A condolence card to send to Knux's family (Please sign or give input)

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Post by Brandon2390 » Thu Oct 12, 2006 5:31 pm

I've changed my mind. I honestly on this occasion care if people know my real name, one could figure out the last name if they cared enough anyway, so please change the name on my comment to:

-Brandon Crosby (Brandon2390)
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Post by Deepfake » Thu Oct 12, 2006 11:29 pm

No words I may write will ever even remotely take the place of Knux, or Phil as you may know him. Nothing can touch the way he did, nothing can make you laugh as he did. He's left us behind, and we can only hope that he's better for it, now. Phil wore his heart on his sleeve, to all of us at VGF. He has always been a good friend to me in all that he has done, and he always will be. He helped us to feel like family, and to feel welcome. Goodnight, little guy. I miss you.

- Ty Scheuerman (Automatic Idiot)
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Post by Demonicus Prime » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:20 pm

As others have said, CK, can you change the name to:

Josh "YoshiFreak" Moran.

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Post by Rocket_Gal » Fri Oct 13, 2006 7:24 pm

Codie (or whoever updates the letter next), could you also add my name? Thanks in advance, appreciate it.

- Sarah Salmon (Rocket_Gal)

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Post by Codiekitty » Fri Oct 13, 2006 8:41 pm


Added AI's entry, and changed the names of people who requested their real names on the card.

The formatting of the card is different between the file on my computer and the QuickView that comes up when I click the link. For example, on my computer I needed to put in a Page Break above Hayfeve's entry to bump it to the next page because it didn't fit, but in QuickView that causes a huge blank space for pleny of entries below Panfan's. Could whoever prints it out and mails it do one last double check to make sure there's isn't an error caused by that?

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Post by Yoshi Girl » Sun Oct 15, 2006 12:24 am

Please put this on the card for me:

To the Karavis family, my condolences go out to you… I met Philip in 2000 through VGF, and he really was one of my most favorite members there. We had quite a bit in common, even more then video games. I really liked talking to him; he was always so nice, sweet and funny. I even remember telling my mom a few years ago, how I thought Philip had such a cute personality and I was glad to have an online friend like him. I feel awful that I haven’t been able to talk to him these past few months… I was busy working during the evening, and I couldn’t get online much. Then this past summer I was in Europe. The last time I talked to him was in February I believe, when I helped him get a Star Wars figure… I wish I could go back in time and get those moments back to be able to get some more time to talk to him. I had no idea he was having these health problems… I just assumed he was doing fine, being so young. When I heard of his passing, it was a real shock, I just couldn’t believe it. He sure was loved by so many, and I will really miss him.

-Audra Fahmie (Yoshi Girl)

Also to let everyone know, I also have Knux's address, so if you can't get a hold of anyone who has his address, just send me an email.

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Jace VK
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Post by Jace VK » Mon Oct 16, 2006 5:49 am

Put this in:

Knux was loved my many, and he was a great guy. He will be missed.
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Post by Codiekitty » Sun Nov 05, 2006 7:00 pm


When's this getting sent out?

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Post by Koga » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:43 am

Good question. It's been a month already, and we shouldn't wait too long, because it will only make things worse for his family.

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Post by S1x » Mon Nov 06, 2006 3:56 am

Add this soon:

Not much I'm able to say here, but you were too awesome a member for me to say nothing. In fact, to many people you still are. Possibly, wherever you are, the old puzzles I've discarded will be in the same place, for you to have fun with. ...See ya, dude.
-Derek Allsup, Image
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Post by Godot » Mon Nov 06, 2006 8:37 am

I'll miss you, buddy.

-Laura Welling, AKA Tikal
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Post by ZeldaGirl » Tue Nov 07, 2006 1:29 am

I know I already put this up, but I didn't see my name on the current list. If someone could please add me, I would greatly appreciate it (I'm too dumb to figure out how to re-upload it).
There was no one else quite like Knux. The joy and laughter he brought to me will be cherished forever. I would like to thank him for all that he's done... it has made such a difference in my life and others.

Thank you, Knux. I blow you one final kiss.


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Post by Perrin Aybara » Tue Nov 14, 2006 12:28 pm

Sorry I haven't been keeping up with this thread, but I've just been too busy with school.

It may be a good idea if someone volunteered to take the initiative to send this to Knux's family soon.-jay

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Post by spooky scary bearatons » Tue Nov 14, 2006 3:18 pm

Dear Family of Phil,

I never really got to know your son, but what I have heard from the other members of VGF and what I read on some of his posts, he seemed like an awesome guy, and I regret not getting to know him, we on VGF, we were lucky to have him as our friend, it is insane how close you can get to someone without meeting them in real life, like some of the members at vgf here, your son was a great person.

- "Masahiro" Operanta.
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Post by Brandon2390 » Mon Dec 04, 2006 4:09 pm

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