by this weapon, often losing spells they know they have memorized, and more than a few gnomes claim to have been kicked as they engage her.
words go in this place

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Sun Mar 01, 2009 1:09 am

I've finally got a cool character.

Zeten Oranos

Age: 24 years old

Bio: A young, cheerful boy, Zeten lived with his parents in a lively town which many passed through. He never thought much about what was outside of his own little town, and what the world was like. But he was happy the way it was. Until one day.

The town was raided and burned, the residents slaughtered. Zeten hid as he watched the horrible sights, disturbed. He was the only known survivor. Cold and alone, Zeten wondered away from the burnt wreckage and found himself being taken in by a special group of mages, the Scorpion Division of the Dark Order. They trained him in their ways of magic, planning to teach him so that he could do their evil bidding.

But Zeten was changed, ever since the night his town burned. And more so, the more power he gained. After years of training, Zeten rebelled against the dark mages, them and taking of their magical inventory.

Zeten now wonders the earth, with one goal in mind: gain so much power that he has the power to rule, and make everything the way he sees fit. And will kill anything he can do so.


Zeten has an arrangement of weapons, including a long sword, a staff, and any magical when he can summon.


Zeten would be considered strange by most people. Truth be told, he is mentally twisted.

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Post by I REALLY HATE POKEMON! » Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:43 am


Name: Bob Harris

Gender: Male

Age: 35

Hair: Overly big, dark red, and spikey.

Eyes: Brown, but with bright red contacts in place

Height: 5'10

Weight: 180

Clothes: Pure black sneaking suit, eye-glasses, a digital sports watch

Powers: Energy based abilities, like flight, healing, beams. Various circumstantial abilities, such as the ability to breath if submerged in liquid, at the cost of losing his energy as long as he wields the ability. This power applies to his weapon too.

Weakness: Interference with his medication, and severe distractions.

Weapons: A cheap Japanese katana obtained on-line, ninja stars (shuriken), smoke bombs

Personality: Serious, geeky, naive. He acts tough but is too soft.

History: Bob lived a normal life; a very boring one. He had a wife, Sarah, but is legally separated. His only interests aside from his job as a lawyer, were ninja. He would dress like them and bust his house up using his imagination, until his wife caught him, and called their relationship off until he got on psychological medication and therapy. Bob did as his wife demanded and yet he still dressed up like a fool. However, he found he had abilities activated by his overactive imagination and his psychological medication. He now fights crime.

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Post by 1-up Salesman » Sun Mar 01, 2009 2:32 pm

I REALLY POKEMON! wrote:Name: Bob
Sex: Male
Age: 35
Hair: Overly big, red, spikey
Eyes: Brown, red contacts
Height: 5'10
Weight: 180
Clothes: Pure black sneaking suit, glasses, a digital sports watch
Powers: Energy based abilities, like flight, healing, beams. Various circumstancial abilities, such as breathing if submerged in liquid, at the cost of his energy. This applies to his weapon too.
Weapons: A cheap Japanese katana obtained on-line.

Personality: Serious, geeky, naive. He acts tough but is too soft.

History: Bob lived a normal life; a very boring one. He had a wife, Sarah, but is legally seperated. His only interests aside from his job as a lawyer, were ninja. He would dress like them and bust his house up using his imagination, until his wife caught him, and called their relationship off until he got on psychological medication and therapy. Bob did as his wife demanded and still dressed up like a fool. Yet he found he had abilities activated by his imagination and his psych meds. He now fights crime.
That's... scary. :lol:

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Post by Greenmarioman » Sun Mar 01, 2009 7:34 pm

you bastard

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Post by Speed » Fri May 22, 2009 1:51 am


Name: Sothe Holerath
Known Aliases: Toa Lord Sothe
Age: 14-15
Race: European
Appearance: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes.
Cloths: Dark Green and Brown Robes, Leather Belt, Armour Boots, Sheathe.
Weapons: Twin Bladed Katanas and Various Bladed Objects.
Year: 1585
Bio: Sothe is the illegitimate son of a noble named Holerath. He was disowned by his father and taken in by another noble house by the name of Iquis. He spent the next for 14 years of his life training in the killing arts under a mercenary named Toa Lord Ishnall. Sothe became involved in the legend of Soul Edge after a man named O'Connell brought a shard of the sword, stolen from the Dread Pirate Cervantes DeLeon, into the possession of House Iquis. It quickly drove most of House Iquis to madness or death. Sothe's instructor Ishnall was killed and his friend Tres Iquis was driven to madness, causing him to become violent and obsessed with Soul Edge. Sothe then set out to kill Tres and find the man who brought Soul Edge into his life in the first place.

Name: Sothe
Known Aliases: TLS
Age: 20
Race: America
Appearance: Brown Hair, Brown Eyes.
Cloths: Black Fedora, Black T-Shirt, Green Leather Jacket, Jeans, Steel Toed Boots.
Weapons: A blue bladed Beam Katana named F.E.F.L, various blades and firearms.
Year: 2017
Bio: Sothe is a free-lance detective who uses the alias "TLS" when undercover. He dedicated his life to justice after his father was killed, however he was unable to join the military as he was color-blind. After watching to much Deathnote he decided another way to persue justice would be the become a detective. He believes that he is descended from Knights and hopes to model his life over a code of chivalry. In battle he wields a modified version of the mass production Beam Sword "Blood Berry" coded with a semi sentient AI named Fredrick.

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Post by Trickster-kun » Mon May 25, 2009 4:32 pm

Me too

Name: Amrick Ukihara
Formal Title: High Magic Knight of the Magic Administration Bureau. Current rank: SS
Age: 26
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 171 lb.
Appearance: Image
[minus devil familiar thingamabob]

Personality: Amrick is often calm, perhaps a little on the taciturn side, though he's not below going social every now and then among people he knows and trusts. One to keep comments to himself or voice them only in a need-be basis, his focus often remains at studying, battles or conversations. A strict soldier from head to toe, he will not question his higher orders, and could even go beyond issues such as morality or justice in order to fulfill his objective.

Weapons/abilities: Concierto: a golden staff-shaped artifact, made entirely of hardened space metal. Close to 7 feet in length, the bottom tip ends in a small sphere used for twirling balance [or a good old jab], while the tip is shaped in the form of a small crescent moon. Locked by three links in the center lies a small sapphire jewel, oval in shape. This jewel serves as Concierto's system core, outfitted with a basic A.I. that executes commands and spells at the user's will. Just below this tip, a revolver-like chamber can be seen, somewhat larger than the staff itself-- the Pressurized Magic Bullet device, which holds a maximum of 6 rounds.

As per the request of the Magic Administration Bureau in concern to the High Knight division's current mission, the abilities concerning Amrick Ukihara's artifact, Concierto, have been unlocked to maneuvers up to SS class [the second highest possible rank within the Bureau's system]. Most of the more noteworthy abilities granted by the artifact are listed below:

Move List -somewhat long-

Name: Load/Reload Magic Cartridge
Type: Support
Effect: A necessary move for any Magic Knight whose Artifact relies on PMB [Pressurized Magic Bullet] technology, be it a hybrid-class item or a complete system relic. Unloads the contents of a PMB cartridge into the weapon, initiating the Magic Drive System-- in short, without loading a Magic Cartridge, no battle-related spells can be cast, and most weapon skills cannot be activated. When this ability is activated after the initial release of the weapon, it serves as reload function, and in this particular case, no charges are expended [since the weapon has already been 'activated'].

Name: Blinding Spark
Type: Attack
Effect: A blue-beam like attack that is shot from the weapon. It is not homing, but shoots in a straight line until hitting something. Aim is controlled by the user. They can be shot off in rapid synchronization. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge per 30 shots.

Name: Cradle of Silence
Type: Support
Effect: A glyph forms around the caster, which then shoots a thin line of blue fire into the ground at Concierto's aim. The fire quickly extends in a star-shaped array, some good 30 feet in length from the center, before intensifying and raising an ethereal barrier around the area. The fire itself is completely harmless, but anything caught inside this star-shaped barrier loses the ability to talk for a set number of time (2 posts in judged battles, anything that seems fair during non-judged battles) before it dissipates. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge, then another Magic Cartridge for every 30 feet of extension to a maximum of 6.

Name: Starlight Guard
Type: Defense
Effect: Concierto expels a large transparent shield in the shape of a star, blocking one attack before dispersing into glittering specks, making it look like star dust. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge. Can be extended and/or strengthened in accordance to the number of Magic Cartridges spent to a maximum of 6.

Name: Unrestrictive Verse
Type: Support
Effect: Upon command, Concierto focuses every PMB charge unto the wielder, effectively overloading him/her with magical energy. This outburst negates the need for chanting any spell for 3 posts, or in the case of a non-duel, for a short period of time. After the 3 posts (or time), the user is drained of both the extended and most of their own magical energy, and is reduced to using short-range strikes/arts or basic spells. Requires 6 Magic Cartridges.

Name: Rapture's Prelude
Type: Attack
Effect: A number of blue flames appear around the user, each roughly the size of a fist. The flames begin to spiral and then, after speaking the last word of the Verse, disperse and flare towards the opponent at high speed. Upon impact, they explode with the force of a small bomb. Can also be detonated at will without the need for impact. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge per every 5 flames summoned.
Verse Chant: "Guiding light, let existence show no bounds - bring forth the obliteration of all things, and impale the force upon me! Scatter! Rapture's Prelude!

Name: Symphonic Rush
Type: Attack
Effect: A series of Blinding Spark blasts (except bigger) separate and spread from a gigantic blue ball of energy that is extracted from Concierto. They home in one the target until a certain distance (right before hitting the intended target), then zoom right in at maximum speed. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge per 10 blasts of energy.
Verse Chant: "Blind the deceiving traitor, brand them with the mark of destruction. Let the Flame Beam light the sky with the enemy's blood! Symphonic Rush!

Name: Big Bang Accelerando
Type: Attack
Effect: If the user is close to the opponent, the user can muster magic energy in their hands and, if open enough, can yell the chant while thrusting their hands at the opponent. The effect would be enough to knock the opponent away and, if lucky, knock them silly (that is, if the opponent is weak enough...)

Name: Ringing Dissonance
Type: Support
Effect: Create a screeching sound from Concierto, effective enough to cause anyone's ears to bleed (not literally). The more energy put into the screeching, the better the effect - normally used for distractions. If the volume must be peaked and maintained for a prolonged period of time, 1 Magic Cartridge will be consumed at steady intervals.

Name: Energetic Fermata
Type: Support
Effect: The user is surrounded in a bubble of blue fire where, if any projectile or energy attack goes into it, is absorbed and stopped. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge to activate, then 1 extra Cartridge per every 10 shots absorbed.

----Name: Fermata Reduction
----Type: Attack
----Effect: Release the attacks that were absorbed by the bubble in an exploding wave. Effect can be increased by spending additional Magic Cartridges.

Name: Crippling Rain Rhapsody
Type: Attack
Effect: A glyph appears around the user's hand/wrist and begins glowing with blue fire. The fire then starts firing like a automatic gun, speeding "bullets" toward the enemy. The user can move his/her hand (along with the glyph) for the bullets to follow the enemy. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge per every 50 shots.
Verse Chant: "Rain, Flames of Battle Ire! Crippling Rain Rhapsody!"

-----Name: Crippling Rain Rhapsody: Extension
-----Type: Supportive Attack
-----Effect: At the end of Crippling Rain Rhapsody, if the user wishes to sacrifice more energy, the Movement Extension allows another glyph to appear on the user's other hand, granting a double-shot wave of bullets. Even more energy can be sacrificed to be able to MOVE during this strike, allowing greater firing range and accuracy. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge for activation, then another Cartridge for movement. Lasts for 50 shots on each hand.
-----Verse Chant: "Flames of Battle Ire! Storm, for the Enemy is worthy of your fury! Crippling Rain Rhapsody: Extension!"

Name: Angelic Crescendo
Type: Support
Effect: A stronger protection field that can also shield allies up to 100 feet. After the verse is read, a wall surrounds a radius that reaches the total extend of the actual magic circle (the wall resembles the magic circle design) that deflects and cancels any attacks that try to pervade it. Disperses after a minute. Consumes 4 Magic Cartridges.
Verse Chant: "Oh Angels, Protect the Existences that deem your Wills! Raise your Voices and Negate the Demons! Angelic Crescendo!"

Name: Innocence Shine
Type: Attack
Effect: A magic circle surrounds the user's wrist, which then expells a bright blinding wave of light for a brief moment.

Name: Universe Crush
Type: Attack
Effect: A jumping attack where magic circles appear around both wrists of the user, materializing two spinning disks of blue energy. Shot at the ground, the user punches both fists into them, sending a crushing earthquake/shockwave in different directions. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge. Effect can be increased by spending additional Magic Cartridges.

Name: Forma de Hacha
Type: Support
Effect: Upon the user's command, Concierto infuses itself with Magic Cartridge energy, shapeshifting into a double-sided axe. The cutting sides are formed purely out of raw magical energy, but the actual consume rate of energy only climbs upon solid or magical contact. Requires 6 Magic Cartridges.

Forma de Hacha enables the following attacks to be executed at the user's discretion, and most of them do not require active use of Magic Cartridges, being fueled by the excess energy that the weapon will then hold within:

Name: Spiral Ostinato
Type: Attack
Effect: Spin the axe around, shooting off a large disk of energy. This can be repeated in succession at the expense of each consecutive blast being slightly weaker than the last, up to a maximum of 10 blasts.

Name: Crushing Progression
Type: Attack
Effect: The user does a somersault in the air which results in blue fire surround him/her. The axe is swiftly brought down onto the enemy in an attempt to slice and crush them. Causes major environmental damage in case of a miss.

Name: Illusionary Reprise
Type: Supportive Attack
Effect: A second axe is "copied" into the user's other hand. Uses additional energy to help the user wield both axes without stress. The axe disappears after using a two-axe only skill, or after 2 posts (or a short amount of time). Shortens the amount of time under Forma de Hacha by 1/3rd.

----Name: Azure Sonata
----Type: Attack
----Effect: Stabbing both axes into the ground, the user creates a circle of flames that surround both them and the opponent. Taking them out of the ground, the user then moves away from the circle, all the while moving the illusionary axe in front of them. This axe bursts into blue flames, and is thrown into the center of the circle. The axe reacts, exploding, and imploding the flames in the circle to engulf the enemy. This all happens very quickly, giving the opponent little time to react, but it is possible to dodge if timed correctly. The secondary axe is now gone. Consumes 3 Magic Cartridges.

Name: Lost Encore - Multiple Shadow Quartet
Type: Attack
Effect: Create a ring of illusionary clones around the opponent. If the opponent doesn't find the right one quick enough, the illusions, while wielding their axes, rush in to collide and impale. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge.

Name: Lost Encore - Echo Tuning
Type: Attack
Effect: An axe attack that builds up energy in the striking part of the axe and, when it collides with the enemy weapon (or whatever it collides with) it sends that energy through, acting like a tuning-fork - the vibrations travel down the 'thing' until it reaches the bottom-- hopefully the opponent's hand. Consumes 1 Magic Cartridge.

Name: Finale Fermata
Type: Attack/Support
Effect: Take a defensive stance. Let the power of magic take the blows for you! Blocking enemies' attacks with the axe, the small gem that represents Concierto's A.I. embedded in the middle of the axe head starts gathering the blows. When the gem glows bright blue, the user can let out a short-range version of Energetic Fermata. The energy is released in a shockwave that flies across the ground. The user can also split up these shockwaves into numerous ones, or even send the full effect of the retaliation in a concentrated blast through the air. Consumes Magic Cartridges according to the amount of energy stored.

Name: Apocalypse Finale
Type: Attack
Effect: The last resort for all manner of hostile encounters, this is activated by Concierto's system by the will of its user when all other options are exhausted. Causing a system overload using all the magic cartridges available, in conjunction with the user's magical energy reserves, it creates a massive conflagration that can cover as much as 50 square miles from the point of origin-- that is, a raw magic energy explosion that rivals the potency of the most advanced and focused nuclear weapons. All matter is consumed in the explosion, including the user itself. Cannot be distance activated, or set to a timer: the user must be present and in possession of the staff in order to execute this.

-'Concierto' [Spanish] is roughly translated to 'concert'.
-In order to avoid overusage and/or abuse of Bureau resources, Amrick is limited to use a certain number of PMB rounds per hostile encounter. Of course, dire situations may change this rule at any given time. In English: Amrick starts every battle with a set number of Magic Cartridge rounds available. Leftover rounds are either restocked or carried over to the next encounter [in the case of a tournament or a journey]. Current limit per normal battle: 24 cartridges.

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Zarjav Sylvol

Zarjav Sylvol apparently was once a tribal shaman for a tribe of jungle-inhabiting cat-people, turned into his current bizarre form by some intense magicks; an elemental of quicksilver that happened to adopt the form of an aforementioned cat-shaman; or something else even weirder. For Zarjav is a being made of liquid Mercury, taking the shape of an elder shaman for a tribe of lion-people.

His form is animated and kept into its shape by a strange electric life force that flows through his body. His body stores huge amounts of some sort of energy that he controls with pure will and is apparently, in some way, related to lightning; he crackles with electric sparks occasionally and can send out blasts of electricity as a mystic would send out ki energy. This force is not actually electricity, but it is his own sort of energy that he can shape and transform to lightning at will.

Being made of electrified Mercury, he is entirely immune to impact, radiation, blades, and electricity attacks. Heat just makes him expand, not burn him. He can still get hit by magic, psychic, light, ki, and everything else. Cold attacks need to be very powerful to freeze him, since Mercury has an incredibly low freezing point.

Zarjav can change his shape at will, due to being fluid. He cannot change his mass, though, just the shape of his body; he couldn't turn into a gargantuan leviathan, but he could assume its shape easily.

He carries very few objects with him. His hands contain disks of ferrous metal that he can turn into extremely powerful electromagnets at will. He also carries a weapon called the Metacosmos, a shapeshifting melee weapon apparently made out of iron, but can be charged with Zarjav's life force to temporarily melt it and then change its shape. It has been seen as a sword, hammer, axe, flail, morning star, club and dagger. It is all of these and much more.

Zarjav is solemn, taciturn and cryptic. He rarely talks, and when he does he always speaks in either near-Biblical proclamations; short, inscrutable phrases; or with unnerving intensity; or occasionally normal speech.

His history remains an enigma. He is unwilling to talk straightforwardly about it. But we can glean from what he says that in his past he has done actual shamanly work in the jungles for the Lion-people and during that seen realms beyond this realm, realms beyond those realms, and realms far beyond those realms. He has become a wandering warrior because he considers battle and intense usage of his skills and form is the best use of his physical life.


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