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Post by gameboyblue » Fri Aug 05, 2016 6:21 pm

You crowd into the vomitoria elbow to elbow with the spectators. You knew you should have gotten here sooner. As the darkness of the crevase brakes way you gaze upon the brilliant speckticle of a central arena, suspended in blackness seperated from all other sense of space. A battle is just finishing up. A Nidorino has won to the surprise of the crowd.

Upon fighting your way to a wide stanced crossed armed man in a suit, with a face hidden beyond a cool set of shades, you hold up your pokedex, your trainer profile glistens. He steps aside. You enter, the private area. You quickly come to a row of glass display cases, each with a pokeball resting upon red velvet and marble pillar, each with a different plack. "Wait". You turn to look back on the guard who has followed you in. "This is your first time, legal says I need to explain everything aloud first".

Yo CHAMP-in-the-making!

The goal of this game is to defeat 4 players and become the champion. If you lose to the same trainer twice you are defeated.

You'll be able to perform any kind of attack that makes sense for your pokemon, such as using a horn for horn attack if it has one and doesn't have that move, you would not have the most powerful version though such as horn drill. Not automatically. You will know rest and basic attacks relating to your body parts by default. Use your Pokemons pokedex entry and its move pool in novel ways.
Your pokemon will be most proficient at moves it is capable of learning from leveling up(not from pre-evolutions), as of the newest released generation. Referencing moves it doesn't know will confuse it(how it responds to these situations depends in part on nature).
Super effective and ineffective moves will play less of a role than creativity and resourcefulness!

In this game you will use a rental pokemon, choosen 1 from a set of 3. After two Pokemon have been picked, those trainers will battle! A new set of three will soon become available to the next trainers.

***you'll use ONE Pokemon for the whole game***

With victories you will get prizes like TMs to teach it more moves, or held items.

This is a game where you can use the kind of tactics you see in the anime, Pikachu targeting Rydon's horn for example, or using the sprinklers to electrocute Onyx.

Matches will go by quick!

Choose your Pokemon!

[spoiler=Banette] Lonely 3rd 4th +2 -1 +1 -1[/spoiler]
[spoiler=Magmortar] Hardy 4th 3rd +0 -1 +2 +0
[spoiler=Raichu] Brave 4th 2nd +0 -1 +0 +0

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