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Danger Patrol signup - Be an action movie hero! Live dangerously!


Post by LOOT » Mon Jan 04, 2016 4:08 am

Okay so I'm now able to keep up with Dungeon World, but we can get another game running. But instead of being a hero of a dungeon, why not go for something very role-play focused and lots of silly situations? Introducing Danger Patrol!

http://www.dangerpatrol.com/dangerpatro ... 021910.pdf

Unfortunately it doesn't look like this game will ever be fully released, and if you want to play a Mystic that ability is not finished. But in the meantime the game is also playable, I know so there was a Six Feats Under podcast of it and it's great.

Here's the rundown: You're Danger Patrol, a group of daredevils, experts, and otherwise insanely cool folk that solve danger! How, you ask? Usually by causing more danger! The way the game works is I throw out a major crisis that is starting to happen, the players take loose-initiative (any order, once all players had a play the turn ends and we start another turn based on the results) and they describe how they're fixing the problem. When it's your turn, you go over how you plan on helping solve the problem with some daring move. You'll be given a skill check that varies in dice size but usually you want it to be in something you're specialized in so your best dice is D12, while lower stuff is on D10, D8, D6. What are you rolling for? Anything 4 or higher is the goal most of the time.

Here's the good stuff. You want to do an action but you won't have enough chances at getting enough hits to help defeat the problem. So there's two ways to add dice. The first is equipment, you have one-use items that add extra larger dice.

The other way is to describe how this could go wrong! Up to five of these can be added to your pool, and they are D6 so you're adding very risky moves, but that's good in a game about taking danger head on! As an example, say you're firing a laser gun to create a distraction, well you can say the laser will attract more attention than what you bargained for and could face a swarm of guards, that's standard. You can say you accidentally hit someone and that would be awful to your reputation! Your laser might have accidentally been left on "toy" mode, oh dear! These all add more chances for hits which you need to win so it can be helpful to get all five. For this case, the player can add two and then if they want more then the other players and the GM can chime in. This is important and as the GM I will probably make a rather mean danger and that plays into the next part.

Now 4 and up are good on dice. What are 1-3? They're dangers, wow there's that word again. The danger that can happen depends on how many you rolled.
1: The next person rolling has a D6 added to their pool separate from what they're planning on rolling. This D6 cannot add Hits.
2: A reduced hit. These are a bit like damage. This is very tolerable and usually if you're rolling mostly 2 Dangers then you won't get a debilitation until maybe not even the last round.
3: A new threat is added! I will spawn something that needs to be countered. From what I see, it isn't supposed to be a huge hassle but it can deviate from
4: Full hit! This is usually only bad if you're really high up on danger.
5: DISASTER!! OH NOOOO!!!! The worst thing possible happens!!! More importantly this is not the end of game, in fact it's usually the opposite of ending the scene!

Got the mechanics? Good. There are usually three different scene types: Action which you're all doing your crazy stuff, Suspense where you look into the details and you tend to be as just much risk as action because let's face it danger is your name, and Interlude where you act like your characters interact with each other dammit.

Anyway give a look over the PDF if interested, and if you want to be a Mystic we'll work out the details of your amazing ability.

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Post by Microphone_Kirby » Fri Jan 08, 2016 1:56 am

... This is sounding a lot like Space Quest. And I liked watching the deaths in that series. :D

If we're bothering with this, I'd definitely going to try to make a Roger Wilco expy:

Victor Clarence: Intrepid Daredevil! (Wears a Grey suit with black Stripes over the shoulders, down to his feet)
D12: Daredevil, D10:Explorer, D8: Warrior and Commando, D6: Flyboy Detective and Agent, D4: Professor

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