Other Thing of the Month #102: Time I Had Some Time Alone

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Other Thing of the Month #102: Time I Had Some Time Alone


Post by CaptHayfever » Fri May 22, 2020 5:35 pm


Featured in: Ultimate
Function: Adventure Mode

Smashworld finds itself attacked by an army of Master Hand clones. As the Smash fighters prepare their strategy, however, the clones dissolve & their leader, Galeem, absorbs them, making them all kinda pointless. Galeem fires off a batch of twisty light beams which gradually consume each of the Fighters...except Kirby, who manages to escape on a Warp Star. Galeem then consumes the entire universe in an intense glow of light, consuming all non-fighter characters as well. As Galeem remakes the world, it takes the spirits of the non-fighters & shoves them into cloned puppet bodies of the fighters.

Light Realm:
Some time later, Kirby pops back into reality & crashlands in the post-apocalyptic landscape. He begins making his way towards Galeem, freeing all the fighters & spirits he can along the journey. When a radioactive chasm blocks their path, they must break into the Temple of Light to shut it down. They must also defeat three generals Galeem has placed in their way--Galleom, Giga Bowser (created from Bowser himself), & Rathalos--to break through the barrier protecting Galeem, & then face off against another Master Hand clone before taking on the seraphim itself.

Dark Realm:
Defeating Galeem, however, merely results in its rival Dharkon gaining access to our world with his army of Crazy Hand clones & consuming it with purple glowy stuffdarkness. The fighters must now fight their way around one of the Crazy Hand clones to find & defeat Dharkon's 3 generals--Marx, Dracula, & Ganon (oddly not created from Ganondorf himself)--before they can face the tentacled fiend.

Final Battle:
With Galeem & Dharkon both weakened but not down for the count, their armies wage direct warfare. The Smash fighters take advantage of that.
Bad Ending 1: As the fighters wipe out the dark forces & weaken Dharkon further, Galeem delivers the killing blow & then consumes everything in light again, vaporizing everyone. The end.
Bad Ending 2: As the fighters wipe out the light forces & weaken Galeem further, Dharkon delivers the killing blow & then consumes everything in darkness, choking the life from everyone. The end.
Good Ending: The fighters work their way through both sides' forces, eventually freeing the real Master Hand & Crazy Hand, who then take out most of the remaining corrupted spirits & create a path for the heroes to reach Galeem & Dharkon at the same time. Once both maniacs are thwarted, the spirits are able to move on to the afterlifetheir original worlds.

Required Dungeons:
Light Realm: Temple of Light, Base, Molten Fortress, Forest Hill
Dark Realm: Mysterious Dimension, Dracula's Castle, Sacred Land

Optional Dungeons:
Light Realm: Power Plant, World Tour, DK Island, Gourmet Race

Yes, I said the Power Plant is optional....if you don't want Pichu, Little Mac, gym access, or either of the two shortcuts it unlocks.
IIRC, that's all I really have to say about this mode for now. I know many didn't enjoy it, but I did. I also loved how I was able to cut my 100% completion time in half on NG+.
Oh, & watching Mario keel over dead was one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen.

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Re: Other Thing of the Month #102: Time I Had Some Time Alone


Post by DarkZero » Fri May 22, 2020 9:35 pm

i really enjoyed world of light but also i dont think i'll be ready to play it again for another ten years
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