First Challenge: a traveller

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First Challenge: a traveller


Post by Zaden » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:20 am

[Information has been removed and will be relocated.]

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Post by Zaden » Fri Jan 15, 2010 6:26 am

[content moving]

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Post by Zaden » Fri Jan 15, 2010 5:36 pm

List of characters:


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Post by chibimod3 » Sat Jan 16, 2010 12:02 am

Am I the only one who thinks this might need to be moved to the Book of Warriors? Just a thought.

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I thought Wellings was one of your brother's characters...?

And yes, this biographical info should probably got to the topic above that is dedicated to that purpose.

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Post by Zaden » Sat Jan 16, 2010 5:25 am

I thought Wellings was one of your brother's characters...?
Firestorm? No Wellings is mine. Fight me.

I'll use Pythos. You kinda understand how he works, right? Just don't forget his SSB-style bubble-shield(which of course, shatters after brutal bashings) and his Gravity Orb, which is explained in the BoW if don't know it.

I'm interested to see how a skilled writer like you(based on your Oceansford posts, AWESOME!) will use his 'yank out magical item and fling it' format.

Just post again and have Pythos have some kind of "misunderstanding" with Klkstrd: Pythos will try to be friendly until Klkstrd actually attacks him, then Pythos will treat the skirmish as sport.

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I can only keep up with so many topics...

Right now, I still need to finish posts for Oceansford, Keeping Entertained, and Do You Remember? before I do anything else.

I will give you a little rough-housing, if you like, but not with Click, and with decidedly smaller posts than usual.

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Post by Zaden » Sat Jan 16, 2010 2:20 pm

Not Click? OK, choose whoever you want.

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Post by Vapor » Sat Jan 16, 2010 4:45 pm

EDIT: Uhhh nevermind bye

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Post by Fairlight Excalibur » Mon Jan 18, 2010 8:55 pm

Very well

I will let you post an entrance, then. My character will be generated based on yours.

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Post by Zaden » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:50 pm

The speedball boy treats combat as sport!

Zaidon and Pythos stepped out of the dimensional door onto a field. Pythos pressed a button on his remote, closing the doorway, and put the remote into the Cosmos Bag on his hip. Although the remote was actually larger than the pouch, it disappeared into the vast subspace of the bag. Zaidon looked around and found himself on a grass plain that extended past his vision in all directions. It was clearly improbable that a lawn of such size was humanly manageable, yet the grass was consistently one foot high throughout its entirety.

“Wow.” Zaidon took in the scenery. It was the first time he had ever stepped through a portal, and was shocked that he could one moment be standing in a room in a building on a vegetation-free moon and the next be in a grass field. “Do you have any idea where we are?”

“Are you kidding?” Pythos responded, “I don’t even know when we are! I’m just wondering why there‘re no landmarks or people anywhere… How am I supposed to find out where and when this is if there’s no people or ruins? I don’t see any evidence of life aside from this grass, which is perfectly healthy and the same height everywhere.”

Inside a spaceship…

???? looked at his control panel to read the system diagnostic.


A yellow warning light began blinking and a message appeared on the main monitor:


???? jumped up and ran for the door of the cockpit, but a massive electrical spark erupted from the door panel and knocked him back. The ship began vibrating and flames ignited the hull. ???? looked at the door and waited for the safety to engage and open it, but nothing happened. The spark must have affected the safety override! A siren blared, signaling his approach of the planet’s surface. He had to do something. ???? weighed his options, then ran back to the pilot seat and strapped himself in. He braced for impact…


“Uh… Pythos? There’s something coming toward us.”

Pythos looked into the sky at a flaming U.F.O. ripping through the sky towards the ground.

“Looks like a meteoroid. It’s gonna land about 500 yards from us.” Pythos squinted and peered at the falling object until it was no longer ‘unidentified’. “Wait! That’s not a meteoroid, that’s a spaceship! And it’s gonna touch down hard!”

It smashed into the ground causing a light quake.

“Hey, it didn’t explode.” Zaidon observed.

“They might need help!” Pythos took off for the wreckage, zipping across the grass with his magic boots while Zaidon ran behind him. Pythos was much faster, however, and they were soon separated…

The grass was pushed down by the toes of his boots, creating a continuous flat surface for his Cold Boots to slide along. He slid speedily and steadily across the field until he reached the wreckage.

“Oh, man, this looks bad!”

He reached into his Cosmos Bag and pulled out a 5-foot crowbar. He began prying his way into the cockpit.

Unfortunately, from perspective of ????, it appeared as though someone was jamming a large weapon into the cockpit, either to stab him or to pry his way in in order to get a clearer shot.

Note: As the battle begins, Pythos would quite quickly drop the crowbar in favor of a different weapon/item.

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Post by Zaden » Thu Feb 04, 2010 5:30 pm

Oh yeah, I forgot. You can read up on Pythos. He's kinda complicated. He should be the last entry in the BoW.
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You asked for it

Stupid crooks...

He was not happy.

Not happy at all.

Those lousy Frelites had promised they would fix the warp drive. His blood began to boil, and he was enraged that he had not only wasted his money, but he had also been dumb enough to do business with those crooked canines. Now, Frederick Hanford was recovering from his second crash landing this week, and to make matters worse, he was in Federation territory. He was sure to be discovered if he did not get his ship fixed and get out of here, pronto.

After a few moments of shock, he finally unstrapped himself from the pilot's seat and looked around the room to size up the damage... and was interrupted by a large iron bar stabbing through the door of his cockpit.

Looks like they found me already... oh well. At least I'll go down swingin...


Pythos jammed the crowbar into the door yet again, leaning his body weight into it. This time, finally, the massive steel door actually responded, budging a few inches and giving him some room to play with. He laid into the crowbar hard, forcing the giant door inward even farther, this time gaining nearly six inches. One more good heave, and the door would come right off its hinges.

Gotta hurry... that pilot's probably passed out already!

Pythos withdrew the bar one last time, then launched it into the door with everything he had. The prybar lodged in the door, right next to the hinges, and stayed put. Pythos took one step back before hopping up into the air, spinning in a full circle as he did so. He brought his heel around with his entire body weight behind it, landing the reverse spinning heel kick square on the handle of his tool and ripping the hinges clear off the wall. The door gave way, coming loose entirely and flying towards the inside of the cockpit.

A sudden clanging sound from the other side would have indicated to Pythos that the door had crashed into a solid wall when it came to a complete stop, but the faint indentations on the door were in the shape of a fist.

Uh oh...

The giant steel door was hefted easily off the ground before being chucked at the do-gooder as Frederick threw the 400 pound door like a frisbee. Pythos ducked, avoiding the flying steel panel by literally two inches, which continued behind him and ripped clean through the hull of the ship out to the planet's surface. He did not, however, avoid the charging knee to the face that Frederick followed with. In fact, Pythos didn't even SEE the knee coming - Frederick had been running behind the thrown object.

The cyber-suited knee crammed itself nearly all the way up Pythos' nose before the rest of his body had time to process its sudden lack of face, and his limp self flew out the giant hole in the side of the ship that the flung door had torn.

Pythos landed on top of the door outside the ship, minus his face. There was literally nothing left: his jaw had been shattered, his lips torn right up the middle, his nose was now even with the rest of his face, and his teeth swam loosely around the cavity that used to be his mouth. Luckily, his eyes still functioned properly, and he could see what appeared to be a USMC Spartan stepping out of the ship, now carrying an autorifle, and pointing said weapon at Pythos...

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Post by Zaden » Mon Feb 08, 2010 10:13 pm

Ow x infinity

*gets reconstructive face surgery*....

Freddy Hanny landed outside on the grass and leveled the autorifle with Pythos, who blinked a few times and painfully craned his neck to view his assailant. He explained himself.

Ha. Ha ha... Right. Speech was no longer even an option after his injury.


As Pythos rolled sideways, rifle ammunition ripped up the ground inches behind him. Pythos pulled a half-dozen plasma grenades out of his Cosmos Bag and chucked them at Frederick, which was a very difficult maneuver while rolling. They were strung together like firecrackers and detonated in succession. Frederick easily dodged them by running like mad away from them, but they were simply a defensive technique to distract him long enough for Pythos to "put his face back on" and climb to his feet.

He launched himself high into the air with the Roc Feather and strapped on the Wings of Tanabi. He began zooming around with a rainbow trail of perfect flight. Its two-foot wide wings of gold were obviously too small to fly by actually flapping, but propelled him with magical flight.

Frederick looked around.

He saw the little freak soaring above him at an altitude of about 45 feet. Pythos spread Bramble Seeds flittering all over the ground like a flying, hyperactive Johnny Appleseed.

Frederick fired a few rounds into the air, but Pythos' flight pattern was obscenely erratic.

The Bramble Seeds all sprouted simultaneously, causing massive, six-foot thorns to shoot up out the ground. It was like a mine field of impaling spikes.

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Frederick laughed as the first bramble grew from the ground directly up into his boot, breaking itself in half and dying before emerging from the soil.

He stopped laughing when the next one grew, a branch nearly four times larger that grew at an angle. That angle happened to lead the branch directly into the torso of the Convention soldier and slammed into his chestplate, picking him up off his feet and hurling him into the air.

With his weight, however, his flight was short-lived. He plummeted toward the ground, only to be caught by another branch during its instant growth period. This process repeated itself three times, and the constant blows to his armor were beginning to jar him.

While Frederick's armor prevented him from being impaled, he still did not enjoy being used as a pinball, and as the next giant bramble shot from the ground, he twisted his body to avoid it and latched onto one of the thorns. The upward thrust of the superplant yanked the marine with it, and launched him upward as well.

Frederick "Starhawk" Hanford slingshotted into the air, a feat that Pythos certainly had not been expecting. The half ton marine sailed up into the air and tried to grab Pythos, but the would-be rescuer was too quick and swerved out of the way. Although Frederick failed to grab onto Pythos, he did manage to grab onto something else - the Cosmos Bag.

(You'd better not rip that!)

Frederick hung from the bag for a moment before Pythos performed a loop-de-loop to dislodge him, and Frederick plummetted to earth once more, but not until after he had reached inside and grabbed a random item.

He landed squarely on his back, holding a biohazard canister in his left hand. The label simply said DO NOT OPEN in large red lettering and gave no indication of what was inside.

Oh well.

(NOO! Don't open that!!)

Frederick ignored Pythos' mumbling and threw the can into the air in Pythos' direction, and when the can neared him, a single well placed bullet from Frederick's rifle blew the canister open.

Immediately, a swarm of airborne carnivorous termites buzzed out, the insectoid equivalent of a school of piranhas, and they immediately homed in on the nearest source of meat.

Guess who that is.

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Post by Zaden » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:10 am

Going down?

Pythos tried to zoom away, but the container's bursting caused an expulsion that gave the bugs a boost, and they were coming at him faster than he could fly. Once he realized he couldn't escape, he whirled around and clumsily tried to hover. Apparently, the Wings of Tanabi were not made to hover, and he ended up flying straight up a few feet, falling, ascending those same two feet, falling again, and repeating.

He franticly reached into his bag to pull out a smaller bag, stopping only for a second to slap the first flesh-eater to arrive off his arm. Rather than untie the twine sealing it, he ripped the cloth pouch open and quickly inhaled the fire powder within. (This is a Gauntlet: Legends-style Fire Breath.) He exhaled flames, but the result was sad. Instead of a finely-shaped, directional stream of fire, it came out as a bulbous cloud of hot embers, which lasted one-fifth as long as it should have. Due to his jaw injury, he could not make his mouth assume the proper shape, so he simply exhaled the embers rather than blowing flames out of his mouth.

If it had worked correctly, he could have roasted all the termites alive in a single breath. Instead, they simply died of hyperthermia when he heated up the air around them. Seeing as they were chewing on his body meat, he gave himself first-degree burns in the process. This also used all five of the lungfuls of fire that the powder granted him.

First-degree burns are only an irritation and are not that bad. However, if he is exposed to great heat later, they will become second-degree burns faster than they would if he had undamaged skin. Second-degree burns would be a big problem.

The burns are all over his left arm up to his wrist, and on his right arm from his wrist to his elbow.


One of the first and foremost rules of combat is that every distraction, no matter how small, provides an opportunity of equal duration...

Hanford looked up at Pythos bobbing in the air.

<What's he doing? Burning flies?>

He aimed his assault rifle at him, putting the cross-hair on his back, but stopped.

<...At this range, only one or two shots will connect, and I'll waste a ton of ammo...>

He lowered the gun and squinted.

<I got a better idea...>

He proceeded to set his rifle on the ground and remove some other heavy pieces of equipment, setting them next to the rifle. After unburdening himself, he ran until Pythos was directly above him.

"Activate gravitational dampener: Moon mode."

It was an experimental device, and R&D chose "Starhawk" Hanford to field test it. That was before he was screwed over by two different alien businessmen. "These are top-quality parts!" the first one said. "I'll repair that warp drive, too! It'll be good as new!" that Frelite scoundral of a mechanic told him. Both rip-offs resulted in a crash. The R&D team at HQ, however, had a much better track record when it comes to equipment, and he knew they could be trusted.

His suit began to hum as generators kicked in. He crouched down and launched himself into the air. He ascended a little slower than he expected, floating upward.

<This isn’t what jumping on the moon is like… it must have something to do the atmosphere. I have moon gravity, but the air is still thicker and heavier than it is on the moon.>

The apex of his jump occurred right behind Pythos, as planned. He wrapped the fingers of his right hand under the bottom of Pythos’ right wing, and grabbed the top of his left wing his left hand until he had a firm grip. If he attached these wings to himself, they can probably be detached. If they can’t, oh well. He planted his right boot on the small of Pythos’ back and thrusted it as hard as he could while yanking on the Wings of Tanabi. Pythos screamed in pain as it felt like part of his scapulas were being torn off. It took less than a second to remove them and they both began to fall.

The Sheng Gong Wu, sensing that it had changed hands, reverted back to its artifact form, a small ten-inch gold sculpture of a pair of wings that found its way into Frederick’s right hand.

While gently floating down, Hanford’s gravity device fizzled out. He was suddenly yanked down by the planet’s gravity again. He performed a parachute landing fall and rolled conveniently to the equipment he had removed earlier.

<I’ll have to let R&D know that the grav-damper’s battery short-circuits…>

Pythos fell to the ground much faster, being propelled by Frederick’s initial shove. When his abdomen came within seven feet of the ground, his Gravity Orb activated and he stopped for a second, his Cat Ring activated and his feet flipped under him towards the ground, and he fell the rest of the way.

He was falling quite fast, so his Gravity Orb took a real toll on him to activate.


He bowed over and clenched his stomach in pain.

You know how you might stick a fork in spaghetti and twirl it, wrapping the noodles all around the fork in a ball? The sensation Pythos got when he stopped above the ground was like someone was doing that to his intestines. Sure, it didn’t really happen, but the pain felt real enough.

Frederick scanned the horizon until he saw Pythos… acting like was about to puke.

<This guy’s weird…>

He seemed distracted enough for Frederick to re-equip himself.

Pythos decided he had held his stomach long enough and should just shake it off and locate his opponent. He pulled out a Cloaking Device and turned the dial. The light surrounding his body twisted and refracted until his body's image was identical to the image behind him. The moment Frederick found him he lost him, as he seemingly disappeared off the violet spectrum.

<He cloaked...> Frederick thought. <I can see his imprints in the grass, but I also know he has ways of flying... and I have no idea what he's doing with his hands.>

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bump dis hyere

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Oh no he's invisible help me help oh help please help

Frederick observed calmly as Pythos vanished from sight, obscured by the technological marvel that blended his image with the objects around him. The faint prints of the ground that indicated Pythos' movements were the only means of tracking him... until Hanson activated the thermal scanner on his visor. Within a moment, Starhawk was now viewing a black and gray world populated by faint violet sources of heat... and one giant four-limbed purple creature standing in front of him.

From the outside, there was no change to the appearance of Starhawk's visor. Changing from standard Optical Scan to Thermal Scan was instant and undetectable - Pythos was unaware that he was being watched.

Perhaps this is why Frederick found Pythos' movements so humorous. He jump from spot to spot, rapidly closing distance without leaving many footprints. Frederick tracked his opponent's movement with his eyes, but kept turning his head side to side to give the impression of confusion.

After the third hop, Pythos was close enough to unleash a flying kick of catastrophic proportions. He dove into the air, reaching into his bag as he jumped. With one smooth motion, he withdraw a massive pair of iron boots and strapped one on. He slid the sixty pound shoe onto his left leg moments before that foot would hit Starhawk's head.

That impact never occurred. Frederick silently monitored the angle and velocity of the jump and timed his counter accordingly. Before the kick landed, he leaned back and caught the foot under his right arm and jammed his left forearm upward into Pythos' groin.



But this particular soldier would take whatever opportunities he could get. Pythos moaned as his more sensitive areas were rapidly compressed; he moaned again as his torso slammed into the ground with the star trooper on top of him. Starhawk then went buck wild in the UFCest sense of the term, repeated slammingly both metal fists into the front and sides of Pythos' head.

This would have been fatal, but Pythos used the giant iron boot as shield to absorb the brunt of several punches. The impact of each punch wore on him, though; the sole of the boot was chiseling away, and soon his arms would give out from the exertion of resisting these overpowering punches.

Thinking quickly, he reached into the marine's pocket withdraw the Wings of Tanabi and shoved them onto Frederick's face.

"WAAAAAAHHHHH!!!" Starhawk yelped as he was suddenly lifted by his head up into the air. The wings protruding from his face were hard enough to steer on their own right; the fact that they were now blocking his vision made the situation more challenging.

Frederick did not bother trying to steer the artifact; he simply grabbed it and tore it off his own face. The burning sensation running across his face and through his head caught him completely off guard, and he lost his balance as he fell again.

Pythos' left boot thundered from above and slammed into Frederick's ribs. The wind screamed in Pythos' face as he rode the marine downward, landing on the steel roof of the crashed star vessel. The clanging of metal on metal covered up the sound of several of Hanson's ribs breaking in the impact. For the first time in this encounter, he had sustained real damage under his armor.

Despite this, he had the presence of mind to punch Pythos' knee while it was conveniently located on top of his chestplate. The servo motors in Hanson's armor whirred as he plowed the cyber arm into his opponent's joint, and Pythos let out a howl of pain as he lost his balance and fell off the top of the ship.

Starhawk crawled to the edge of the ship and looked over... and suddenly pulled back as a bolt from a beam rifle ripped through the air right next to his head. Apparently, Pythos was not playing around anymore.

Pythos was watching the roof, waiting for Frederick to expose himself again, when an HE4 (High Explosive, Magnitude Four) hand grenade flew off the side instead. It lodged in the ground less than ten feet from Pythos, who immediately dove for cover behind the ship. He ducked behind the giant metal frame of the ship's engine as the bomb went off.

The eruption was incredible. A deafening roar accented the blast as the force of the explosion rocked the whole ship and sent chunks of rock and dirt scattering in every direction. Pieces of dirt, rock, and grass showered all around the area and all over Pythos as he shielded himself from the blast, covering his ears and looking away from the brilliant flash. Even after the explosion, the soft pattering of debris continued as the pebbles that had been blown sky high slowly rained back down.

Pythos slowly uncovered his ears as the noise died down and lifted his head to peer at the damage, but there was a new sound. A humming sound. Like an incredible amount of energy was being restrained but wanted to blast outward. In less than a quarter of a second, he determined the source of the humming.

Too late.

The engine he was hiding behind jumped to life as Frederick jammed the accelerator from inside the ship.

Immediately, columns of bright orange flame spewed from the thruster, engulfing Pythos in nearly white-hot jet flame. The jet exhaust surrounded him, blasting out behind the ship and immediately incinerating all the blades grass within ten feet of the engine. Due to the angle that it was lodged in the ground at, the ship could not move.

Not even when Hanson kicked in the afterburners a second later.

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Post by Zaden » Wed May 19, 2010 5:18 pm

That was very good. Your role-playing of Pythos was disturbingly accurate.

But why does the end of it make it seem like a kill post?

Gimmy time, I'll thinkasumthin.

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Bumpus maximus


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