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The Only True Version of Majora's Mask

Posted: Fri Jul 14, 2017 11:31 pm
by Apollo the Just
This is largely copied and pasted from my response to VGA's thread in general gaming bc it's such a good story and I think I've neglected to tell anyone about it in enough detail to do it justice. This is going off of decade old memory here but I am 99% sure the important details are accurate to my experience. Ladies and gentlemen and everyone in between, this is the hands down best way to be introduced to Majora's Mask.

For everyone's context, there's a particular glitch or series of glitches you can do to mess up your game in a lot of ways - I think it's a save corruption, maybe it's not even a glitch but a straight up gameshark code, I'm not sure - anyway effects include: turning ALL of your items into ocarinas, making you IMMEDIATELY die if you take any damage OR collect any hearts, and a plethora of other weird stuff.

This is also the kind of thing that you set up before you start up the game, and can be cleared by resetting (I think).

.....So, my sister played Majora's Mask before I ever touched it and bc I was still stuck on OoT. She played it for years, I refused to because it WASNT OoT (I was *that person*), then it sat for a couple months or maybe years after she was done with it before I finally got around to picking it up.

Apparently she had been screwing around with glitches/codes before putting it down for the last time because, COMPLETELY UNBEKNOWNST TO ME, the last time she played the game she set this one up. So the very first time I EVER played this video game, this **** **** was active.

And I thought it was just part of the game. I thought the game's narrative was meant to be completely surreal, that your ocarina is stolen but then everything in your inventory is ocarinas, that recovering hearts kills you.... MM is already such a weird, dreamlike (nightmare-like) world that it somehow made sense to me that this might be its intended form.

It was hard as ****. Didn't have to do the first 3-day cycle because you already have ocarinas a-plenty, so you just talk to the Mask salesman and he returns you to human form immediately. But..... this skips the cutscene where you learn the song of time. So I was legit under the impression that you had 3 in-game days to beat the entire game or it was game-****-over. The scarecrow talks about a mysterious song that can manipulate the flow of time but I had NO idea how to learn or use it. And ALSO, reverting to human form this way for some reason doesn't give you a sword, so you can NOT defend yourself, except with Deku snot bubbles, from the dangers of the world which WILL one hit KO you.

Anyway, then you have to get to Woodfall taking NO DAMAGE WHATSOEVER and touching NO HEARTS. I actually made it to the lost woods-like area before I think I was unable to progress because my empty bottles were also ocarinas or something, for some reason I couldn't figure out how to heal the witch, OR I just kept timing out and had no clue how to beat the entire game in 3 short days (the timer, now that I think of it, was almost definitely going at the faster speed of the first 3-day cycle since I was technically still on it.... yknow just to make matters worse. I distinctly remember the first time I played the actual game feeling like I had SO much more time suddenly); at this point I asked my sister how she beat it and she was like "what" and I was like "also it's hard how you can't recover any hearts" and she was like "WHAT" and that's how I learned that that isn't how the game is supposed to go.

Eventually gave up and went to bed. Went to play again the next day, save file I tried so hard and got so far on was gone. P sure resetting or turning off cleared the glitch/code/whatever. Started a new file and got the actual intended MM experience after already having quite an interesting perception of the game, and after already sinking HOURS into trying to progress in its weird no-damage hearts-kill-you everything-is-ocarinas you-literally-have-3-days hell.

Probably influenced my opinion of it, too. Playing something so uncanny masquerading as a Zelda and believing it to be authentic was a very unique experience and one that made me really fascinated by the game.

(...Honestly, I remember being a bit disappointed when I played the real actual game and it had you pick up hearts like a normal Zelda game rather than being a weird "the hearts are there but they kill you" nihilist subversion of a Zelda or something. Quickly grew on me though and is definitely the best installment.)

((It also didn't help that I was playing MM alone and at night for the first time when I experienced this. I am pretty sure I was convinced I was hallucinating or the game was haunted at some point.))

TL;DR thanks to my sister's shenanigans I straight up lived through an MM creepypasta, down to "anD TheN THe GAmE ERasED My FI Le"

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 4:53 am
by Heroine of the Dragon
That is awesome!! Not awesome enough that I want to try it and die constantly. :D

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 6:30 am
by Marilink
This is crazy, I had no idea that's how you first experienced MM. How long ago was this, anyway?

Posted: Sat Jul 15, 2017 7:42 am
by Apollo the Just
let's see. I joined VGF in 2006, and if I recall I was in my prime OoT phase at that time, so it was probably around then. I don't remember whether I had already loved MM before joining or if the transformation happened during my early noob years here, but for some reason I forgot about this entirely until literally yesterday and realized it was very important to share with Everyone.

Posted: Fri Jul 28, 2017 7:41 am
by Deepfake
Actually that sounds a lot like it would've been a save file corruption which could've been caused by pulling the cart out while saving or a particle accidentally jumping pins together. In 2D games it causes weird effects depending which addresses get linked, mostly graphical distortions and games fail to load, in 3D games it can similarily cause the assets to load into the wrong places, etc. I love natural glitchstates like that, though. I have a pretty good video I actually recorded via VHS back in the day that my mates referred to as MEVIS's bad acid trip, because that's what Mario's name corrupted to (some of the time, the rest it was usually MEVMS). We also referred to the corruption as the WATRIX due to the background filling up with green W's instead of sky.