True Star Battleclub

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True Star Battleclub


Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:04 pm

Well, its been a ridiculous amount of time since there's been any sort of activity here. Lets see if that can't be helped any.

Plot (hah) - You recently joined up with an organization that refers to itself as True Star. They train their members in many ways, primarily through battle, so that they may be strong enough for the tasks they'll be given later on. Most of the members of True Star are taught to create and unleash their power as a Spiritual Arm, a physical representation of their inner strength.


Name - ...
Age - ...
Gender - ...
Bio (optional) - Your character's history, appearance, ect. Whatever you want.

Out of 500
HP - Health Points. When they drop to 0 you'll be unable to fight.
SP - Spirit Points. Used for your Spiritual Arm's health and magical abilities. When it drops to 0, you'll be unable to use your Spiritual Arm for the remainder of the fight unless restored.

Out of 200
Strength - Used in determining damage for physical attacks.
Defense - Reduces damage you take from physical attacks.
Spirit - Determines the effectiveness of magical abilities
Resistance - Reduces effect from magical abilities.
Agility - How quick you are. Determines battle order and assists in evasion.

Spiritual Arm - A magical item or spirit that is bonded to you. During battles you may summon or unsummon it at any time for no cost and without using an action. While summoned, your stats will increase and you'll be able to use the abilities of your Spiritual Arm. While unsummoned, each turn you will restore a percentage of your SP.
S. Arm Name (optional)
S. Arm Appearance (optional)

Out of 50 - Strength, Defense, Spirit, Resistance, Agility.

Abilities (1 Passive, 2 Active)
Passive - An ability that is always active while Spiritual Arm is summoned. Can either be a constant effect or something that reacts to something else happening.
Active - A magical ability cast through your Spiritual Arm. Uses SP.

If anyone has questions about anything just ask. I'll start this up as soon as someone joins it.

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Post by Blake » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:51 pm

I've been slowly working on yet another rpg myself however as usual I get way too analytical. God knows when or if I'll ever get it done. X.X

Name - Darrel Carlton
Age - 24
Gender - Male
Bio (optional) - Darrel was born and raised by his family with the motive to work towards his goals for his own personal gain. As such he either worked alone or worked with others until they were no longer of any use to him.

While traveling one day he had been caught in a feud between the True Star and another opposing faction and was nearly killed during an explosion. When he recovered he found himself alone with another wounded survivor named Oscar Lington, from the True Star organization. Darrel accepted Oscar's hospitality and allowed him to tend to his wounds with the use of the man's magical healing powers cast through his left arm.

Fascinated by the power of the man's hand, Darrel wanted to gain such power for himself. During one of the final nights the two men were going to go their own ways, Darrel took his sword and swung it into Oscar's shoulder, completely cutting off the man's shoulder. Oscar was left defenseless and screamed in pain until Darrel's hand wrapped around Oscar's throat and choked the man to death.

Darrel had acquired the magical arm, but would not be able to use it for long before it rotted. After realizing his mistake, Darrel knew the only way to acquire Oscar's power was to sacrifice his own arm. Reluctantly he wrapped his shirt around his left arm and created a tourniquet to not only cut circulation off his arm but to attempt to numb the pain he was about to experience. But his futile efforts would not be enough, the pain was extraordinary. After six grueling hours he was able to fully cut off his arm.

However, at this point the once fresh magical healing arm had rotted into an old withering arm. With no other choice, Darrel picked up the arm and with its magical powers, channeled its energy to attach the arm to his body.

After many relentless weeks of working out his new arm, Darrel sought out the True Star Battleclub Headquarters. With the help of shady sources he was able to acquire artificial documentation that he was a part of the True Star Battleclub. As of right now he completes missions under superiors while seeking for ways to improve or to restore his arm into something greater.

HP - 200
SP - 300

Strength - 50
Defense - 60
Spirit - 30
Resistance - 20
Agility - 40

S. Arm Appearance (optional)- Although his arm is strengthened, Darrel's spiritual arm skin looks rotted. Most of his left arm is a sickly dark brown with a few black slabs of skin that appear to be completely rotted. Thick red veins surround his arm on the outside of his skin from his shoulder to his fingers that fuel his arm's powers. Despite the grotesque rotting feature of his arm, his arm is bulging with muscles and is the most powerful part of his body physically and spiritually.

Arm Stats
Strength- 30
Defense- 20

Thorn Skin- Darrel is able to alter his arm into different shapes and forms. By altering the shape of his bones, Darrel can split his primary bones into smaller jagged bones that protrude out of his skin. Enemies that attack Darrel melee take damage from the protruding bones.

Shave- While Thorn Skin is active, Darrel can swing his arm at an enemy, shaving the enemies skin off. As a result the enemy takes initial damage as well as suffering bleed damage over time.

Needle Explosion- While Thorn Skin is active Darrel can fire off the many small sharp bones out of his skin at multiple enemies. Because his arm still retains some healing powers, Darrel is able to reform the Thorn Skin shortly after firing the needles at his enemies.

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Post by KirbyBoy2000 » Sat Jun 06, 2009 11:15 pm

I kind of wasn't expecting an actual arm for it, but that's fine. You technically have 50 extra points for stats that go along with your arm though (That get added to your own when your arm is active). Everything else is okay though.

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Post by [sage] » Sun Jun 07, 2009 4:24 am

Well if you guys want to get this forum active again, I'll post something.

Name - Tiran
Age - 22
Gender - M
Bio - I'll post it later.

Out of 500
HP - 300
SP - 200

Out of 200
Strength - 100
Defense - 0
Spirit - 50
Resistance - 0
Agility - 50

Spiritual Arm
S. Arm: Reaper
S. Arm Appearance: A scythe.
Stats: Str + 25, Spirit + 25

Abilities (1 Passive, 2 Active)
Passive - Haste: Tiran gets two attacks per turn.
Active - Retributive Strike: Tiran deals extra damage based on the amount of damage he's taken.
Active - Power Burst: Expends all of Tiran's SP at once. Deals extra damage based on the damage he's taken and the SP he had remaining to all enemies within a radius, causing physical damage to the area around him (knocking stuff over, destryoing objects, shattering windows, etc)

If anyone has questions about anything just ask. I'll start this up as soon as someone joins it.
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Post by Blake » Sun Jun 07, 2009 10:56 pm

Ah, I was wondering why there was 200 points to split as well as 50 points to split. X.X Now I should be good to go. :p

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Post by SephirothKirby » Mon Jun 08, 2009 3:48 am

Zio Walsh
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Bio: Zio is a loner, with no attachments. He dabbles in magic with the coming of times, but he always keeps a strong grip on his gun. He's that one guy you see slumped over in the back of a bar, who looks "cool". He's a generally "nice" guy, but he loves tricks, always preforming stunts like "Make the gold sack disappear", hence he has turned people against him whether he was just joking around or went too far. In fact, he's made a lot of enemies ... Too many. Constantly looking over his shoulder, he can't trust anyone. He's a nimble fighter when the need comes, but is usually very slack, because even though there's always the concern of danger around, he has confidence in his combat skills.

HP - 350
SP - 150

Strength: 65
Defense: 45
Spirit: 20
Resistance: 20
Agility: 50

Spirital Arm:
Name: IV - The Emperor
Appearance: A revolver
+20 Agility; +5 Strength; +25 Spirit

Passive: IX - The Hermit: Senses peoples motives, whether to determine a bluff or what they are going to do next.
Active: XII - The Hanged Man: High accuracy, piercing bullet.
Active: XXII - The World: Freezes an area or object in time.


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