100 Movies for 2020!!!

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Re: 100 Movies for 2020!!!


Post by Deku Tree » Thu Nov 19, 2020 12:58 am

31) I've read the source material for The Killing Joke, and after the first half hour it's pretty faithful to the comic. I particularly liked Mark Hamil reading the, "there is no sanity clause," speech. Minor thing, but I also kinda like how competent Harvey Bullock seems.

One thing I wish was better was the reaction of Commissioner Gordon at the end. Kinda falls short of making the audience feel the horror and heartbreak of being forced to see what he saw.

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Re: 100 Movies for 2020!!!


Post by Booyakasha » Sun Nov 29, 2020 12:32 am

^Hmmm. Coincidentally, I just watched 'Killing Joke' last night, myself.

I don't know. If you take it on its own, it was a pretty solid flick. Knowing what's coming lessens the blow a little bit. I can imagine someone who hadn't read the comics being floored. And I will say, I loved the animation and voice-work (I liked that they played Bullock as a lot less of a ratbag than he often was in TAS). Still...doesn't feel like it's destined to be mentioned in the same breath as 'Mask of the Phantasm'. We'll see.
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Re: 100 Movies for 2020!!!


Post by CaptHayfever » Sun Nov 29, 2020 1:23 am

132) Jumanji: The Next Level - A-. I liked the last one a lot, but this one is even better.
133) Jingle Jangle - B. Great design & performances, weak plot.
134) A Christmas Prince - C-
135) Escape to Witch Mountain - B+
136) The Santa Clause - B+

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Re: 100 Movies for 2020!!!


Post by steeze » Mon Nov 30, 2020 1:19 pm

Just went to the movies for the first time since last december.

"Come Play" 6/10

We went because we saw there was no one in the theater on fandango. We were just curious if they were open and decided to have a last minute Sunday date night. The film suffered some minor setbacks. Mostly in the scare department and trying to make a plotline that gen z would appreciate. A monster that haunts you through your phone and tablet. Deep breaths. We'll try to get through this. The film is about an autistic boy who cannot communicate through any means besides using an app. The app allows him to click on words until he's formed what he wants to say then the phone talks for him. The ghost/monster/demon is named Larry. He comes in the form of an E-Book and essentially kidnaps you if you read the whole thing in this weird friendship kidnapping creepypasta fashion.

The whole thing is one big creepylinguini to be honest. If you feel dumber for watching this film you are not alone my friend. It was between The Croods sequal and that Vince Vaughn comedy slasher thing. This seemed like a bad Netflix horror which had the potential to be so bad it might be funny. Needless to say, I was engaged throughout the film. It was realistic in some ways that I think modern horror movies aren't. No one hangs about waiting to be murdered. Survival wise people are on the ball, which I appreciate. Larry is a creepy monster. There are some feel good moments. Don't pay for it like I did. It got the 6/10 rating because I saw it in the theaters and I had a good time and that's what movies are all about. The at home rating would fall to a 5/10
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