Sonic - Project Hero

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Sonic - Project Hero


Post by Marilink » Wed May 15, 2019 10:47 am

so, uh, check this out

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Re: Sonic - Project Hero


Post by CaptHayfever » Wed May 15, 2019 3:05 pm

Wow, this is actually really solid-looking; I'd like to see how the level design bears out after that.

....How long do you think before the c&d order?

And remember, "I'm-a Luigi, number one!"

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Calamity Panfan
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Re: Sonic - Project Hero


Post by Calamity Panfan » Wed May 15, 2019 3:37 pm

not enough teeth

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Re: Sonic - Project Hero


Post by Valigarmander » Wed May 15, 2019 6:30 pm

*insert joke about there finally being a good 3D Sonic game*

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Re: Sonic - Project Hero


Post by DarkZero » Wed May 15, 2019 7:33 pm

there's a lot of "sonic running around in huge 3d space" tech demos lately

this one at least looks like the movement is fun and somewhat technical, and the UI elements are nice
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