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Guardian Kino

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 1:59 am
by KirbyBoy2000
Name: Kino
Age: 24
Gender: M
Appearance - Kino is short, but well built. He has black hair, a scruffy beard and dark green eyes.
Bio - Kino comes from a small village which was destroyed in the disaster. Ever since, he's made a living working as a tracker, a hunter, guide and a bodyguard for the Guardians. He's introverted and is struck by wanderlust. He never stays in the same place for long, and he loves to explore. He's very cautious and will usually flee or attempt to negotiate before turning to combat. If he can't do either, he'll attempt to attack from a distance, deter his opponent, or knock his opponent opponent out. He hates to kill, but hates the thought of dying even more.

-- Stats --
Strength -5
Agility - 3
Sense - 2
Magic - 6
Spirit - 4

-- Abilities --
Normal Skills
Warrior: All attacks Kino makes are more effective (more likely to critical / less likely to miss).
Hunter: Kino is skilled at tracking and stealth. He doesn't get lost very easily.
Athlete: Kino may not be particually strong or agile, but he has very good endurance, and is skilled at swimming, climbing and hiking cross-country.
Sixth Sense: Can sense magic and danger ahead of time. Also sleeps lightly.

Magical Skills
Air Magic: Kino can control air and wind in any area in his line of sight. Tiran can use this magic to allow himself to fly, float, or hover at will.
Control - Can be used to pick up or knock over anything with a gust of wind. Basically free for small objects, but to interact with anything about the size of a human it takes 1 magic to attack or 2 to lift and move around.
Float / Flight - 1 magic to slow fall speed and increase jumping ability for a minute. To fly it uses up 1 extra magic per minute.

Force Magic: Kino can use magical energy to attack, defend or create objects. The objects created are permanent, but cannot be magical, and cannot be repaired. (If that's too much, half durability for objects should be a good trade-off.)
Attack - 50 damage per 1 magic used.
Defend - 80 damage blocked per 1 magic used.
Create - Creates a copy of any item that lasts for a day. 1 magic creates the item at half effectiveness, 2 at regular effectiveness.

Equipment and Items
Mage's Robe
Iron Shield
Leather Boots

Magic Potion x2
Rations x20

You walk into a base of the Guardians, coming back from a simple patrol around the area. The base is located out in the country in an area that was hit hard by the destruction of the earth. There are entire walls of earth and rock that have been shifted up, which the base uses for cover, as the only shelter in the area is just tents and other make-shift buildings. This base is mostly for rescue and as an inbetween spot for the other spots the Guardians have built up. It isn't suited for actually keeping a lot of people over a long period of time.

The base is almost empty right now aside from a few people standing guard. There are a couple of tents around the area, one of which belongs to the leader of the base and another which holds all of the supplies here; the rest are just shelter. If you want a mission or something then you should speak to the leader.

What will you do?

Posted: Thu Dec 31, 2009 10:47 am
by [sage]
I'll go speak to the leader.

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:19 pm
by KirbyBoy2000
...And back from vacation with no internet for a week; though probably accounts for half of it too. I really didn't plan out the start of this that well. ;/

You go into the tent of this base's leader; an older man named Marcus Kolm. He notices you as you walk in and starts speaking to you.

"You're Kino, right? So, I take it there weren't any problems on your last mission then. Good. You here for another one? Well, I have two things right now that probably aren't too bad. First off we have to move someone we rescued a while to one of our main bases. Second one of our members hasn't come back from a mission yet and we want to check on them. Either of these seem good to you?"

Posted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:55 pm
by [sage]
"I'll search for the missing man. I'm better at that sort of thing anyway. Can you give any more info on that?"

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:11 am
by KirbyBoy2000
"His name was Erdan and he left a few days ago on a mission to look for some supplies for us to use. He's pretty tall and has short black hair; and if I remember correctly he had a pretty big scar going across one of his arms. We sent him to search out in the east; since their used to be a small village there, but its all destroyed by now. Last we checked there weren't many monsters in that area, but it might have changed, so if you want to take someone else with you for more protection you can."

Posted: Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:38 am
by [sage]
"Is there anyone else available for the mission?"

Also, Do I know how to get to that village? If not, I'll ask about that as well.