Legend of Kayne (RU's topic)

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Legend of Kayne (RU's topic)


Post by [sage] » Sat Jun 20, 2009 5:54 am

Name: Kayne
Age: 20
Sex: Male

Appearance: Wears a plain black sweatshirt and baggy pants. Has black hair and red eyes. about 5'6" at 168 lbs.

Circumstances: Kayne lost his parents at the early age of 5. As a child he trained himself in the art of close combat, particularly swords. He always had trouble swimming and is quick to anger. He doesn't talk much and has few aquantinces. He is currently training at his favorite spot, The Forest of Darkness.

Swordsman +
Quick Wits +
Knowledgable +
Ranged combat -

Abjuration 2
Divination 2


Name:Spawn of Hell
Bio: A small, 3'3" demon equiped with a pitchfork. He has a black figure with bat wings. Kayne came across him in the Forest of Darkness while training and saved him from a pack of killer wolves.
Necromancy 3
Bond: Pact
Symbol: A flaming skull on both of it's arms

A few things, than I'll post what's going on when you answer them.

1. I'm not giving you an artifact that lets you shoot 2 fireballs a second without limit, since frankly, there isn't a mage that can create something like that. Your artifact works like this, alright?

Artifact: Blasting Ruby (3/10 charges). The blasting Ruby builds magical charges over time. The time to build a charge depends on the amount of sun light available, from as little as one minute to as long as a full day. It can be sped up by dousing the ruby in an open flame. You know from your years of practice with it, that it can hold up to ten charges, and have an extremely good idea based on the glow of the ruby on exactly how many charges it has.

Each charge allows it to release two fireballs. The fireballs travel to a distance willed by the artifact's controller and explode. The fireballs can be directed at the same or different targets, but both have to be within the creator's line of sight. It can hold a maximum of ten charges at one time, and can delay the second fireball up to 3 seconds before releasing it or wasting the energy (allowing you to turn and aim it in the opposite direction).

2. Do you call your aeon spawn of hell or does it actually have a name?

3. What kind of sword do you want. I'll edit your equipment in after you decide.

4. Your aeon can have 6 levels of magic, you only gave it 3. Want to give it 6 levels of necromancy?

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Post by Random User » Sat Jun 20, 2009 1:46 pm

1. O.K.
2. Name is Spawn of Hell
3. Long Sword
4. Yes


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