Village Complacency and Power Villaging: A Theory Thread

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Village Complacency and Power Villaging: A Theory Thread


Post by monstrman » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:03 pm

After years of playing this game I've noticed that all too often villagers fall complacent and lynch down their PoE that they only reassess minimally.

Village complacency happens for a number of reasons, most notably because:

1. The village has been winning for a while, or just gained an advantage.

2. The village is drained from a very long game, losing since the start.

3. Many villagers have difficulty clearing themselves to other villagers and compromising on their reads, causing a clear lack of village teamwork and leadership.

Village complacency is difficult to deal with, but you can successfully combat it by being proactive and taking a few steps. First and foremost, you need to learn how to Power Village.

Power Villaging is about finding ways to trust people and working with them. Though individual play is important, the village as a whole needs to work together to even the playing field against wolves, who inherently have an informational advantage.

When Power Villaging, it is important to remember these three things:

1) Most people are villagers most of the time.

2) Suspecting villagers can cause them to question why you suspect them, breeding a lasting mistrust that can lead to village complacency.

3) Compromising on your reads allows everyone in the village to be satisfied, and allows you to continuously analyze your village core to root out deep wolves (it is important that you do this in your head!)

Power Villaging is actively growing your village core, and working together with each of those villagers to find a compromise of reads that you can all push together. To win against wolves, the village needs to create its own advantages outside of the night phase and they can do that by rigorously lynching among compromised reads outside the village core. This means every player in the core must work together with the other players to ensure that each opinion is made clear to every villager in the core.

It is not enough to find villagers and agree on reads. You and your village teammates need to pursue those reads and actively tag team the players you suspect, much akin to a team of wolves attempting to mislynch a villager. The village must act as a team as well in order to win, and this is more important than any individual player having correct reads. You must interact with each other constantly, as though your thoughts are not only your own, but a collective of all those in your village core. This means that sometimes you have to lynch someone you don't necessarily suspect the most. This is fine, because there is more than one wolf in the game.

I believe Power Villaging is the most effective way to band together as a team and increase overall village win rates, but it is not without flaw. When Power Villaging it is probable that a wolf will penetrate your village core. This is why compromise and interaction are the key factors in Power Villaging because doing so will assist in rooting out those actively working against your team, and show clear resistance or complacency within your core. This means, however, that every villager in the core needs to give as much effort as possible when playing to avoid becoming complacent. The village must decide the agenda to win.

If you follow these rules I'm sure you'll notice a marked increase in your village win rate.

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Post by The Missing Link » Tue Nov 01, 2016 8:56 pm

So... uh...

What is Power Villaging? :p
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Post by monstrman » Tue Nov 01, 2016 9:50 pm

Building a core of villagers and working with them to lynch wolves

Usually like 3-some number depending on the number of players in the game

The point is to take away the mafia numbers advantage by making a team of your own.

Also it's being proactive and actually lynching people that your core suspects[DOUBLEPOST=1478051402,1478051246][/DOUBLEPOST]The three of you all agree to compromise on your reads and lynch the same or similar targets

The most important part of it is actually interacting with the members of your core and not just clearing them because you guys need to decide *as a team* what agenda you want to pursue and why

Which is why it has the portion in there about most players being villagers most of the time because it takes a degree of trust that a lot of people often aren't willing to give in a mafia game

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Post by Cravdraa » Tue Nov 08, 2016 1:30 am

Pretty accurate. My very first game we pulled off a townie win because the mafia put a low priority on killing the players with weaker roles. Three of us banded together and turned the whole game around.

You only need a few to work with too, to drastically increase your odds and survivability. You'll be much harder to get rid of for the mafia if people trust you.

A good rule of thumb is to try and estimate how many mafia there are left in the game. Don't get too attached to the number, there have been plenty of games lost because people underestimated the remaining threat. Just a rough idea. If there's 10 people left in the game and probably about 4 mafia and there are 7 people you trust, it's time to start re-evaluating.

A lot of games have been won, not because all the mafia got caught but because all the townies got "caught". Process of elimination is hard to argue against and a potent tool.

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Post by Squeege » Sat Nov 12, 2016 3:48 pm

The basis of what you are saying is that you have to work with the other players in the game, which I think is 100% true. You can peg the scumteam Day 1 but if you can't work with everyone to get them lynched, it won't matter.

Of note though, the voting blocks don't have to be all villagers; you often will have to work with scum in order to lynch and that is okay. Scum can't afford to always stick up and defend their buddies, as it makes it too obvious if one gets lynched. So you will usually have at least one scum member that is working with the town in order to make it to the endgame. For this reason, I try not to clear people unless they are mechanically clear or are very very obviously town, but usually leaving these types of scum player until the endgame is fine, as trying to figure out those players early is just too difficult, and is going to make you suspect everyone which isn't productive.


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